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    • Here, here!!   But then like you ain't got  your own issues in this department bahmnunha. 
    • Its funny how people keep saying ajeet is a attention seeker. Yet all you constantly replying to him cant get enough of him lol.  You should ignore his posts and just move on instead of fueling the fire.  yet your all up his bund. With your constant engaging with him.  The guy is a homo and has got you all where he wants you.  Right up his BUND!    
    • It's scary dude. You don't know when someone in your own fam might end up in this situation. I don't think this guy's got the gonads for what you are saying, but he obviously has no qualms with psychologically abusing his missus - and I think women get messed up over this as bad as physical abuse (not that one is better than the other).      Like I said - scary. 
    • I will try to but i can't as i get ptsd flashbacks and ocd so its not for me doing this sort of stuff.
    • And like I've said previously, meet me yourself and show me how much of a 'Jut soorma' you are.  Remember how you were blindly singing the sifthaan of the very people you are now openly condemning. Explain that. You thought these people where the greatest thing since sliced bread only a couple of years ago, now you've done a 180 u-turn. Explain what happened to change your views so dramatically. Please. What made you finally wake up to stark reality? Maybe some other 1diots could also benefit from your experiences?   

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