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    • No one said it was an amritdhari Sikh who used his kirpan to do this, bro. In fact, it hasn't even come out that the attackers were Sikhs (though 2 of the victims were). Even if the attackers were Sikhs, I doubt that they used kirpans.
    • Thanks for point this out. Though, there's also the fact that all Christians are not unified in that belief. It's true the Bible states that there are satan-derived religions, but that's different from saying a specific region is of the devil. Some Christian preachers make that connection. Other denominations (like Unitarians) explicitly reject that.
    • It's really sad that Christians go around to really poor people and dangle a morsel of of food over them and say, "Convert, and then I'll give you some food." They are taking advantage of people to meet their conversion target quotas dictated by their financial sponsors.
    • Interesting. Do you think with the decline of Christianity in the West, a day will come when the money for foreign conversion funding will dry up? Also, in the West, as people become more educated, they become less Christian. 11% of college educated in America are atheists, only 4% who are high school grads. Given that this is the case, after Indians (or Punjabis) who convert become better educated, do you think they will leave the the Christianity that their parents converted into?
    • Very Sad news , deepest condolences to their families may their souls rest in peace . I think we need a national / international database registering all amritdhari baptized Sikhs , detailing , when they took Amrit , there address when¬†baptized etc...¬†, and issue each with ID cards. So that sikhi is not targeted , hope i'm very wrong but the way kaljug is spreading in this world , whats stopping a dushman of sikhi , dressing up as a baptized sikh and misusing the articles of faith , especially the kirpan.
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