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Bhindrawale's men killing Hindus in Punjab

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#1 Mann-Sahib


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Posted 09 November 2012 - 04:49 AM

Hi everyone

I have come across a situation many times when discussing the attack on Sikhs in Delhi - Hindu's always come back with the question "what about the Hindus that Bhindrawale's men / Sikhs killed in Punjab". I would like to know what the real situation was - were Hindus killed by Sikhs in Punjab and if so to what extent?
Also what should the avarage Sikh's response be when questioned about the killing of Hindus in Punjab?

I look forward to your replies.

#2 genie


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Posted 09 November 2012 - 06:06 AM

Most of the killings were down to RAW and hindu extremist groups who were killing their own (usually lower caste migrant laborers) along with many more innocent Sikh civilians as part of the Indian state machinery's brahminwad politics for the leaders to keep their hold on power. Sant Bhindranwale makes it quite clear that if a Sikh killed someone who insults a womans honor (indecently attacks her or rapes her) then its not a sin to kill that attacker or if anyone physically attacks saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji then its not a sin to kill them as Guru Sahib is our commander and chief and our everything in this temporal life .......someone who attacks SGGS JI automatically gets the death penalty as per Sikh history and traditions. He explicitly spoke out against attacking innocents and attacking people who do not commit those 2 big sins you can view the videos of his speeches on youtube.

Did rogue elements who were Sikhs kill hindus in their own personal disputes? Maybe as Sant Bhindranwale did not and could not have a control on ALL the armed Sikhs of Punjab he wasnt that popular nor was he an absolute dictator where his word was final. Every individual could either listen to advice of Sant ji or act on their own stupid desires and personal vendetta's. When the Indian state armed forces mostly made up of Hindu's and whose orders came from Hindu officers and politicians attacked peaceful Sikh protestors in agitations for more rights they were killed by police indiscriminate firing and many of the families of deceased did not get any justice then it set about a dangerous cycle of violence as Sikhs increasingly saw how they were being discriminated by a hindu dominated state.

Here is some interesting information on the role of the RAW

"Its (RAW's) mandate in the Punjab was to aid and abet the murders and killings in Punjab. It kept the supply of lethal weapons flowing into the Golden Temple. This Agency also allowed 47 railway stations to be blown up." (Surya Sep. 84)

According to some senior officers of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) who were disillusioned with their service conditions on being relegated to a secondary position by the Third Agency, the launching of the Army action under Operation "Bluestar" and "Woodrose" was scripted, enacted and closed by the Intelligence Agencies under the directions of the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. RAW and Intelligence Bureau (I.B.) were used as a front. It was the Third Agency which had planned and executed the Operation with the following three objectives:

• To clinch the Hindu vote in the rest of India by giving the Sikh community a punch on the nose;

• To take the wind out of the Opposition's sails by doing exactly what they had been saying the Government should do - attack the Golden Temple;

• To test the efficiency of a Third Intelligence Agency camouflaged by the blundering RAW and an inefficient IB.

The Third Agency has been assuming ever increasing role in the government's nefarious design to destablize non-Congress governments particularly since it initiated, conducted and concluded the Punjab Operation. The historic Sikh Reference Library and most of the priceless objects were destroyed on purpose 48 hours after the 'cease fire'. The entire responsibility for the carnage inside the Golden Temple up to the destruction of the Akal Takht (Seat of the Timeless) falls on Indira Gandhi alone. This 'success' helped her to regain confidence. Hardly had people recovered from the shock of the Army action in Punjab when the Jammu and Kashmir government was dismissed. Only three days after Dr. Farooq's dismissal the ridiculous hijacking took place. And then N.T. Rama Rao was pole axed even as he returned from a major heart operation.

Cast in the same mold, Rajiv Gandhi played similar game as is apparent in that Agency's role to destablize Assam Government by initiating the Bodo agitation which has attracted sharp reaction from the Press and democratic institutions in India and abroad.

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#3 mrsingh12


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Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:31 AM

Hi everyone

I have come across a situation many times when discussing the attack on Sikhs in Delhi - Hindu's always come back with the question "what about the Hindus that Bhindrawale's men / Sikhs killed in Punjab". I would like to know what the real situation was - were Hindus killed by Sikhs in Punjab and if so to what extent?
Also what should the avarage Sikh's response be when questioned about the killing of Hindus in Punjab?

I look forward to your replies.

if hindus die blame Bhindranwale, if Chief Minister Darbara chucks cows heads in hindu temples, blame it on Bhindranwale. If sikhs are banned from attending asian games, blame Bhindranwale. If it rains blame Bhindranwale, if it snows blame Bhindranwale.How could Sant Bhindranwale possibly be involved in the killing of innocents, no matter what religion. Sant Ji''s philsophy is the same as that started by the great, amazing 6th master of the Sikhs. A Khalsa does not fire first, but only when attacked. Sant Ji lived this philosophy in real life, not firing at army until they fired first. Sant Bhindranwale is the biggest victim of defamation in the history of the world.

#4 JasSinghKhalsa


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Posted 09 November 2012 - 09:43 AM

I watched one very good video from Simranjeet Singh Maan, in which he said "Je Bhindranwale te ode Saathiyan nun sarkaar doshi mandi, te onaan nun taan sajaa de ti, maar mukaa ta", now what about criminals who organised and executed 1984 SIKH Genocide, ede ch Sarkaar insaaf kadon dougi??? What about innocent killings of Punjab, oda insaaf kadon miluga?

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#5 SunSingh


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Posted 11 November 2012 - 01:29 PM


read the Gallant Defender written by AR Darshi. Darshi was a HINDU judge. If Bhindrenwale really was a killer of hindus, then an educated, well connected Hindu wouldn't have risked his career to portray him as a hero in this book examining 1984. It's available online, do a google search.
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Posted 12 November 2012 - 09:57 AM

Concerning hindus, Sant Ji had correctly observed that the govt of india cared more about hindu lives than sikh lives. He repeatedly mentioned the case of ashok kumar from patiala. which is why he made the remark that if the Taksal bus was not released by the police, 5000 hindus would be killed.

but there were cases where hindus had actively sought Sant Ji's help, and he obliged them as a true Sikh would. any hindus that say sant ji wanted hindus dead, remind them of these cases.
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#7 13Mirch


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 10:58 AM

Regarding cow's head, Surinder Kapoor MLA at the time blamed congress for that. You can find videos in youtube in which Sant Ji talks about the matter with the temple's sanyassi. The biggest thing is that A.R. Darshi, Dr. Subraniam Swamis and many other prominent Hindus believe government was behind this killing of Hindus. And it was always the same story, Hindu killed, police turns up "just as the killer leaves", a Sikh picked up and blamed. Could have been a Hindu for all you know but such inconsistencies point out the government's hand. And ask Hindus for proof, photos, videos etc. Amazing how they bring out a half-assed report from a newspaper with no pictorial proof. Plus they change the number kiled. Hundreds, thousands and what next? A full blown genocide like they did to the Sikhs?

#8 Unbreakable


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 11:25 AM

I had a Hindu brother claim that Sant Ji had over 5000 hindus killed. However they never seem to have any proof for this, what they do is, misquote his speeches.

There was alot of misinformation spread about Sant Ji, which is still being carried on right now.

#9 Pehlvan


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 02:17 PM

We need to put to bed these lies that attempt to defame Sikhs and justify the subsequent genocide against us. Below is a quote from 'Amritsar:Mrs Gandhi's Last Battle by Mark Tully and Satish Jacob (page 147)'. Now, we all know that this book is pro Indian government and anti-Sikh. It uses derogatory language against our martyrs and tries to make out like the whole thing was the fault of the Sikhs. But if there was, as is claimed, thousands of Hindus being killed, wouldn't the Indian government try to claim it ????? Even they admit that more Sikhs were killed than Hindus........so where is this phantom genocide that was being carried out against Hindus ???

"According to the government's figures, Bhindranwale's terrorists had already killed 165 Hindus and Nirankaris in the twenty-two months since the launching of the Akali Morcha. They had also killed 39 Sikhs because they had opposed Bhindranwale. The total number of deaths in violent incidents, including so-called 'encounters' between the police and Sikhs, riots, and the accident at the level crossing in which 34 supporters of the Morcha were killed, was 410. The injured numbered 1,180. "

Amritsar:Mrs Gandhi's Last Battle by Mark Tully and Satish Jacob (page 147)

The quote above clearly shows that even the Indian government claims that only 165 Hindus were killed in the two years of the morcha. Sikhs have always denied any involvement in these killings and we believe it was the Indian government carrying out these crimes and trying to discredit Sikhs. They was a well known incident where six Hindus were killed on a bus. Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale and all the Sikh leaders strongly condemned this, but the right-wing Hindu press never reported this. Even Sant Longowal said on video "We have said to the government many times that they should set-up a committee to investigate these killings and we will prove that the government is behind these."

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