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Sikh Rehat | How To

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This forum is dedicated to Sikh Rehat and other Sikhi Do's and Don'ts related queries.

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    • https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5Gl55ok2jC12S25_9SEPdg You tube channel: Sri sarbloh tv
    • have u also looked into any sikh camps that run in ur area? from my experience u tend to find a few like minded ppl from all over the country in the same or similar situations to urself. so its an opportunity to find the gd sangat ur lookin for but also build ur sikh jeevan at the same time. its also an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world, forget our problems n build a connection/love wiv maharaj. u never no u might jus find or learn abt someone who inspires or shows u the way to guru ji.
    • u contradicted urself in the same post. anyway this also came from a chardikala singh. its gna depend on past sins/misdeeds n destiny etc. too watch from 13:10
    • The Mandir you're talking about I think is Baba Balak Nath. I have been there a few times. This Mandir does have different vibe to it. The main baba of the Mandir is some character. I have seen him beat up this guy who was possed by evil sprits. The guy was acting like a bull whilst the Baba was beating the evil spirits out of him.the pray hall was full at the time and everyone was watching this calmly lol, I can't say if this worked or not but I do believe in evil spirits curses etc. (but thats a whole different topic for different thread )    

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