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Questions From Singles About Marriage

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Place for singles to ask questions about married life.

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    • Yes it's 110% ok PROVIDED it 110% pure veg.
    • Simple answer ‘YES’  If the act of terror is committed to suppress a community based on the religious lines and to further ones own religious agenda, then ‘yes’ I would attach their religious identity to ‘terrorist’.   So ‘Hindu Terrorist’ is the only term that should be used to describe the RSS/BJP Hindu fascists that are pushing for a Hindutva state where minorities are killed and oppressed in the persuit of a Hindu Nationalist State. Stop bashing minorities and and defending Hindus.  Looks like you have sympathy for them!  
    • Vjkk Vjkf I am offering Tuition in GCSE Chemistry and Physics if anyone is interested.  My A Level grades were -  Chemistry A Physics A Biology A  I am a retired medical doctor MBChB and have been tutoring for 2 years.  References are available on request.  I teach students in pairs and have prepared lesson plans with practice exam questions.  If anyone is interested please message me for more details.  
    • Would you call attacks carried out by pakistan based groups as ' Muslim terrorists' Or call attacks by Burmese army as 'Buddhist Terrorists' So why Call them Hindu. Sureley terrorists have no name or faith. Maybe you should educate yourself.  People like this girl should be named and shamed. Especially if the have Kaur or Singh in their name. Stop defending these people. Looks like you have sympathy for them.   

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