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baba maan singh exposed!!!

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Posted 10 September 2004 - 09:15 AM

Baba Mann Pehowa Wala - not Shiromani Sant, but Shiromani Badmash!
Sanjh Savera Canada releases a report on this 'Sant'

An excerpt from:
Sanjh Savera Weekly, Translated by W!N News Bureau
Thursday, 9th September 2004

Note: To hide the identity of some children, their names have been edited and fake names are used instead. Names of the informants; the Baba's followers who have left him, have also been changed. For that we apologize to our readers. The language used in this report shows the seriousness of the situation.

Pehowa Wala Baba
BRAMPTON (Canada) - Our readers need to whole-heartedly read this report, showing the evil deeds of "Sant Baba Mann Singh Perhowa Wale", who, sitting at the stage, used to forcefully ask his followers to do Naam Jaap. This report shows his misdeeds; from misuse to even rape, and holdning his followers as sexslaves in his dera.

Sanjh Savera enabled contact through phone with one of his follower, called 'Garrvaee', who shared with us the experience he had with the Baba. He said that he was fully devoted to the Way of Guru Nanak, Sikhism, and therefore he joined the dera, where he stayed for about 18 years, before he discovered the misdeeds of the Baba. 'Staying at the Baba's dera, after that was like doing a great sin for me, therefore I left him along with 14-15 of his former sevadars. They stay at different places in India, hiding from the Baba.', he told. 'Garrvaee' told that the B aba has close contacts with politicians like Badal, Buta Singh, Chautala and various police officers, and therefore removing him from his 'seat' is very difficult. 'He

is not a Shirmoani Sant, but a Shiromani Badmash', he added.

'Garrvaee' told that, in 1990 the Baba had a broken-old Fiat-car, and a small dera. And today, it is hard to estimate the extent of his property. According to him, the Baba has about 490 acres land, that include his farmhouse, academy, and his dera. The 2600-2700 students pay Rs 2000 each, which brings him about Rs 50-60 lakh per year.

'Sutarr' told us that, the sevadars who were tired of his misdeeds and wanted to leave him, were locked-up by him. 'Our passports are still with the Baba, therefore we can't even leave the country', he added.

Scandalous Accusation

This 'Sutarr' said that, in the Jalandhar dera, a girl called Reena, who was a teacher, and the Baba's academy had benefited a lot from her. She was a non-Punjabi, and was about 25 years old. This bibi told the Singhs about the Baba's evil deeds. 'Garrvaee' said that, 'at that time, the bibi couldn't share all details with the Singhs, but she told everything to a fellow's wife, and from that fellow we were given the information that Reena was raped.'

Even though, there were lots of rumours about the Baba, but the Jalandhar incident shocked the sevadars. 'Garrvaee' further stated that at the Ropar dera, another innocent girl, from a poor non-Punjabi family, was misused. Naajoh was about 22-23 years old, and was treated so badly by the Baba, that 'she wouldn't be able to marry in the future'. Lots of sins were committed against this girl at the Ropar dera. The Baba had kept her as a sexslave. He had no worries about this girl, as her family was very poor, and whenever the Baba came to Ropar, he used to sexually misuse her.

'Sutarran' told that, 'she became pysically ill, and started bleeding, and therefore the Baba brought another elderly-lady to the dera, and sent her to Chandigarh for treatment.'

This time, Naajoh ran away,

but as her family was poor, they had no other option than to send her back.

The details on above incidents were also given to Sanjh Savera by another Sutarr. This evil Saadh has also spread his misdeeds outside Punjab, and hopefully, a report on that will be presented in the coming future. Girls living in UK, Canada, and USA, who are victims to the evil of this Baba are silent, but we pray that Waheguru may grant them strength.

Garrvaee-Sutarr told us that, 'the number of sevadars who have left the Baba is about 14-15, and we are hiding in Punjab and other states.' Remembering the meetings with Pehowa Wala Baba, a fellow said that the Baba tries to portray himself as Guru Gobind Singh, however he does not say that directly. He use to tell his followers that they used to serve Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anandpur Sahib. The fellow told us that, 'a follower of the Baba, living in England, calls himself Mian Mir, while another one thinks of himself as Pir Buddho Shah. To convince him, the Baba calls him by the words Achanchet Buddho.' The formula used by him to attract girls, is that he slowly brings the women closer to him, and soon turns to <admin-profanity filter activated> engangement. If the women keeps silent, he makes them the victims of his evil, however if they refuse, he tells them that 'this was just a test, and you have passed it, etc.'

It is known that aft er listening to Pehowa Wala Baba, lots of humans have taken Amrit, but the reality is that by bringing people to the spiritual fold, he enlists them into wordly deeds.

In the past days, the Baba used to 'preach' and collect dollars from the Toronto-based Malton Sahib Gurdwara. There, one was witness to his hypocrisy, as he asked for 'a limousine to impress the Sangat'.

Sanjh Savera Weekly has not added some of the details related to the Baba, as the proper research needed to state their authenticity is not completed as yet. Before leveling such charges agains

t the Baba, Sanjh Savera has atleast used to informants, who used to be his close servants or devotees. Sanjh Savera has also tried to contact Baba Mann Singh Pehowa Wala at the Ropar dera through Ropar-Jathedar Surjan Singh's mobile, however we were unable to have any contact with the Baba. A Ropar-sevadar called, Bhupinder Singh told us that, 'as the Baba had just arri ved from his England-tour this morning, he was resting at the Pehowa dera.' He adviced us to contact Bhagtoo, however we were unable to have any contact there either. Sanjh Savera will try to bring the message from the Baba, and also try to have contact will other victims of his evil.


We appeal to the whole brotherhood that this report should be taken serious, and debated properly. To finish such disease in our society, the leaders should take responsibility. Lots of our readers will be shocked to read this report, however there is also some pain, when deep wounds are healed. After reading this report, our leadership should take an action. This is not an issue of endless debate, as dignity of lots of families, is connected to this. A public meeting should be held, and this evil Saadh and similar others should be delt with.

It is not necessary that we have to learn a lesson - after - crimes such as rape, have been conducted, but after such difficulties we need to get together and make it clear that 'such incidents will not happen in the future'. Perhaps, we should have understood this after the reports came on the cultist Narinder Grewal, so that the dignity of lots of innocent daughters could be saved.

Editorial Comments: The above images are taken from Sanjh Savera Weekly, and Pehowa Wala Baba's website.

Source: http://news.waheguro...9443-Q3134-3530
Source: http://www.san<br />...a.com/news.html




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Posted 30 July 2014 - 06:45 AM

Then why are you putting that on here, you are obviously someone who is against Baba Ji and to be honest you probably ain't the only one, oh and your comment how Baba Ji need help to get up from their chair, maybe because in their younger years they did 5 kirtan diwans A DAY so it has obviously caught up with them, but I have had the honour of seeing Baba Ji myself and never have I seen them get "help" from any of the sevadaars to get up from their chair, and also when you were talking about them earning money, Baba Ji never forced those people to give money.

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 08:35 AM

I only know about this much





News item about the victim


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Posted 30 July 2014 - 10:18 AM

Baba Ji are puran sant but we have these dushts who have nothing better then to spread muck.  Baba Ji all his life has spent in the sewa of sangat.

Sant ka nindahk .......... you know the rest.

Dhan GuruNanakDev Ji Dhan GuruGobindSingh Ji Dhan GuruGranthSahib Ji Dhan DasamGranthSahib Ji

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 12:00 PM

I met them their Beecher was great. A close singh once told me that baba maan singh showed him ridhi sidhi
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Posted 30 July 2014 - 12:39 PM

Veere, I have met Baba Ji and they give pyaar to everybody whether young, old, disabled whatever. The point I am trying to make is that never base your judgment on what the media says.

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 06:03 PM

i believe he is a fake

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 10:06 PM

Theres a lot of fake baba, so what if we showed riddhi sidhi. I think you know what alot of holy people talk about sukhmmani sahiab. Its hard to see anyone a saint if they have millions of dollars around, and theres poor people all over india.


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