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    A SPECIAL 5 PART SERIES ON SANT BHINDRANWALE: LIFE, MISSION,MYTHS AND LEGACY! Part 2 discusses the ever increasing brutality of the fascist indian government against poor Panjabi people who asked for little other than their fair share of water, electricity and an acknowledgement of their very existence as Sikhs. Their cries fell on deaf ears, until a very special Saint General decided to speak for them. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel CONTACT us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RajoanaTV FOLLOW on twitter @RajoanaTV https://twitter.com/#!/RajoanaTV SHARE via facebook / twitter / whatsapp / sms / email to all your contacts - Let's keep the momentum going!
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    Who said anything about being broadminded to cut their hair? Way to interpert things way off mark. My point is rather than encouragement for the seva he his doing, you say "well if he cares about Sikhi, why isn't he a Gursikh".....You said actions speak louder than words, his actions are raising more awareness than i think either of ours are. Please go look at the historical sikh photos thread, and see the "monay" that sacrficed themselves in just 84 for Sikhi. Are we going to say that they didn't care about Sikhi because they werent blessed with Gursikhi at the time they made their sacrfices? Bhai Balwant Singh ji was also a "monah" when he was putting his life on the line for Sikhi (he was blessed with Amrit in Jail) , are we going to say "he hadn't even started on the path of Sikhi'. Get real please. We need to be encouraging people that are on the path of Sikhi so they can eventually take Amrit, rather than putting them off with an elitest attitude. This reminds me of the incident near Toronto I believe where at the Gurdwara Sahib, a person that wasn't amritdhari doing was doing seva, and grabbed something from the fridge. Singh's and told him to take whatever he grabbed with him, then they threw everything that was in the fridge into the garbage, and washed down fridge completely. All because he wasn't amritdhari and grabbed something for seva. Just makes me smh. Lets try and imrpove our own jeevans and try uplifting others, but without the elitest attitide. Phul chuk maaf.
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    Why should he be ashamed? Who are you to judge? He probably didn't have the blessing of being taught about kesh from a young age. It's people like you who put people like him (the presenter) off Sikhi. You make keshdharis and amritdharis look like fanatics. At least he's doing something constructive. He HAS stepped on the path of Sikhi. It's people like you who are falling off. Get a damn grip!
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    Dhann Dhann Baba Deep Singh jee's maala
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    Please don't mention that guy's name and associate it with shastar vidiya. He used to call it jhatka gatka and changed it to shastar vidiya to try to legitimize his drunk martial art where he borrowed ideas from various asian arts. Shastar vidiya has nothiing to do with niddar. He's just highjacking the name. Shastar vidiya means the knowledge of shastar....
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    please don't be an elitest, not everyone is blessed with Gursikhi right away, the fact that he cares about sikhi and has pyar there is great. Hes doing a great seva. Keep it up.
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    All these are small steps for Sikh rights that we as a global community will enjoy. Shaabaash to the brother who has won this case.
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    #10DaysofTerror The National Sikh Youth Federation (NSYF) is an independent NGO and Think-Tank that works with individuals and organisations in the Sikh Community. NSYF specialises in research and education for the advancement of core issues that affect our community. We also promote spirituality and networking amongst Sikhs in the UK. We work to support an environment that fosters collaboration and unity. http://www.nsyf.org.uk/index.html
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    u duno the half of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cal maaashelf, the italian singh!!!!!! :B <-- goofie smilie!!!!!!!!

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