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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!!,, I don't know what to think about this or even know if it is true but i do have a massive amount of respect for Bhai Amrik Singh (Satkaar Campaign)... from what i have seen of them they seem to be fearless when they speak: Sangat Ji what are your thoughts ???? If Harnam Singh Dhumma did have a gupt meeting with the Narakswamis, is this the right approach after what they have done ??? Would Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bindranwale Ji have had a meeting ???? Personally i do not think so ...!! Is it because we are now seen to be getting very soft with punishment that these people think they can now try it with us again ???? I want to stay away from this topic getting heated so please stay civil with posts : WE MAY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON APPROACH BUT IT IS SOO IMPORTANT WE STAY AS 1 !!!
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    Bhai Amrik Singh ji speaks the truth. Badals wife dies and all these so called Panthic Jathedars and jathas run to his aid personally in a split second. Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is thrown in wells, burnt, angs thrown away like garbage and these same so called Panthic Jathedars and jathas don't even pay attention.
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    jathedar of akal takht should NOT be touching or even attempting to touch someones feet or even bowing down to anyone or anything but guru granth sahib ji. this video shows slavery.
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    Dhuma does not have any of the greatness of the previous Jathadars of DDT. Look at how he acts around Badal, almost like Badal is his master. Bhai Amrik Singh Jee is a real Mard. He's not scared of Badal or the center. He says it like it is.
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    Agree 100% - "Bhai Amrik Singh ji speaks the truth. Badals wife dies and all these so called Panthic Jathedars and jathas run to his aid personally in a split second. Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is thrown in wells, burnt, angs thrown away like garbage and these same so called Panthic Jathedars and jathas don't even pay attention." All I know is that bhai Amrik Singh ji has been at the forefront of protests such as the recent Radhaswami protest that took place yesterday. Where was Akal Takht Jathedar, Head Granthi...................................... They can attend the funeral of the wife of a corrupt politician like Badal but have not time to attend the Radhaswami protest? We need to support Panthic Gursikhs like bhai Amrik Singh ji.
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    Thats good principle singh ji, but sticking only to this principle its not just enough, we must pro-actively look for educated panthic singhs who are abroad and who have done major in political science and punjabi language and sikh studies to run for next election in punjab and for next jathedar- ...... No Revolution has came just by being comfy arm chair critic/journalist.
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    Maaf karna Chatanga ji I did not read your post correctly. However I think it is vital that we stop fighting between ourselves and focus on the issue at hand. Daas is still steadfast in regards to not joining Badal or Congress. By joining with these parties we will get limited success. Akali Dal and Congress are rife with corruption and are not suitable environment for Naam Abhiyaasi, Rehitwaan Gursikhs. Have we lost faith in ourselves. Can we not form a third party with Panthic Gursikhs? Its about time that Taksal, Akj, Nihangs and other Sampardas/Jathebandis form a new party and keep differences aside for chardi kala of Panth. There should at least be a meeting between all the Jathebandis to see what can be done. When was the last time leaders of AKJ, Taksal, Nihangs, Nirmalas, Sevapanthis................. got together and had a meeting? If all the leaders got together I am sure they could work something out, Satguru Mehar Karan! Hanji, now time for sri Rehraas Sahib da paath.
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    In a nutshell, due to the laws of Karam. Whatever one sows he/she reaps. Whether that seed is sown in this life or a previous life.
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    Chatanga veer jeeo, If daas is a weasel then bhai Amrik Singh ji Ajnala is also a weasel, I have repeated what was in the video. As per statement by bhai Amrik Singh ji, Harnam Singh is having gupt meeting with Radhaswami whilst panthic jathebandis are staging protests! Jathedars and leaders visit funeral of wife of Badal who was known to be corrupt. Sant Samaj have sided with Badal yet Badal has given to ticket to dusht Izhar Alam, honoured dusht Advani made Sumedh Saini DGP e.t.c. You honestly think that Sant Jarnail Singh ji would have just stood by and stayed silent whilst Badal honoured Advani at Darbar Sahib and made Sumedh Saini DGP? Nice language you are using veer ji. Please do not make this personal but daas just wants Chardi Kala for the Panth. Just because someone is mukhi of Samaparda or Jathedar does not mean we cannot criticise them if they do something wrong. Lets keep focused on the issue at hand, what is the need for insults? I hope I am wrong and that Jathedars and Harnam Singh Dhumma are using Badal for the chardi kala of the Panth. However after listening to speech of bhai Amrik Singh ji and other acts such as bestowing panth rattan award at Akal Takht it seems as if Sant Samaj and Jathedars genuinely support Badal. Daas believes that the truly Panthic Gursikhs will stay independent from Political parties and use the aasra of Gurbani and Naam for victory. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh
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    why are you refering to ballan as sachkhand ballan? they just added sachkhand for them selves. call it ballan and nothing else. for Sikhs sachkhand is Sri Harimandir Sahib.
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    i personally don't think the Jathedar of the Sri Akhal Takhat Sahib today is to blame for not having the authority/power to lead the panth. I personally think it's ALL of our fault as if we as a panth were strong, no Badal would have the guts to try to control the Jathedaar. It's becuase of us, we have Badal who controls the Jathedaar. The responsibility lies alot closer to home...but it's always earier to point fingers at others. If the panth is not in good times, we're to blame but the good news is that we the panth are also the solution too! For me, t's just a matter of how long we're going to keep pointing fingers and not actually do anything?
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    Shame on Dhumma for his shameless secret, back stabbing meeting with the Narakswamis.
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    I agree we should not use any offensive language such as swear words when addressing any Gursikh no matter what position they hold. However we have the right to express our opinions and if we see something wrong we should highlight it. The Akal Takht Jathedar is too close to Badal, this is clear for everyone to see. Then we complain when we cannot get justice. We will only get justice and chardi kala for the Sikh Panth when get a leader who is free from the clutches of political leaders such as Badal and Captain. How was the current Jathedar selected? Vedanti was fired and then Giani Gurbachan Singh was hired, this was wrong. It should not be the SGPC i.e. Akal Dal Badal who selects the Jathedar of the Sikh Panth. It is the Panth who selects the Akal Takht Jathedar. We need to have a Sarbat Khalsa in which a new Jathedar of AKal Takht is selected by the entire Sikh Panth.
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    bhai amrik singh ajnala ji is speaking real truth like sant jarnail singh ji we have so many traitors in our panth and very few good leaders like bhai amreek singh ajnala.
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    Church of the Churchless Message List Reply Message #173768 of 173774 < Prev | Next > church_of_the_churchless/ April 09, 2010 Religare's money connections with the Radha Soami guru Religious institutions often have an intimate relationship with money. The hugely rich Catholic Church comes to mind, naturally. There's nothing inherently wrong with this. People simply should be aware when spirituality gets tangled up with financial dealings, and make up their own minds about what, if anything, it means to them. In that spirit, someone forwarded me an email message regarding Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) that reportedly has been circulating among members of this India-based organization. RSSB, as a branch of the Sant Mat ("Path of Saints") religious philosophy, is led by a guru who is considered by the faithful to be God in human form. Or at least, as divinely realized as any human being can be. The current RSSB guru is Gurinder Singh Dhillon. The email says that he has two sons, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon (age 26) and Gurkirat Singh Dhillon (age 20). I wasn't able to confirm this by any online information, but I checked with the sender of the email and it seems like the information is correct. (Note: in this blog post I'm sticking to Internet-accessible facts as much as possible. In another post on this subject, I'll be more subjective and share how I feel about those facts, perhaps along with some thoughts from others about the financial dealings related below.) Gurpreet and Gurkirat are substantial shareholders in a company called Religare. Religare and Fortis, another large Indian company, are part of a family conglomerate headed by Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh. As this story says: Malvinder Singh, who will earn some Rs.100 billion ($2.4 billion) from selling his family's stake in the pharmaceutical firm to Japan's Daiichi Sankyo, is now planning to make huge investments in Religare and Fortis, the family's financial service and healthcare companies. "Healthcare and financial services are two areas where we have existing businesses, where we will make investments," Ranbaxy CEO and managing director Malvinder Singh said Sunday. For some perspective, the average per capita income in India is about $1,000 (U.S.), while in the United States it is about $39,000. So millions and billions that seem like a lot of money here are considerably farther out of the ordinary for most Indians. Malvinder Singh, an initiate of RSSB, is deeply involved in the Radha Soami Satsang Beas organization, as is the rest of his family. This helps explain why the RSSB guru's sons, Gurpreet and Gurkirat, each ended up with about 10% of the shares in Religare according to a 2007 prospectus. On page 25 it says that Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh were allotted 49,575,000 equity shares in Religare at 10 rupees (about 23 cents) a share. Malvinder then transferred 6,250,000 shares to Gurpreet Singh, and Shivinder transferred 6,250,000 shares to Gurkirat Singh under guardianship of Ms. Shabnam Dhillon -- almost certainly because Gurkirat is only twenty years old. The cost also was 10 rupees a share. So the guru's sons each got 6,250,000 shares of Religare for $1,437,500 or thereabouts through an insider deal. The share price on April 6, 2010 was 395.80. Thus, converting into dollars, 6,250,000 shares of Religare currently are worth $55,716,271 (today's exchange rate shows 1 rupee = .022523 US$). This explains how Gurpreet and Gurkirat appear on a 2009 "Billionaire Club" list of wealthy Indians. They're ranked near the bottom at 364 and 365. (A billion rupees is only $22,523,000, so it's a lot easier to be a billionaire in India. Interestingly, though, the rupee is worth about 1/44 of a dollar, and the per capita income in India is about 1/39 of the United States per capita income. So seemingly Gurpreet and Gurkirat's net worth makes them the Indian equivalent of an American billionaire.) The guru's sons seemingly acquired even more Religare shares recently, according to this insider trading report. It appears that each son got 6,183,000 additional shares (for a total of about 12,400,000 shares). And the RSSB guru himself -- Gurinder Singh Dhillon -- got 26,333, leaving him with a total of 65,833 (or about $587,000 worth). So the question is... so what? Well, as I said above, that's a subject for a follow-up post. What I've shared here simply are publicly available facts, accessible to anyone with a web browser via some Google'ing. As this Indian blogger notes, "Gods and Godmen have always had their role to play in the world of business." For instance, the patriarch of the Radha Soami sect headquartered at Beas (he is also called the Beas Sant or the saint of Beas) is reported to have played his role in the succession drama at Ranbaxy after the death of then CEO and promoter Parvinder Singh in 1999.
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    The British agreed to transfer the Beas land in the name of Guru Granth Sahab ji, Registry no. 254, dated 14 June 1897.( Measures 11 Kanal, 16 Marla) The land was given to Baba Jaimal singh to build the Gurudwara in villaege. It is mentioned in the registry. "Guru Granth Sahab wakiyaa dharamsala muntjim baa-eh-tamaam Jaimal Simgh saadh jatt. The land could never be transferred to any living person and still this land which is in use by the sect is the property of Guru Granth Sahib ji (the Sikh religion). The remark in verification of 'INTKAAL' is---Baba Jaimal Singh shall have no right to sell, or mortgage, this will always be used as Dharmsala (Gurudwara). Accusations Radha Soami Dera usurped land in Beas, Punjab Could this be the reason Sawan could not use Radhasoami Nam after signing an agreement with Dayal Bagh he would ? SOURCE : http://cities.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=185637 The land was gifted by a devout Sikh to Guru Granth Sahib: ex-SGPC member Express News Service CHANDIGARH, JUNE 1: FORMER SGPC member Amarinder Singh today alleged that the Radha Soami satsang had usurped land in Beas which was originally donated to Sri Guru Granth Sahib by name. Releasing documents to attest his claim, Amarinder Singh stated that land worth nine kanals was gifted by a devout Sikh to Guru Granth Sahib in 1932. ‘‘Under the revenue records, it continued to be in the name of Guru Granth Sahib till 1985, when the name of Guru Granth Sahib was removed from the column of ownership in the Punjab Government revenue records. The process began in 1983, when the Punjab Government suddenly issued a notification for consolidation of land. In 1985, the Radha Soami dera had effectively usurped the land. Producing copies of the gift of land, Amarinder stated that the gift was made by Santa Singh of village Wraich, district Amritsar. It was during the tenure of A C Sen as Commissioner Jalandhar Dibvision, Patwari Teja Singh and Qanungo Hans Raj that the notification for consolidation was made. Amarinder Singh demanded an inquiry by the Punjab Government into the transfer of land, and sought the immediate intervention of the Punjab DGP into the affair. ‘‘Government should appoint an inquiry into the embezzlement of the property of Guru Granth Sahib, which enjoys the status of Guru,’’ he said. He further sought a rectification of record and restoration of land to Guru Granth Sahib. The place, Jaimal Singh has historical importance for the Sikh community, since the last rites of Mata Ganga, the mother of the fifth Sikh Guru were performed at this place. Guru Hargobind, the sixth Sikh guru also participated in the ceremony, Amarinder added. Harjinder S Kukreja http://fateh.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion.nsf/SearchView/ 746AF0619DB18B6887257181003C4A55!OpenDocument ---------------------------------
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    The capital market regulator has granted exemption to Logos Holding Company from making an open offer to the shareholders of Religare Enterprises for its acquisition of 19.53% stake in the company. Logos Holding is an investment arm of the Gurinder Singh Dhillon family. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/sebi-nod-for-radha-soami-satsang-beas/722630/ Gurinder Singh is the current head of one of India's largest religious sect – Radha Soami Satsang Beas. At Thursday's closing price of Rs 460.95, the value of Logos Holding's stake is about Rs 1,163 crore. The Dhillons had acquired the shares at just over Rs 13 crore in 2006. While seeking exemption from making an open offer, the Dhillons had said that they proposed to transfer their stake to Logos Holding to consolidate their individual shareholdings scattered across listed and unlisted companies. The promoters of REL, Malvinder and Shivinder Singh and their investment vehicles hold 64.74% of the equity in the company, while financial institutions hold 3.83% in the company. The Singhs are followers of Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Including the Dhillon stake, the non-institutional holding in the company is 31.43%. The Sebi order says Logos should complete the proposed acquisition within 30 days from the date of passing of the order and thereafter file a report on the same within 15 days. ---------------------------------- Church of Churchless post December 10, 2010 Radha Soami Satsang Beas guru makes $254 million Wow, it really pays to be an Indian guru with the right connections. Check out this story, "SEBI nod for Radha Soami Satsang Beas." (SEBI is the Securities and Exchange Board of India.) The capital market regulator has granted exemption to Logos Holding Company from making an open offer to the shareholders of Religare Enterprises for its acquisition of 19.53% stake in the company. Logos Holding is an investment arm of the Gurinder Singh Dhillon family. Gurinder Singh is the current head of one of India's largest religious sect – Radha Soami Satsang Beas. At Thursday's closing price of Rs 460.95, the value of Logos Holding's stake is about Rs 1,163 crore. The Dhillons had acquired the shares at just over Rs 13 crore in 2006. After someone emailed me a link to this story, naturally I had to grab my calculator, find a rupee to dollar currency converter web site, and figure out how much Rs 1,163 crore and Rs 13 crore are in understandable American dollars. (A crore rupee is 10 million rupees.) Others can check my work, but I'm pretty sure the Gurinder Singh Dhillon family is the proud possessor of Religare Enterprises shares worth $257,187,507. Let's round it off and say... a quarter of a billion dollars. That's a lot of money. Especially compared to what the story says the guru's family paid for the shares: $2,874,839 (Rs 13 crore). Last April I wrote about this in "Religare's money connections with the Radha Soami guru." Malvinder Singh, an initiate of RSSB, is deeply involved in the Radha Soami Satsang Beas organization, as is the rest of his family. This helps explain why the RSSB guru's sons, Gurpreet and Gurkirat, each ended up with about 10% of the shares in Religare according to a 2007 prospectus. On page 25 it says that Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh were allotted 49,575,000 equity shares in Religare at 10 rupees (about 23 cents) a share. Malvinder then transferred 6,250,000 shares to Gurpreet Singh, and Shivinder transferred 6,250,000 shares to Gurkirat Singh under guardianship of Ms. Shabnam Dhillon -- almost certainly because Gurkirat is only twenty years old. The cost also was 10 rupees a share. So the guru's sons each got 6,250,000 shares of Religare for $1,437,500 or thereabouts through an insider deal. Multiply $1,437,500 by two and we get $2,875,000. Which is almost exactly what the indianexpress.com story says the guru's family acquired the shares for in 2006. So this shows that an insider deal (which is legal, and not to be confused with stock trading that involves the illegal use of insider information) resulted in a quick profit for the Gurinder Singh Dhillon family of about $254 million over four years or so. These financial deals can be viewed in different ways. Some people see nothing wrong with a guru who is considered to be "God in human form" raking in massive amounts of money from his involvement with Religare, a large Indian financial services group managed in large part by RSSB disciples. Others resonate with the message of my post, "RSSB's ties to Religare mix money and spirituality." What I've learned about the dealings between Radha Soami Satsang Beas and Religare doesn't feel right to me. It definitely goes against the grain of what I used to enjoy about being a member of RSSB: the focus on meditation, mysticism, charitable giving, and service to a spiritual community where everybody did their share, and nobody (seemingly) tried to get more than their share. That said, maybe I'm old-fashioned. Maybe I don't understand how modern-day gurus and their relatives can engage in insider trading deals with disciples while still remaining true to their philosophical principles. Maybe I'm missing the benefit to RSSB of having an inner circle derive large financial benefits that aren't available to other initiates. All I know is that philosophically and ethically, there are reasons for concern here. --------------------------- There was a Radhasoami Satsang Beas book ‘Origin and Growth’ (that Gurinder asked to have removed from circulation). [in] there is a hidden principle which states “it is the basic principle of Sant Mat and especially of the Radhasoami faith, that the Satguru, being God Incarnate, has absolute authority and power to deal with His Parmarthi (religious) property of every kind in whatever way He likes. All Bhaints (offerings) made to Him by His followers and all properties inherited by Him from his Satguru become His personal properties and His power to use such properties is not restricted in any way.†Radha Soami Satsang Beas, Origin And Growth. It is in in the copy of Great Master’s Will , 1937: “A number of satsangis have built houses in the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh with my permission and on land belonging to me and in my possession on the condition that they and their descendants can reside in the Dera only as long they have faith in the Master…and are considered to be suitable persons for residing in the Dera, otherwise they have no rights to live at the Dera and I or my successor shall be authorized to eject them any time we liked In the event of their ejectment, the satsangis concerned or their assignees will have no right of any sort to the land or materials of the building. I am the sole owner of the Dera and all properties connected therewith…â€
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    Awesome explanation veerji. Also if the person does not understand the above explanation, ask them if they will suffer if you were to throw gas on them and set them on fire? Will they feel pain? Most likely they will answer yes, and than show them this video.
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    is there any way of downloading that? or is it available on youtube or other sites? this is some good stuff, this is y english parchaar is wat is gonna get all the slags and the man-slags on the correct path of sharam, not 2 mention, gettin non-sikhs in to our fold 2.
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    Giani Thakur Singh Jee is coming to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire too at the Gurmat Smagam.
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    i would strongly recommend you listen to this short audio by Bhai Parminder Singh in English...it will answer your question. http://www.gurunanakacademy.com/audio/English%20Katha/Bhai%20Parminder%20Singh%20Ji/Bhai.Parminder.Singh.%28Guru.Nanak.Academy%29--Pain.mp3
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    Human being is looking wrong place for happiness. Hence, the suffering. Just like deer on a desert see mirage, think its water and keep looking for water in mirage and die out of thirst as it was looking in the wrong place to begin with. This world way it appears it just illusion as sri guru tegh bahudar says in shalok mahalla nuavan. Our real self and essence is supreme soul but in illusion we think we are body which is made out of 5 elements, our mind is affected by kam, krodh, moh, lob, ahankar so we suffer. It's not just about purifying the mind either, its about going back to mind's root (mool) as Sri guru maharaj - Man tu jot saroop hai apna mool painchain- O mind, you real essence/root is jot saroop(atma-paratma God), recnognize yourself!! Once our intitution/mind/surti is attached with supreme soul(atma-paratma) then there is no suffering. There is suffering to body but our intuitation/mind attached with the root- essence where it all began- Supreme Soul, there is no suffering in our own real self- atma-paratma. Only - sat chit anand..!! Give her real time example in which she can relate to: Human being have three states: 1. Jagrath Avasthas- This state is awakened state. 2. Suapoun Avastha- This state is dream state 3. Sukhopat Avastha- This state is deep sleep state, where there is no suffering or any pain, no knowledge just thoughtless deep sleep state- mind stays in the root. Hence, why after being awakened from deep sleep state, one says- i had very good sleep- deep sleep. Englighten state without any suffering or pain is kind of like - thoughtless deep sleep state. However, major difference in englighten state that its thoughtless "Awareness" state and there is no risk of falling to normal state. Englighten being always stays in - thoughtless awareness state in deep meditation. Although englighten being while alive- have dual consciouness - one for worldy activity and other- thoughtless meditation. He/she is not attached with worldy activity, he is nirlaip(free) from illusion. His/her consciouness is advait(non dual). He/she consider everyone as god- sabh gobind hai sabh gobind hai. He expereince universal love fully advait(non duality- god is everywhere, god is in everyone including me) including this illusion world as supreme soul/god itself have created this play or matrix and people who realize its illusion or break the matrix able to see- world is just an thought just like wave(thought) coming out from the ocean for sometime it appears different or comes out but then it merges back in the ocean. World which it appears is just an wave in the ocean current, real essence of world is ocean as no matter how big wave is, it merges back in the ocean. Give her this atam updesh by sant isher singh ji rara sahib wale :
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    Valid points by UKLondonSikh as usual, but in summary (and rather simplistically) I'll say you give too much credit to the couples involved in these kind of marriages. Most (I won't say 'all') have no interest in obtaining blessings from Guru Granth Sahib Ji or anything on a spiritual level. To convey such couples as some victims of a vast spiritual injustice which some over-zealous Singhs will have to repent for in-front of Dharam Raaj is rather inaccurate. I do agree that a balance must be struck between making Guru Granth Sahib Ji available for those drawn to Sikhi, as well as ensuring maryada is upheld.
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    Dhanvaad Fareed Jeo, I wasn't aware of the missing entries between these two posts :blush2: Thanks for pointing it out Maybe the missing translations can be added between posts IX and X gurprasad to keep the sequence intact :happy2: :l:
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    Guru Ram Das, the asset and the treasure of the entire world And, is the guardian of the realm of faith and chastity. (Ganj Nama)
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    Hehe the more u think u not ,the more u are . We are one big family,hand in hand, all moving together pulling each other to the front. Sometimes in my journey i have been reduced to tears ,and a sense of hopelessness , all weak ,vulnerable ,and tender, and like crushed dirty rubble ,but you know , Gurmukha ki sangat n satsang is gr8 .it lifts you up, n gets u back on track. Life can turn out to be a roller coaster ride but Gurujee is great . My constant prayer are 2 lines from SGGS ,i.e '' bhoj baal ,brahm beer sukh sagar, grth prth geh leo anguria''i.e O Lord Of Mighty Arms, Warrior of the Cosmos, Oceon of Peace, i am falling/drowning into a pit, please grasp my fingers and pull me out''. I remember ,i used to do a weekly satsang for youths but a chardikela middle aged lady used to attend every week . Then suddenly she dissapeared for a few weeks . So , i was worried n went to her house and found out she was very ill . I told her '' matajee ,please take a taxi but do come to the naujawan satsang, I will do an ardas for your health at the end of the satsang and the keertan and naam will help you''. She agreed and came . During the satsang i was doing keertan on stage but could see her face beginning to change from despair to blossom with gr8 joy. When satsang was over she came to me and thanked me for pushing her to come because now she felt much more healthier n happier . i told her '' matajee, gurbani says..... mera bedh gur govinda'' . From that day she started attending again. Coming on this site by itself and reading everyone's inspiring posts from around the world is like being in one huge ever alive international global satsang and gurudwara!! Its so inspiring . Its a great privilege to be able to talk to so many brothers n sisters here irrespective of age and status ,and even have a few jokes too and learn from one another.Sometimes after reading n posting here , its time for my amritvela or nitnem etc and i feelso charged up because of what i had been reading .And things we read here we dont just keep privately to ourselves ,i share em wiv sikhs n non sikhs alike. May Gurujee bless us all with chardikela vitality and optimism
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    qyrw kIqw jwqo nwhI mYno jogu kIqoeI ] thaeraa keethaa jaatho naahee maino jog keethoee || I have not appreciated what You have done for me, Lord; only You can make me worthy. mY inrguixAwry ko guxu nwhI Awpy qrsu pieEeI ] mai niraguniaarae ko gun naahee aapae tharas paeiouee || I am unworthy - I have no worth or virtues at all. You have taken pity on me. qrsu pieAw imhrwmiq hoeI siqguru sjxu imilAw ] tharas paeiaa miharaamath hoee sathigur sajan miliaa || You took pity on me, and blessed me with Your Mercy, and I have met the True Guru, my Friend. nwnk nwmu imlY qW jIvW qnu mnu QIvY hirAw ]1] naanak naam milai thaa(n) jeevaa(n) than man thheevai hariaa ||1|| O Nanak, if I am blessed with the Naam, I live, and my body and mind blossom forth. ||1|| I don't know how much this story is going to inspire anyone. There is not much to say, nothing too great as compared to the stories above, so just gonna give it a try. I wish I could name the people who helped me a great deal in becoming what I am, but since they may not appreciate it, I am gonna refrain from naming them. But you know who you are, and I will always be the dust of your feet!! I was born in a non-Sikh family, Punjabi Brahmin to be specific. Till I was nearly 19, I grew up in the United Arab Emirates, an Islamic country. My entire schooling, including my first year in college was done there. I saw the Hindi movie Maachis on T.V. This movie did the job of providing air to a hidden spark. The various scenes of Gurdwaras, the sound of Gurbani being sung gave me immense inner delight. Towards the end of 1997, when I was only 18 years and a few months, I sensed that some massive change was about to come in my life. I did some research on Sikhism on the internet which I had started using only after I was 18 and half years old. To my utter shock, I found the answers to all my lifelong spiritual queries which were left unanswered by every other religion. I fell in love with Guru Nanak!! Soon after I started doing path of Sri Sukhmani Sahib and fell in love with this Bani as well. I came to USA in August 1998, in the white majority and known to be racist part of the US. Thanks to the internet, I drowned myself into knowledge about Sikhi, Sikh history and everything else related to Sikhi. I would listen to Gurbani and kathas on the internet In the summer of 2003 I joined Sikhsangat.com. Now my Sikhi went on a rampage. I fell deeper and deeper into it. I met new Singhs on the net, talked to some over the telephone. I was sent "In Search of the True Guru", the autobiography of Bhai Rama Singh ji by a Singh from this forum (yeah man you know who you are lol). I never liked AKJ style keertan, but after I saw the live telecast of the November 2003 L.A. Samagam, I got addicted to it. In December 2003 I read Bhai Rama Singh ji's autobiography, and only after reading half of the book i decided to quit shaving and cutting my hair. Another veerjee from India who posts here sometimes urged me a lot to maintain strict Amritvela, and that was the reason I was able to stay strong. As my beard and hair grew, I cut myself off from everyone totally. People would ask my sister, who stayed with me, as to what was going wrong with me. I received absolutely no motivation from my family, or even the few Sikh acquaintances that I knew in my university. As surprising as you may find, the ones to congratulate me on my transformation were the Hindus and Muslims I knew. June 2004 was the twentieth anniversary of Operation Bluestar, the attack on Darbar Sahib. One Singh from California was kind enough to take me with him to Chicago where a Shaheedi Samagam was held. Here, for the first time in my life, I saw and met so many Amritdharis. I stayed with them for almost a week, and never for a moment did I feel that they were people other than my family. This was when I got my name changed as well. We visited a Singh, who was one of my panj pyaare in the very near future. He gifted me with 2 kirpans, 1 small and 1 huge. I put it on here itself. This Singh was breathtakingly chardi kala!! I couldn't stop my tears as I left his place. I couldn't talk. August 2004 arrived. It was exactly an year ago in these days. Gurujee helped me and I found transport. May Waheguru bless the Singh who took pains to arrange for my transport. I was with 2 Sikhs who drove me from Oklahoma to California. We stopped for a night at a gas station in Phoenix, Arizona. I felt very sad, as I wanted to reach El Sobrante by Thursday and spend some time with the sangat, but this was Wednesday night, and we were still in Arizona. But Gurujee's ways are amazing. I was going to give my head to Him, and He couldn't see me sad. At the gas station I saw an American Singh. He was Caucasian. He saw me and had a bright smile on his face. I went upto him, folded my hands and said Vaaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh, and he responded with Vaaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh. I told him I was going to take Amrit and that we had got delayed. He assured me that when one goes for a good purpose, God is always with you. These words came as words from Gurujee that He was with me!! I reached Bakersfield and spent a few hours at night at the home of a Singh. He was very kind and dropped me off at the bus station late at night. I took the bus from Bakersfield to Oakland, where 2 amazing Singhs in Bana had come to pick me up. Now I really felt on top of the world. I was hanging out with real Singhs!! We reached El Sobrante Gurdwara, and wow what a Gurdwara it is. Its on a mountain and visible from miles away, so enchantingly beautiful. I met many Sikhs who I befriended on the internet, and Vaheguru I don't know what to say! So much love I got, that I could have exploded. I met the same Singh who gave me the kirpans and was among my panj pyaare. I met some other really amazing Singhs as well. Finally the night came. The night of Saturday, August 21, 2004. Location: El Sobrante Gurdwara in California. Daas was blessed with Amrit. I felt that sense of belonging, that feeling of having a master. This was the day my search was over. My soul sang Anand bhaya meri maaye, SatGuru mai paayaa!! To all those who are born in Sikh families and have not taken Amrit yet, take it from me, it tastes better than any other taste ever created. I was born in a Hindu family, raised in an Islamic country, and studied in the Bible belt region of the U.S. It was Gurujee Himself who held my hand and never let me go astray. A lot happened after I took Amrit. Life is never a bed of roses. I am a kaljugi moorakh and can slip. But my master was always there to remind me that He is there for me even if I don't know about it. My sincere request to you is give yourself upto such a Guru. I don't know what is in store for me tomorrow. But I hope I die a Sikh. May Gurujee save me and all of us from all kurehits, and even more from bajjar kurehits. Sometimes people, out of love, call their beloveds "meri jaan", meaning "my life". It is the highest honor you can give someone you love. You address them as your own life. But just imagine the love Guru Gobind Singh Jee has for His Khalsa, when He says "Khalsa meri jaan ki jaan". He loves us much much more than His life!! I shed tears of happiness whenever I hear or recite these words. No one can love anyone as much as Gurujee loves His Sikhs. So why run after this fake world and its glory and riches when we have the lord of the universe as our true lover, true father, true mother, true friend!! Now hold it! Don't start praising me, because I know very well what I am. All that you have read was written some 4 years ago. Today I am a slacker and trying to get back and firm on the path of Sikhi. I am lazy and want to improve, so if at all you want to respond, don't respond on here, just do an Ardas for me, that I may grow/develop/progress in my Sikhi, and always stay firm and devoted to my Sikhi. That would be the best response, and the one that I am looking forward to.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh It was quite strange as my whole family is into Sikhi an well known for it, but I always found myself rejecting it, being caught up in maya. Well one year I decided to go BOSS camp and after the rehansbhai prog I couldnt get enough of Kirtan. Since then I have been an addict. That was almost five years ago. However Maharaj showed apaaar kirpa and blessed me with amrit 2yrs ago. Kalyug mein Kirtan pardhana! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    well even though i was born into a amrithdhari family..i've always have love for sikhi at a really young age..i started doing kirtan when i wos abt 8 years old and was taught by my aunty ji that came down in the holidays..as a family we always use to sit down and do rehraas together den spend time to do an hour of simran.. as a kid i always wanted to wear a white dastaar coz i thought it looked awesome on other little kids lol i fink i wore it for a while then had trouble keeping it coz of the teasing i got from other kids in primary school..as i grew older i became more aware of sikhi and started to understand it more..before i use to go to work or if i had free time on my hands i would go to the local gurdwara which is lyke 4 mins away from my house and go and sit der and talk to baba ji... every chance i got i use to listen to katha of muhapursh saint eshar singh ji and it realli inspired me..when i wos cooking or cleaning around the house i would do simran or do path...im 22 now and never in my life have i touched a cigarette, done drugs, ate meat or had alcohol...i had friends i knew dat did it and they were offer it to me several times even pushing me to an extint but i always use to think 1000 times before that if i do that im hurting guru sahib ji and that id rather die then hurt guru sahib ji...so yeh hopefully one day with the rite guy i will take amrit
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh i got interested in sikhi when i started going to sangat ... and people there showed me how lucky i was to be born into sikhi ... unlike people who keep on lookin for someone to show them and help them reach god, we have our gurus. i am extremely grateful for findin sangat and realizin what sikhi rlly is. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Reading these inspirational stories has made daas want to share his as well. Though it is not important, but here daas goes. As a child growing up in Surrey, BC daas didnt have any Sikhi knowledge (or sikhi in general) what-so-ever. Growing up, daas was always angry, to much kaam and krodh. Childhood was bad for daas, and his parents as daas was a very big and annoying brat. Nothing would change me, daas was too stubborn.... until Guru ji put daas onto the Sikhi path. It was just overnight or anything, it takes time to come into Sikhi, Guru ji makes us all take many tests to see where we are at and what we need to improve on. In actuality, daas was a Sikh by name, not by religion though daas knew some little itty-bitty stuff about Sikhi due to grandparents, parents and chacha-thai's. The real change happened in elementary school. For some odd reason, Guru ji wanted daas never to be part of the "cool" people. Even if given the chance to, daas would stay with the "cool" people but didn't like their sangat, as the "cool" people would always be mean and mock other people which hurt daas a lot. Then, sometimes people would always ask daas, "why do you keep your hair, why don't you cut it?" and "oh, that other boy cut his turban, why don't you?" daas would answer saying that its part of his religion to never cut one's hair and those who do are bad and sinners. These events occurred around grade 5-7. Daas' Sikhi was growing slowly and steadily. Daas remembers lecturing his teachers on Sikhi and how great it was. Daas remembers his teacher saying "Wow, what a great religion!" As daas got into High School, again daas didn't really like the cool people, but because daas wasn't really into Sikhi then, daas wished to be with them. Also, daas thinks this effects everyone at some point in their life, is the fact that in High School the people you see have all changed. The girls aren't "innocent" anymore but they change and wear provocative clothing or clothing which our Kaam finds very 'good.' For daas, kaam had always been a problem. Daas hated it, but didn't know how to fight it. daas was never inspired to motivated to read bani or jap Waheguru. Thus, eventually daas would always "let go" of any resistance to kaam and not fight back and accept it. Daas would always think to himself, "why aren't I cool?" "why don't girls like me?" and the like; this was all due to kaam. But, as Guru ji willed, daas would never be a part of the "Cool" people and stay with his other, elementary or "low class" friends daas made (please note daas doesnt consider these "low class" friends as low class but just saying as daas knows the "cool" poeple thought them wierd and unfit for them to be around.) After awhile, since daas' sister and himself were in High School, daas' parents decided to buy a computer as some homework assignments and projects needed to be completed with a computer. Now thanks to the internet, daas was connected to the world, especially getting connected to Sikhi and Gursikhs. Daas found many websites on Sikhi, each more inspiring then the last. All taught about what Sikhi is, what the 5 kakkars are, their significance and so much more! But then at the same time, other worse things would happen to daas while on the internet. It was an on-going battle of the mind. At school, daas would always start religious conversations with followers of different faiths or athiest's. It was really futile talking with them, but daas got a reputation for being "Religious" and people would say "oh, don't mess this 'giani'" etc etc. Grade 8 went by and then grade 9 and so forth. Each year daas would have gains in Sikhi, yet there would be losses as well (Daas thinks this happens to everyone at some point in School or just in life in general.) One of those losses was when in grade 10, daas forgot about Sikhi and did a really stupid thing. Daas sent a "love" letter to a goree girl whom daas liked. It was the stupidiest thing daas could do, but daas did it. Why? Because daas was in bad sangat and the sangat told me to do it. So daas told one of his friends to give it to her. The girl received it and she was shocked that she got the letter. She was even more shocked at how "cheesy" the letter was. The friend who daas gave the letter to told some people and in the end the girl found out. After that day, we both have never been the same. We always look away from eachother, never make eye contact, etc (now, in grade 12 it's changed.) That was the stupidiest thing daas did in grade 10. Then, with Guru Ji's kirpa, after that day daas just let go of these stupid things and just concentrated on Sikhi and studies. As the school year ended and summer came, daas spent his time on the computer looking up on Sikhism. Daas would spend hours and hours and hours on the internet just to make a connection with Sikhi and Guru Sahib ji. Daas would read inspirational stories on Gursikhs and be amazed at how they lived their lives accoriding to Rehit and just how much INTENSE love they had for Waheguru Ji and Guru Sahib. Daas always wished he could be at that avastha too. Then one day, daas met someone (daas would like to keep their identity gupt, please forgive me.) But this individual changed daas' life. In grade 11, while on in the internet, daas went to a forum site and there was someone who just stuck out at daas. Daas, amazingly got hold of their email and added them to his msn. Now, for personal and private reasons, and because this individual wished so, daas wishes to keep what we talked about private, but this person was so in love with Waheguru ji that daas could not believe it. Their avastha was soo high, yet they were young at age. Not even amritdhari, yet did amritvela, kept sarbloh bibek and so much more. It was amazing! Honestly, what daas is saying is nothing compared to how daas FEELS when talking about this individual. Then, after awhile it so happened that daas and this individual would not talk, due to certain issues (there was no kaam involved, just other reasons that are best kept gupt.) Later on, on the same forum site, another Gursikh stuck out to daas and daas sent them an email. The most amazing part was, when they asked me where daas got their email from, daas said that if you clicked their name their email would show because they typed it in the box where it says they want their email to be displayed (Tapoban Forums.) They sent daas an email back saying that was strange as they NEVER put their email up on those forums (it was as if Guru ji wanted us to know eachother, it's a feeling hard to describe.) The Gursikh and daas started talking, again please forgive me but what we two talked about is something which should be gupt and it was only told to daas. This Gursikh's avastha is very high and he told daas some very amazing things which daas is not allowed to disclose. Eventually, daas and this Gursikh were not meant to talk due to the Gursikh saying that they would like to decrease their time on the computer and focus more on Simran and Bani (Sikhi.) But, those conversations we had changed daas and left daas wanting more. Due to this Gursikh and the previous Gursikh daas met, daas was changed forever. Daas started to also, at this time, come to know of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and Bhai Randhir Singh. Daas loved the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and was amazed and breath-taken at the amazing Gursikhi and Prem for Waheguru filled life of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. Daas got more and more influenced by the Jatha. The day daas took amrit, daas didn't even know it was going to happen, yet daas did. Something strange happened to daas, daas does not know whether to talk about it or not, but for now daas will keep it gupt. All daas can say is that Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh is a part of it. On April 23/2006 daas was iniated into the Khalsa Panth. But before taking amrit, daas was nervous and scared and didn't know whether to take amrit or not. So daas took a Hukamnama which was taken from www.SikhiToTheMax.com. The hukamnama was by Bhai Gurdas Ji and it said: namasakaar guradhaev ko sathanaam jis ma(n)thr sunaayaa|| bhavajal vchio(n) kaadtakae mukath padhaarathh maa(n)hi samaayaa|| janam maran bho kaattiaa sa(n)saa rog vijog mittaayaa|| sa(n)saa eih sa(n)saar hai janam maran vich dhukh sabaayaa|| jamadha(n)dd siro(n) n outharai saakath dhurajan janam gavaayaa|| charan gehae guradhaev kae sath sabadh dhae mukath karaayaa|| bhaae bhagath gurapurab kar naam dhaan eishanaan dhrirraayaa|| jaehaa beeo thaehaa fal paayaa ||a|| I bow before the Guru (Guru Nanak Dev) who recited the satinam mantra(for the world). Getting (the creatures) across the world ocean He raptly merged them in liberation. He destroyed the fear of transmigration and decimated the malady of doubt and separation. The world is only illusion which carried with it much of birth, death and sufferings. The fear of the rod of Yama is not dispelled and the sakts, the followers of the goddess, have lost their lives in vain. Those who have caught hold of the feet of the Guru have been liberated through the true Word. Now being full of loving devotion they celebrate the gurprubs (anniversaries of the Gurus) and their acts of rememberance of God, charity and holy ablutions, inspire others also. As someone sows, so he reaps. http://www.sikhitothemax.com/Page.asp?Sour...41&Format=2 After reading this, daas knew there was no other option but to take amrit. The Sanchaar was held by the Akhand Kirtani Jatha at Khalsa Primary School just across Khalsa School in Surrey, BC. At 1:00am in the morning, daas was a new born child rescued by Guru Gobind Singh ji and Mata Sahib Kaur Ji. Now, daas tries his best to follow Sikhi and thanks to Guru ji, daas has found the True Sangat and now is free from everything. Dhan Guru, Dhan Guru Pyare. What more can daas say. Everything happens as Guru ji wants it to happen. (please note there have been some things which have not been mentioned, they are not bad but daas wishes they remain gupt. Maaf kardo) Now all daas has to say is that we should all, as a Panth Jap as Much NAAM as we can and save ourselves from this TERRIBLE World Ocean which is drowning us. *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* *Wahe Gurooooo* Bhul Chuk Maaf karna sangat jio. - daas Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    Luckily, iwas born in a Punjabi (guess you ould call us Sikhs) family. No one was amritdhari. I stopped cutting my hair at 4 and left meat at 5. 6 i took Amrit. At 5, i went to my first gurmat camp, by Bhai Amarjit Singh and Joginder Singh from Surrey at Stockton, my nanake's pind. I was supposed to become amritdhari that camp, but my mom took me home sayng there was no camp on Saturday, the amrit sanchar day lol. Next year, same camp Bhai Amarjit Singh lectured my mom and I became an Amritdhari. I partly became a Singh because at that age, i didn't know too much about Sikhi. My cousins, whom i looked up to, were Amritdhari, and i wanted to be just like them. After me, my mother, then my little sister, dada and dadi, and finally, my dad also became children of the Guru
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    Simply put, I came to Sikhi because Waheguruji turned me in its direction, and kicked my butt so I could fall into it! :TH: But I'm taking a little poetic license in that description. I came into it by way of my biggest hobby, comparative religious studies. I came from a Polish Catholic family, went to Catholic school, took the big steps: First Confession, First Communion, Confirmation. I made Confirmation under protest: I didn't feel that I could honestly get up there and tell the Bishop that I was going to be a Catholic for the rest of my life, when I had issues over some of the church teachings. Why did I do it? Because my father got drunk, beat the hell out of me and told me that if I didn't get confirmed the next punishment would be sexual. (He was a sick man, made that way by Hitler.) So I became a hypocrite to save my skin, did the ceremony, and left the church. (I don't blame the church. It didn't do anything to me. But I believe that women are as capable of leading a congregation as men, and that celibacy isn't necessary to serve God; other ministers marry and it makes them better advisors to their congregations.) So I went about looking for God. I went with the Mormons for a while, and for the worst possible reason: I had a crush on a Mormon guy. One word of advice for you all--never, NEVER get into a faith for the sake of another person because that person becomes your god and you forget the Divine Creator! But even after the guy didn't work out, I stayed a while, feeling like I was crashing a party I hadn't been invited to. And afterward I went into a two-year hermitage to figure out where I was supposed to go. I didn't find that out, but I did find out one thing: I wasn't a true Christian. I didn't believe that Jesus is divine, a Son of God in the literal sense; I realized I believed he was a man, a prophet and a holy man, a guru among his people, but a man. And God was too big to be put into a box, into one little form: God was in my cat and the blizzards that hit Buffalo, not only Father but Mother, Friend and Lover. I would not find this among the Christianity I knew, and would not be a hypocrite a second time. I floundered around for a time then, playing with Wicca and Shamanism, realizing all the time that they weren't where I belonged; nowhere did I feel at home. I read my books, eating up everything I could on religion, which was my biggest interest since childhood. And then I found a copy of Dasam Granth. I wanted to yell off the top of City Hall! Here was everything I'd come to believe during my hermitage, and someone many centuries ago had written it. That was when God turned me around and kicked me into Sikhism, because then I ran into the man who would be my teacher and husband, a friend of one of my ex-boyfriends. He taught me who the Sikhs are, told me the glorious hymns and the mighty history. I knew I was home. I'd found God's House at last. I also knew that as a Westerner I had to fight for my home. I lost my job over the right to wear my kara and kirpan, and would do it again. The name Bahadur came to me as I read Kirtan Sohila for my dead foster-mother; it's now my middle name and the one the Indian Sikhs use to address me. For them, there is no Elizabeth, and they no longer call me The Polack. I am here because I was meant to be. For whatever reason, I'm here and trying to keep to the path the best I can. Waheguruji will let me know why I'm here, when we're both good and ready. All I know is, I'm here and I'm home, and you can't beat that. Blessed be, BahaPolska
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    GurFateh to ya'all. i neva really knew anythin abt Skihi cuz my parents didnt teach me:|which still makes me mad cuz they tell others to teach their children:@meh... anywho; i knew that the Gurudwara was a very special place, and that your head was supposed to be covered, feet to be uncovered, hands to be washed etc. ....but i neva knew what we went there for, and who 9what) God was (is). So i would just do whateva my mom would do when we went there. then one day my mom told me that i could get anything i wanted if i did Ardaas, so i started to do Ardaas wheneva i went to the Gurudwara (since we didnt do Paath at home)...and i would do Ardaas, not paying attention to anyone or anything around me , wishing for a bro...and as *science* works, i had a new baby brother abt what?...10 months later *no duh*...lol..... so yeah...then i was like "hmm"...and i started to realize the things that our Guru Jis wanted us to do, and all the things they did for us. I just started to think...ya know: "if god listened to my prayers, gave me a home, gave me loving parents, a loving sis, a baby bro, *gave me a Sikh life*, then i should also listen to what God asks from me cuz i had full faith in God (and still do of course). But then another thing that happened was when my daddy was talking to a bhai sahib...and the bhai sahib told my dad to stop eating meat, and my dad said that he would...slowly he would. so one day he was eating some left-over meat from the night before, and a small part of a bone cut my dads gum, and he told the bhai sahib the next day and then asked him what he could do to help stop my daddy from eating. the bhai sahib then put his hand on my dads head and said a prayer...after that day, my dad kept his hair, didnt drink, didnt eat meat, and started going to the Gurudwara more often. Then my entire family took Amrit when i was in grade 5, and man!, is it eva great to be a true Gursikh!! :doh: its pretty cool. :doh: GurFateh to ya'all.
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh! Im fairly new at this whole forum thing but here i go... i grew up in a mixed family my mother a sikh( even though she did not practise the life style) and my father a Catholic... all the time while growing up i would go to sangat and gurdwara as often as possible on saturdays and then go to Church on sunday mornings... i was really confused as to which path i would follow because i always had the fear of disappointing one of my parents....i really thought hard about ti and prayed very hard ( at this point i didnt conside myself one or the other, all i kne was that i love GOD and that was all) then about 3 years ago Guru Touched me in no way i thought was possilbe and i started goin to gurdwara more often.. started doin paat and in september was Blessed enough to take amrit. So i guess that things happened in my life that made me realize where i wanted to be in life and i realized that beinging with Guru ji was what i needed to do Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!
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    Right from the begining i have studied in a sikh school, hence i heard shabds every morning, and learnt jaap ji sahib in the divinity class(sikh history and stuff) the things that really inspired me were the stories of bhai taru, bhai mani singh baba Deep Singh , bhai garja-bhai bota singh and most of all the martyrdom of baba banda bahadur moved me so much my parent have a very non-sikh way of life, that what pulls me mroe towards sikhi, i don't want my family to drift away from sikh-heritage which makes us all so proud. right from Guru Nanak ji's time guru ji and gursikhs have only done things which make us proud, why shld we not make our guru ji proud by being better sikhs also seeing most sikhs here getting in to brahmin like practices makes me more and more keen on knowing what does guru granth sahib says abt these things the truth is so simple, and straight forward
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    I converted to sikhi, and i have been enjoying it since 5 months ago. I fell in love with sikhism after looking more deeply into it. I'm progressing quickly, the first day i came out of hiding, i stopped watching tv (except news), threw most of my computer games in the garbage, and became a vegetarian. Of course i still need more time, i still have to track down the 5 k's and learn how to pray to waheguru (if that's right). -Khalsa Starr
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    Wow~~! Such amazing inspiring posts! :TH: My path to sikhism was an interesting one~! I've been interested and compelled to spiritual things since I was really young, and I used to ask my father questions about God. "Who is God? If God created us, who created God? Why do we live? Why do bad things happen if God is all-powerful? What happens to us after we die? Where do souls come from? What is time in relation to God?" So many questions, hahaha that my dad told me some answers (He is a catholic) that he had, but eventually he saw I have my own path to go on. So-- I started reading books on all sorts of religions and beleifs and spiritual practices; christianity, islam, zen, wicca, pagan, new age, hinduism, christianity again, boudism, I-ching stuff, the list goes on. I thought i had it all covered, but none of them were speaking to my heart... my heart had this other feeling... the essence it was looking for... THEN - when i least expected it, I started having more contact with Naam_Jap. He goes to my university and we work in the same place. I didnt know he was a sikh, and i had never heard about sikhism before! But he knew (because of a meditation and yoga club) that I was into spiritual a lot. We started talking. My first time reading Jaap Sahib Ji - WOW! I stared at the first line in total amazement, i could not contain my joy! It must have taken me a good 10 minutes before i read past the mool mantra!!! FINALLY a text that came straight to the point, and said exactly what my heart and soul knew... it all became very clear. ONE UNIVERSAL CREATOR! THE NAME IS TRUTH! WOWWOWOWOW! Imense joy filled me instantly! Since then, i have been learning and reading and talking with others, and going more and more into sikhism... The essence, my heart and soul already knew, but the body didnt have a physical path to follow~! Sikhi has the essence and it has the lifestyle to accompany and nurture the essence! Much more to this story, but i will leave that to my book Im writing. LMAO GURU JI's KIRPA!!! Flows on all!!!!
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    waheguroo ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh! my mom started me on the path of sikhi by being a good role model and then i came to cali and met gzillions of gursikhs and becmae inspired bt them...i began wearing a dastaar bcz of my friends amandeep and pavandeep kaur (twins) and then in december i took amrit after years of anxious waiting...but the most important inspiration was Guru Ji and Shaheed Singhs and Singhnis waheguroo ji ka khalsa waheguroo ji ki fateh!
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    LOL @ Kumi anyways i got into sikhi because all my family used to be so close to different jatha's especially my grandma who knew the Damdami Taksal Jatha. But as i got older i went off sikhi and went into music, movies... But then i met Bhai Rama Singh at the gurdwara in the mornin i was really inspired by them and i would go to the gurdwara every day at amrit vela first listen to gurbani, keertan and do simran, then i would go and do seva such as clean the windows, door, table and serve cha(tea). THEn again the 5 theives got me after Bhai Sahib passed away and went into all the stupid. After that i have been inspired by Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and sangat from this forum and with Guru Ji's Kirpa(as always) am starting to do sirman and read Waheguroo di bani! and soon will be starting to get gurbani santhia . So hoepfully with Guru Ji's Kirpa i wont fall into doin stupid stuff again and start becomin a Gursikh
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    Wahguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji kee fateh! My parents brought us up in sikhism from when we were pretty young. Involving us in gurmat camps in stuff. Then we went to see Siri Singh sahib (yogi ji) in America after writing to him about some questions concerning sikhi. N in his reply he tellin us to join him there. The one week camp was jus amazing. We were even invited to a wedding there. It was so simple but yet really beautiful. N it wasn't really over the top they just wore pretty simple white clothes. It was breathe takin. The lahma were read in three different languages so everyone could understand. Gurmukhi, punjabi, n spanish. The younger children also all had dastaars n looked really cute. This was girls n boys. Whilst we were there we heard about a khalsa school in India which was run by the American sikhs. Called Miri Piri academy in Amritsar. My parents decided it would be a good idea for us to study there for a year which we did. N after seein the love n sharda these people had for sikhism n the Guru i was jus blown away. <_< We would go to Harmandir Sahib at 3 o'clock in the morning to do the sewa of the parkarma. N they jus loved it. They did really good kirtan n were learning to speak gurbani. N comparin myself with them at that time it jus put me to shame. To think the respect n love they had. So i decided that it was time to sort myself out. These people were jus amazing n such a huge, huge inspiration to me. :TH: Waheguru, waheguru, waheguru. God Bless them. And thank you! Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji kee fateh!
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    Wow veerji after reading your post... I have to say i was really deeply touched by it ... cuz honestly... your story sounded a bit like mine... How you use to look up to others... how you use to look at others and ask yourself why dont i look like them... how you liked to talked to grownups or listen to what elders had to say when people told you not to ... Bro ... this is how it was for me too ... my parents played the best support, but from everyone else... i had no sikhi in me what so ever... ... i started to learn from A to Z about sikhi when i was 18-19 ... which was 3-4 years ago ... guru kripa naal i took amrit 3 yrs ago (exactly 3 on vasaikhi !!) ... ... when i was in da 2nd grade ... my dad took me to da barber to cut my hair ... whY ? ... kids use to run after me wit scissors to cut my hair ... i use to cry everyday back to my house from school because my joora came loose from wrestling with these punks or i use to be in da principals office crying till my mom came... seeing this my dad took me to da barber so i could 'fit in' with the other youth ... also since i had no friends at that time... ... as i got older a lot of stuff happened... guru kripa naal i didnt wonder dat much off to da bad side ... but guru kripa naal towards the end of high school i took amrit ..and that is when i reli started to learn more and more about sikhi... ... im still learning ... ... veerji like ur family i also agree a lot of my family/relatives ask me the same thing why i took amrit ... some didnt want me to ... some were ok with it ... and some were jealous u can say ... its reli weird ... ... some would ask me the same thing why don tu take it after marriage... or why dont u 'enjoy' life now ... ... i told them it wasnt about 'taking amrit' ... it was about putting that one step forward ... towards guru sahib... not to what they were referring to as in 'enjoying yourselves'... ... i have to admit my parents played a very huge role in bringing me up reli well ... as i understood sikhi more from their eyes... ... they may not be amritdhari ... but they r life to me ... no one in my family is amritdhari that is why i look upto all these singhs in real life whos families are all amritdhari and they get to have their sangat day in day out... how kismat vale are they... ... but yes i got people telling me u have things that we dont so dont think they have it easy ... but still ... i just wish i had dat one thing of growing up wit gursikhs... so u can be brought up by learning kirtan... learning how to read bani ... learning how to do nitnem... learning how to do proper seva of guru ji ... etx... ... but ya .... great post veerji .... sorry i got a little carried away .... ... that is like 5% of my life... ill probably tell the other 95 one day ... :TH:
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh!! Guru Ji Kirpa we live close to the Gurudwara so as a little kid my mom always used to take me... back then it was about playing in the basement then coming upstairs after Hukamnaama to hand out kleenex... then they started having Gurmat Camp every year in the summer from Surrey (one held by Malik's crew)... then after a couple camps in '97 Guru Ji blessed me with Amrit... then two years ago Jatinder Veerji (from Abbotsford) and Rapinder Bhenji (from Surrey/Vancouver) came for camp and taught us about Chaurasee Lakh Joona and that really taught me how precious this life is... and then SIKHSANGAT!! and WAHEGUROO FORUMS!! sooooo much inspiration on these two sites... love it... and then recently my dad's really helped me understand alot of things... of course all of this is Waheguroo's kirpa... moh mgn ibkrwl mwieAw qau pRswdI GUlIAY ] moh magan bikaraal maaeiaa tho prasaadhee ghooleeai || I am intoxicated by emotional attachment to Maya, the treacherous one; by Your Grace alone can I be saved. qwr´au sMswru mwXw md moihq AMimRq nwmu dIAau smrQu ] thaaryo sa(n)saar maayaa madh mohith a(n)mrith naam dheeao samarathh || The Universe is intoxicated with the wine of Maya, but it has been saved; the All-powerful Guru has blessed it with the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam. bhul chuk maaf Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh!!
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    All my family cut their hair. My dad (though a mona) he would make sure to involve me in the Gurdwara. ... he taught a shabad to sing at the Gurdwara .... on Gurpurbs I used to get a pagh tied on my head by my dad or a relative ... i used to enjoy small sewa at Gurdwara like givin out tissues (for parshaad), cleanin shoes or givin out langar I would always love to listen to Giani Jis and elders. But people used to say "Go outside and play, you dont want to hear grown-ups talk." but I did!!! I would look around at all the Singhs and Singhian and kids with kesh and feel upset and sad that I didnt look like them nor be part of them. Hearing Saakhis of the Gurus I thought where am I and where is Sikhi. Since the age of 5 (or whenever i cud think for myself) i always wanted to have kesh. At age of 15 I got enough courage to keep kesh (despite people not wanting me to - i.e. family and relatives). I was unfortunate that there are no Amritdhari or Saadh Sangat in my local town. But travelling to SOuthall or Birmingham I would love just the sight of Singh or Singhnian. Reading books, Sangat through internet and learning stuff from my dad and the love & support of my mum... i got more and more into Sikhi. I couldn't resist but give my head to Guru Ji... again family and relatives sed, "take amrit after marriage, we want to drink sharaab at your wedding" "17 yrs old is too young to take Amrit" one relative sed, "live life first" My life was Sikhi and I was dead until I took Amrit and took birth in the House of Guru ji. bhul chuk maaf
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    got into sikhi through the sangat of sants and tapes of baba ishar singh jee of rara sahib
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    Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! i come from a family, who for now, have forgotten( very badly forgooten) guru sahib maharaj. But, ever since i was a little kid, guru maharaj had kirpa, did naam simran and sang praises of god since 5 years old, and i loved him very much. But sadly, i didnt know what was sin, how to live in maryada, as no one guided me. Well, i was wrong. Satguru guides us all. I read a book when i was 10( started getting into reading), and i leraned abour sikhi. So, that second, guru maharaj showed me the path to mukhti. I stopped all the sins, with guru jes kirpa, and started my practice for amrit. I practiced for round a year, then took khanda je pahul and with satguru maharaj i learned sikh history, how to read gurbani, gatka, etc. I started waking up at 2 am and reading 5 bani, doing 3 hours of naam simran, sometimes almost fainting, and then doing asa di vaar and sukhmani sahib paat. Then in evining, after school, i would do my work, play, and do sukhmani sahib, rehareass sahib, naam simran, and at night kirtan sahila. I felt so close to guru je. No all thats on my mind is guru maharaj and vaheguru. I find eternal peace at tgurughar, and am gonna build a seperate house for guru je, where i can have their darshan everyday. I just wish that the guru sahib granted sikhi always remains with me, and may my head go, but never my sikhi. May satguru have kirpa Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! this is a story about a kid just shows that guru jes kirpa can do anything bhul chuk maf
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    Im into sikhi because of history ! Hearing sakhia since im kid, watching the pictures of our brave sikh warriors etccc made me proud of being a sikh.. So i got into sikhi via non-religious way, so i still have to take lots of step to get into or step ahead in sikhi via religious way.. BTW, SOGGSJ .. How far back did the whole thing happened to you??
  49. 1 point
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh How did i get into Sikhi?.... Akaalpurkh de kirpa naal i have been born into a family where Sikhi has been present for generations and I am honoured to have had the blessings of my very own Baba Ji (R.I.P.) who spent his whole life dedicated to this one cause... Sikhi parchar. This has taken him through humble beginnings from the old Indian Panjab (now Pakistan) to Panjab as we know it, to Delhi, to Africa, the UK and then finally on to the US where he spent the remainder of his life dedicated to Sikhi. Sikhi has been a part of me, is a part of me and will always be a part of me. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    vaaheguru ji ka khalsa vaaheguru ji ki fateh i've been trying to get a copy of undithi duniya too, but whichever stall person I ask, they say all the copies have been sold. This book must really be awesome! How did I get into Sikhi? Well, once I was searching for Malkit Singh's bhangra tracks on napster and when I couldn't find anything new, I just took Malkit off and did a search with the word Singh. The first file which showed up was that of Dhan Dhan Baba Jernail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale!! I don't know why I even clicked on that file, but when it got done downloading, I just bursted out into tears. And then daas found the websites: akj.org and akj.org.uk. I downloaded some tracks of Bhai Harpreet Singh ji of Canada without knowing that he was a good kirtani or not as I had no sense of what the files would be like. Those kirtan files gave daas a final blow of prem di teer of Satguru ji's Sikhi!! And luckily after some days daas came in contact with some Singhs associted with AKJ and I was amazed to see their prem for Sikhi and Rehit Maryada. And then I started attending a local simran program which was being organized mostly by Singhs associted with AKJ and dang!, the simran just shook me! It was so chardi kaala. Luckily after getting into Sikhi daas's local town had an amrit sanchaar (this was before starting simran programs). So I took amrit over there and started doing Path and keeping Rehit. Only after doing all these things did I find out how practical Sikhi is. There are many of our brothers and sisters who think keeping sarbloh bebeaik and baana is just pakhand but i t really isn't, atleast from what I know. We only get to know the importance of such things after we start doing them. ok, continuing with the story, then daas got naam drir and it was just AWESOME to get it done from charde kaala vaale Singhs! Sikhi is really beautiful but we really cannot see the true Sikhi without actually practising it. Sarbloh, bebeaik/baana/naam simran/paath/santhea are all the things which will give us courage similar to that of Puraatan Singhs and Kaurs. I'm REALLY REALLY thankful to Guru Sahib for blessing me with the daat of Khande baate ki Pahul. I really think that I'm not worthy of being an Amritthaari, it was the vaadeae of Guru Sahib that he bestowed me with it! :D I LOVE GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D va aheguru ji ka khalsa vaaheguru ji ki fateh

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