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Questions From Singles About Marriage

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Place for singles to ask questions about married life.

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    • bro, I'm kinda of partial to the type that comes from the kitchen tap and can be converted byJesus as a stop gap at parties - H2O
    • You don't seem to understand, if you follow and understand Sikhi , you should not pray to another human being you should only pray to Guru Granth Sahib Ji ( your living Guru). If you are praying to another human being you are not following Sikhi.
    • Misterr Singh,  is this audition? Claps , masterful
    • I am always looking to try something new. Which wines are your favorites? I am fond of the wines from Courtney Benham, both the Courtney Benham label and the Martin Ray label, and the Seghesio wines.
    • I had to pull aside a young Sikh (late teens) a few months ago and explain to him that mainstream Muslim belief considers our Guru Sahibs to be frauds and liars per the teachings of Islam, because of the idea that Islam was the final revelation to mankind, and all subsequent spiritual messengers were false prophets, etc. It was almost as if I could see the cogs in his brain grind to a halt. He was so hellbent on defending Muslims that he replied with, "Well... maybe the Gurus weren't divine?" This is the level of indoctrination we're dealing with in the West. 

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