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    • Think logically,  have you done anything for people to follow you?  
    • Guest Singh
      Caused primarily by external issues, uncertainty, being treated unfairly. But at times I’m feeling constant anxiety but I can’t figure out why.
    • Guest Singh
      Read some kind of rakhiya de shabad or dasam bani like choupai sahib. Put 100% faith in gur-shabad. Guru is always there to protect you 
    • I don't think Budha Dal and Tarna Dal fauja were present, so the main practitioners of rehit weren't even present, everyone else was just not good enough to make any authentic type of maryada!
    • Guest Waheguruji604
      Hello,  I am a 34 year old male from Canada. I was brought up in household were my parents believe in radhasoami path. I married my wife who's parents are amrit dhari. I by my own accord do not not believe in the radhasoami path. I have been going to the gurdwara on and off through out my life. I have been going quite often the last month or two. My situation is I am married with two beautiful daughters. I have extreme paranoia and fear of being hurt. I always see the same cars following me or sitting outside my house. In the mornings I feel sick to my stomach with the anxiety and fear of someone try to hurt me or my family. My wife is adamant that it's all in my mind. She dosent believe me and gets frustrated with me. I have been listening to path and trying to do the path I know in my head all day. She says guru ji is with you and everything is written, which you can't change. I have prayed and begged and pleaded for help with waheguru. There has not bee any change in my situation. I just want to know does waheguru have the power to save me and my family. Or do I have to take action myself? I have begged waheguru to show me a path I have cried, I have pleaded. I can't seem to shake the panic and fear of what is going to happen. It's effecting my marriage, my life and I don't know what to do anymore. The panic and fear of death everyday has broken me. No matter how hard I try to listen to path, recite path. It helps me only for a few minutes then the fear takes over. Please help with any in sight you can give me. 

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