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    • There was ample oppurtunity for them to do this, to show some Nimrata. But they insist on relaying the message that they think they can act with impunity. They should stick to what they're good at, apologise for their past actions, and then stay out of certain areas of Sikhi. Moving on would be the best thing for everybody. SYUK are the cause of this division, not anyone else and therefore they're responsible for mending relations and helping the Sangat move on. I've already said though, they are practically a PR disaster. They couldn't just suck it up and accept galti ho gayi; the power is getting to their heads however. Look at their latest statement for example. If and when they clear this up, they still need to be monitored by the Panth to see what kind of content they're releasing/promoting, and what exactly they're getting up to outside of tackling grooming.
    • Simple for simpletons
    • I think it’s how they’ve apologised this time and addressed things.. usually they will do video statement and explain things more better, this time they did a written statement and introduced Panj Singh. Simple if your head of your organisation you take the wrap.. simples.
    • Well they should get kicked in, then let them apologise,  then move on
    • From going recently to see the Gudwara in Coventry, I have to say that the main aspect of respect for of SGGSJ is at the highest. For whatever the allegations are about them it is what it is.. it is a shame as Sikhs we have to have soo many GuruGhar.  Waheguru

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