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    • *7 beautiful secrets in the architecture of Harminder Sahib.* *1. Harimandir Sahib* *Gold was implanted later on in the years of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and there after it was started being called Golden Temple.* *However, from the time of 5th Guru since 1800's it was called - Harimandir Sahib - the God's Temple.* *2. Humility* *When we enter Harimandir Sahib, we go downstairs, which symbolises if you want to meet God in this life one would need to live a life of humility.* *3. Equality* *As there are four entry gates to the complex, it symbolises, for God everyone is welcome;  caste, color, language, wealth are immaterial in his eyes.* *4. Why only one entrance to Darbar Sahib?* *Only one way to Darbar Sahib symbolises among the 84 lakh life forms, it is only in this human life that one can meditate upon God.* *5. Why sarovar all around the Darbar Sahib?* *The Shabad explains it:* *Sansaar samundey taar gobindey* *Which means the world is a ferocious ocean with life threatening waves of lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego which can only be crossed over with Guru's Shabad.* *The Sarovar symbolises the world ocean and Darbar Sahib -the Guru's Shabad.* *6. Why Darbar Sahib is in the center?* *God can not be experienced from the outside, for that one has to look and search the inside. And once the experience comes, one becomes centered.* *7. Politics and Spirituality* *In front of Darbar Sahib there is another Gurudwara in the parikarma itself called Shri Akal Takht Sahib set up by 6th Guru as the political headquarter of Sikhs of that time.* *The architecture is such that you can always see Harmandir Sahib from the window of Akal Takht Sahib but you cannot see Akal Takht Sahib at all from Harmandir Sahib.* *Which means if you are into politics, your one eye should always be on Guru's Shabad.* *But if you are meditating upon God, politics should have no place, what so ever in your mind.*
    • Randomly stumbled across this account today. Similar to the Suraj Podcast, this brother is basically making a series for Panth Parkash. Definitely check it out.   
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