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  3. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ This isn’t a promotion but I’ve been following the Sikhi Forums online and loved them. I’ve always looked for a platform which allows sangat to connect. I came across Discord and I didn’t think my effort of creating a space for the Sikh community would go far but within 5 days it gained 300 members so I wanted to invite some of those interested . Platform is to further extend the reach of Sikhi so we can spread and raise awareness of the ancient knowledge passed down by our Gurus, warriors, saints, and scholars. This server is part of my everlasting endeavour to create a large online community for Sikhs; not just one where educated Sikhs can have intellectual discussions, but also a place which those who are interested in learning more about Sikhi can rely on. Furthermore, this server acts as the ideal online hub to learn about Puratan Granths [pre-colonial literature] and Sikh literacy as a whole. This server also offers a ‘Kirtan’ channel where one can engross themselves in heart-warming Puratan Keertan, a ‘Katha’ channel where one can attain the extensive knowledge of the most learned Gianis and Vidvaans, a channel dedicated to sharing and discussing Puratan art/symbology, and many other accommodations. All in all, the discord server is your ideal place to share, learn, and indulge in all things related to Sikhi. Thanks to SikhSangat Forum for getting me into Sikhi! Discord Server is: https://discord.gg/swfPSJb ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ
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  5. Avar Karathooth Sagalee Jam Ddaanai || All other efforts are punished by the Messenger of Death, Govindh Bhajan Bin Thil Nehee Maanai || Which accepts nothing at all, except meditation on the Lord of the Universe. Sukhmani Sahib Sree Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj
  6. Give it any name, but the main objective should be to bring us the awareness of the supreme importance of the teachings in the Bani, to make possible our union with our origin, Waheguru Akal Purukh.
  7. don't insult the afflicted they can't help themselves whereas he could and can always , BTW baby was born safe and sound and as far as we have heard HE is fine so much ado about nothing as I had told him back then .
  8. He sounds like one of those bitchy gays who acts like more of a woman than a real woman with their hands flapping everywhere. To say i want to abort an innocent baby incase they have autism or adhd is so insensitive and offensive to parents with these children. You sound like you’re on the spectrum yourself to be honest!!!
  9. Hey how are you feeling now? how do you feel about therapy? I can message you someone recommended? Are you in London? I really do hope you start to feel better but I do think you need face to face support. If you feel really lonely and just don’t have it then I can zoom call you and promise not to every tell anyone or disclose who you are. Will that help? To talk to out?
  10. I’m going to try to be less harsh as we don’t know what your mental state is right now. You have made crazy big mistakes, but it seems like you are feeling guilty so atleast that’s something (compared to some goria who have multiple abortions and see it as birth control). Now you can either show god that you realise you made a mistake and now you want to follow his path, split up, do your gurbani/simran, spend more time doing what I’m guessing your parents do..... or if you really aren’t interested or feeling it then you may as well see if you can make it work with this guy. I’m assuming it would be very tough for you to tell another boy about this incident if things didn’t work out with you boyfriend.... so it will end up as another lie which will chew you up.... if it doesn’t work honestly I wouldn’t bother dating again. You will regret it if you make these mistakes again (when you’re older), by mistakes I mean even just having a boyfriend not another pregnancy. I believe the saying is ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ so it’s unlikely you won’t be intimate with a boyfriend again so you’re best off making sure you don’t have one! If it works with this guy and you actually go the full way to marriage atleast then it’s only him. (I doubt it will work with him even though you are clearly extremely lusting over him though, you’re both so young). An abortion is a huge thing. I do believe you can get forgiveness but you need to change a lot to get there, it doesn’t sound like that change will come genuinely and naturally to you right now. Hopefully one day it will.
  11. Movie is a classic. I wouldn't trust them to remake it though. Just knowing how Bollywood, they would probably butcher it.
  12. I'm guessing she caught flak because the tweets are now protected from views
  13. Guest

    What do I do now?

    It It doesn’t cost much to be polite or civil, that’s true in my part of the world. Those people that are losing their patience are not ‘idiots’, they are just losing their patience because you are pursuing a goal which is not for you to pursue in the first place. The man has left you and there is nothing you can do to bring him back, unless you resort to some occultist with powers greater than vaheguru! You should know as a gursikh person there is no one higher than vaheguru. His powers are greater than any damn occultist on this planet. Because their advice doesn’t cost them anything, they have been more than willing to give advice to you, without billing you. Normally, it costs $$$$ if you were ever to seek it from shrinks. So, be very grateful for their kindness and their patience towards you. You have chosen not to follow their advice not because it is not good but because you already know the answer within. You already know within your mind that he is NOT RETURNING. You also know that he has already either got someone else or is in the process of find one. Why are you going so shamelessly public about your private life if you already know what is the best decision for you. In other words, why are you so imprudent about disclosing everything confidential about your private life to strangers on this forum? Surely, you cannot expect people to offer you tailor-made help, they don’t even know you, they are not professional psychiatrists? They are strangers members of general public. YOU NEED A PSYCHIATRIST to deal with you. Seek some counselling for yourself, from a marriage counsellor. You are an ungrateful person for not appreciating all the patience and help that’s been given to you here. In fact, you are a very rude person, no one is forcing you to follow their advice. Definitely, a wise person doesn’t follow anything blindly be it advice or anything. Why? Because a wise person knows when to stop pursuing a dead end situation, leading nowhere. A wise person knows when to STOP. No one is perfect, except vaheguru. He is the only one tho is perfect. But you are blaming him too for not giving you a perfect advise, aren’t you? A wise person respects vaheguru’s bhanna? A wise person also knows everything vaheguru does is good and correct for him, the wise person. Everyone has given their advice to the best of their abilities, so it wasn’t terrible at all. Their advice was equivalent to their best ability. There is no way their help or advice sucked! No way! For you it was terrible and sucked, because you are a horrible, unappreciative and rude person. Do you see now why he left you? I hope you can find some answers to the question, why he left you? This is a sikhsangat forum, that’s true. Sangat offers any help it can give others without billing anyone. It’s free of charge. The least you can do is show some respect towards the Sangat and appreciate all the help anyone can give you, whether you like it or not. Stop insulting everyone here. Grow up and learn some manners. Your issue is not a complex one at all, stop flattering yourself. It is a straightforward issue. There are no children involved, no matrimonial home to deal with or any alimony questions to be settled! Stop being silly. He has left you. and sent you the divorce papers to be signed. No one has tried to chase you away. Everyone has been very kind and understanding towards you. The Sangat has been great to to you! You really need to You really need to stop flattering yourself so much. The panth did not reach this state because of few idiots like you or him! Our panth has much bigger problems to deal with. Much more serious problems and not some mundane everyday matrimonial problems, which can be dealt by ordinary courts of the land or some mediocre psychiatrists or even marriage counsellors! So, don’t flatter too much. Flattery is not good for anyone.
  14. That movie was made in 1974 so it's quite old. It's a nice movie. They should remake it with the modern equipment that they now have. It's one of the first sakhis my mum told me.
  15. I believe so. Not really sure when it was recorded. Because the Mohammad Raffi one was made for the movie Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam which was about Bibi Rajni Ji.
  16. courts of hell shown in Thailand. I'm pretty sure Bhai Jagraj Singh made a video of this, or something similar. Heres Dharamraj, I'm guessing the two figures besides him are the angels Chitra and Gupt with their scrolls mentioned in Japji Sahib
  17. thanks this is so nice, I'm guessing this is older than the Mohammad Raffi one.
  18. Also listened to this one by Bhai Charanjit Singh Thanwar
  19. 100 percent agree with this. Our people are crooked. We slander, discriminate, and fight among ourselves. My concern is really just taking back our gurdwaras and returning to our Gurus system with the Panj Pyare. It hurts seeing the state of the panth. The lack of parchar and knowledge about Sikhi. Everyone is money hungry. They keep on boasting on about Khalistan but fight over little things.
  20. Watch this video I too used to always because being surrounded by hardcore Muslims be all Palestine, Muslims are victims etc Then once you start doing own research reading facts, you'll understand better...not saying they are perfect but kudos for them sealing their faith... Their conflict goes back 1000's of years, regardless how many Islamic countries are there and how much did Islam and Arab colonize ......what about the Baihi, yazidis, kurds, persians pre islam..extinct.... Imagine if Sikhs got the Sikh empire back, The Pakistani side Kashmir under Sikh reign once was....they'd erase our history call us colonizers etc...
  21. Even if one knows the key one does not know the type of encryption you used bro. What algorithm is it?
  22. the only person blessed beyond all previous levels was a female ;the daughter of a guru , married to a guru and gave birth to another guru , and was also the grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother of the rest of the sikh Gurus her name Bibi Bhani ji . Our womenfolk are more blessed than men because they are the ones who give birth to saints and kings of both realms
  23. This Singh used to live in raikot city near ludhiana. I initially thought he died of coronavirus but he died of serious liver problem. He was 53 and had stopped pulling rickshaw an year back.
  24. the reason why they hate sikhi is the whole truth of it, the openheartedness, the lack of controllers, the self-sovreignity inherent in its thinking, to be a fundamental sikh is inherently good rather than bad as it tells a human to be self-controlled, self-reliant , Guru ji made us his daughters and sons but the others are just sheep to be lead by the nose, that's the difference.
  25. That is absolute fcking disgusting! Lost for words! Sickos Poor animal.
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