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  2. Magh Maheena is the month where when we read bani we get 12 times more fal. Watch this video. Bhul Chuk Maf
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  4. I think so as he was able to cure himself from diseases with Naam.
  5. Great info. Was his father also brahmgyani?
  6. The first post of this thread has some more info:
  7. Thanks soooo much man. In my mind I always had a doubt if a householder in modern times could achieve brahmgyan. I will start listening to this book from tomorrow onwards. During which time period Bhai Sahib lived on Earth?
  8. Finally thread gets back on topic Indeed Bhai Raghbir Singh Ji was a householder. I highly recommend reading his book bandagi nama. Punjabi audiobook available here: http://gurbaniupdesh.org/multimedia/listing.php?q=f&f=%2F01-Audio+Books%2FBandgi+Nama Maybe 1 day I might reveal on this forum just why this person is so special
  9. Bandginama in English: https://www.sikhbookclub.com/Book/Bandginama In Punjabi: https://www.sikhbookclub.com/Book/Bandagi-Nama3
  10. I will order immediately. Thanks 4 ur input.
  11. Canada https://www.sachasaudakhalsa.com/RaghbirSinghBir USA https://sewastore.ecrater.com/c/1776239/books-by-bhai-raghbir-singh
  12. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/paedophile-uk-arrest-child-sex-abuse-police-internet-a9396661.html
  13. Thanks Bro. I listenned one 15 minutes katha and was hooked. Also is he a householder? Where can I find his books or autobiography?
  14. Anyone heard this term before? I seem to be involuntarily saying it in my mind. It started all of a sudden.
  15. Bhai Raghbir Singh is an institution in himself.He was the founder of Atam Science trust. His book autobiography is Bandginama about his experiences of repeating Whaeguru Gurmantar and his various stages of Simran. He wrote many books. He last few conversations was how he could close his eyes and experience the presence of GOD or be GOD. Since you get Ego out of yourself with Naam Simran.
  16. Can someone explain more about Magh Mahena?
  17. @singhsince1981 This covers everything from Naam to Kesh you've been asking about lately. Enjoy.
  18. Well done brother for asking about this, it takes confidence to talk about this. Kaam is required for god’s creation to flourish. Attraction between male & female = off-spring Guru Nanak Ji gave a really simple & powerful teaching how to control the mind; Look on others (women) good. View elders as mothers, equal age as sisters, youngers as daughters Getting attached with kaam is indeed bad; he kaamang, narak bisraamang ~ oh kaam, you drag people (who get attached with you) to hell It’s energy from base chakar called mhuladhara, it’s too powerful to fight. If energy builds up it needs to ‘be released’ - fine do it. Exercise & sports will release built up energy too and good stress relief. Ultimately Naam Simran takes you beyond kaam pleasures. Basically don’t get addicted to it, keep on praying, keep good sangat
  19. But don’t you forget Naam while taking a test in school or watching a movie because both those things draw full attention. No disrespect just curious
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  21. Keep on trollin troll. Your tears are sweet.
  22. Im done with SikhSangat.com This forum is FULL OF TROLLS
  23. Watching you squirm around, lie like a devil, and flameout is priceless.
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