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    • I use sikhitothemax.com 
    • jus watched em. dnt knw the allegations/stories/ rumours abt deepa or his conduct. but the incidents on the coach n wiv gnnsj sevadaar r ultimately gna be on his head. cuz these kids r supposed to be representin singhs but act like clowns. did he or anyone ever tell em from the beginning to curb the childish antics? nothins changed. it gives the impression this behaviour is accepted within the org. thts not ryt since theyre representin sikhi n us too so something has to change. imo it wudve been better to let sangat prove themselves worthy of certain seva first but too late for tht nw.
    • Tiger chasing Deer on marble on the floor at harmandir sahib     sun on the ceiling of Harmandir Sahib   Samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with sun/surya on the ceiling  ceiling of gurdwara tarn taran sahib,  flower or sun? tarn taran   surya on hazur sahib ceiling    sun at baba khem singh bedi haveli in pakistan  
    • Sikh Youth Uk.. the message was clear today - Deepa step down and get out of town. His ego was always going to get the better of him. Sewa was always done but never humbly.  Waheguru
    • Very interesting it's just used a lot by others like the sun disk of Egypt etc. Have not seen it myself used in Sikhi before today.

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