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    • why do the Singh sahibs of sachakand Harmandar sahib only were blue turbans and they all are the same size does anyone know why  
    • obviously never saw 'The English Patient' , always disliked his father James Fox played toffeenosed english toffs in films , Larry was married to Billie Piper  ex-TARDIS girl and had messy expensive custody battle but had to whine on in the newspapers too. Guess he's just one of those twerps who cannot do good anywhere but whines about his victimisationin all spheres of life . Tiresome
    • in Guru ji's  sixth form  Guru ji saved Mai Sevan from a forceable conversion by qazi and allowed her to do sewa unhindered in Amritsar.  
    • Just think about it: This Fox fudhu saw a single brown turbaned man in film about WW1, and it was enough to cause him mental torment at having to think about being white - a trauma so intense, that he felt compelled to go on TV and air his imagined 'injustice' at having been subjected to such an horrendous experience at the altar of 'multiculturalism' and 'forced diversity'.   What a spoilt, closeted fudhu. If something like this is enough to cause you so much distress - you REALLY must have a lovely life. c**t. And to think that these are the kinds of privileged, ignorant whiteys that are put into positions of power...........  
    • Sikhi isn't selfish. But some Sikhs maybe. Your mind is in confusion cos of your personal circumstances. You need to accept reality of the world be it good or bad even if you dont want to. Come to Guru Ji you will be at peace then.
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