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Questions From Singles About Marriage

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Place for singles to ask questions about married life.

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    • He doesn't answer difficult questions.  You need to ask a different set of questions.  Maybe level 1 questions.  Like what color will you dye your hair this weekend?
    • It's clear you have nothing of value to add to this discussion.  Anyone can see through your immature behavior here.  You're not fooling anyone.  Your white privilege isn't going to work and you realized it.  But like a whiny little child you cry.
    • It's true waheguru is our only true friend, but its important to have that absolute faith in waheguru     we often say I believe in god   but when we are in a stressful situation and worried a lot of us have no faith,  that's when our faith is tested.  Anxiety, stress, depression is a sign of less faith   if one had complete faith then they would not suffer from these things tbh  they would have absolute faith in waheguru   I'm just as guilty. I feel a part of our relationship with waheguru is how much faith we have in him.   Anyone can believe in god but to have faith and a relationship   is different. 
    • I've got a couple of weeks of holidays. If you can send me a ticket and a nice hotel to stay in I'd glady fly down.
    • There are about 34,000 Muslim children in Birmingham, and a few thousand Sikh children.
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