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Questions From Singles About Marriage

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Place for singles to ask questions about married life.

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    • beautiful. jus having darshan from the pics themselves makes the mind feel calm n at ease... would love to go on gurdwara yatra one day.
    • People use this phrase when talking about Sikhi, "be honest with yourself".  Majority of the time it is placed in the context of follow your prime instincts as it was in the above post.  Which is working against Sikhi because the Guru is taking a person away from prime instincts and the Sikh is to follow the Guru's teachings.       
    • Yeah I can and she must be thinking what the hell did I do to be stuck in the middle of this hellish situation. She is theone person that tried to smooth things down but you are total headcase who will not let things lie and calm down. You keep poking and prodding to get your wife upset , then she takes it out on your Mum because you've p'd off so as to not catch any backlash and she needs to blow off steam. You really are a nasty piece , who wants there to be strife to get rid of your dharam paatni and you really have not illustrated once that you are willing to take a tongue lashing to resolve the issues you've created.
    • Then expects not to be criticised, if you can't be honest with yourself what do you expect from others.
    • Ok, she is going back to her peke , not with your blessing that's clear for all to see. Old tradition was girl would go to her peke when she is pregnant with first child because they know her better and she would feel less stressed. The other thing is she's pregnant not dying of a disease, women have done hard labour in fields etc up until the last minute, many women maintain exercising throughout pregnancy unless high blood pressure is an issue. I travelled by plane up until week 27.It is a natural , well planned for state of being. She is shouty, yes, she is spoilt , yes, she manipulates but so do you; I feel sorry for your Mum and Dad not for eitherof you,  because they are caught up in both of your dramas . ... But there is no way she can be compared to the charitars , she has not cheated on you, or seduced people so please step off no one is buying that BS you are peddling.

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