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    Mystyfing are the wonders of Akaal Purakh ! .... how mystifying and beautiful that Akaal inspires a lotus in the midst of a swamp of this kalyug to encourage and motivate us towards our Sikhi path ! I cannot or ever fully understand the wonders of akaal with this miniscule human mind.... namastang akaale namastang akaale !! :respect:
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    I am really disgusted by some of punjabi ladies post on huffington post putting her down..sharam karo kuch if you want to be slave of soceity so be the slave but don't criticize those who choose to go against society norms and truly be herself !!!!
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    She is an ideal role model for all Singhniyaan!
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    The world is full of people who put those down who are on the path of Guru Jee. People only see the outer shell not realizing that one day this outer shell will decay and eventually become mere dust. This Bibi is more brave than most of us. We can learn a lot from her courage.
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    If the bibi isn't already married, when the time for her marriage arrives I hope she finds a Singh who "gets her" and respects and comprehends where exactly she's coming from!
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    I understand. That's what I meant. When you are not in samadhi, you feel this. I have gone through the same. Just two days ago I had a craving for pizza and I passed two pizza shops on my way to home. But Guru Sahib saved me from eating out. At home when I ate parshaday with daal, the anand was immense. The whole point of doing simran is to control your mind and stay in anand all the time. Amrit vela is just the starting point and if you are not feeling the same anand during the day then I suggest making some serious changes to help yourself so that your mind stays in your control all day long. Anything we consume affects our mind the same way it was prepared and with the same surti/birti it was prepared. The effect may be insignificant in the beginning if your naam simran is strong but over time it accumulates and becomes significant. Guru Sahib prohibited us from even touching tobacco. So would you touch tobacco and then prepare food? If no then why eat food from those who not only touch but consume it and engage in idle talks while preparing it. This body is of Guru Sahib and He has given us His roop then must we not consume the food that is acceptable to Him? Just a thought. Guru Rakha
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    Maybe you're in luck?? I've had a bit of experience teaching a nonPanjabi speaking relative Panjabi/Gurmukhi , although the focus has been on the alphabet rather than speaking (so far). I've also got a best friend who is an esol teacher whose shown me good strategies for teaching languages. I presume that you must have some basic vocabulary (i.e. you probably know at least a few Panjabi words), which gives you an advantage. You also have everyday access to fluent Panjabi speakers which is a BIG PLUS. You're probably struggling most with syntax - or the order of words in a sentence at this stage? So focus on that Here goes: First things first - Fall in love with the idea of you speaking/reading/writing Panjabi. You must REALLY want it, from deep within yourself. At the very start acknowledge that there will be times that you will have ups and downs - and that you will persevere regardless of these. So lets jump right in!! We are going to start by having you learn about 15/20 words. Learn them 5 a week if needed, but LEARN THEM PROPERLY, so they are committed to your mind. To teach you the basic syntax (i.e. order of words in a sentence), let's focus on kitchen related stuff. So here are your word lists: Objects: Chah - tea Pani - water Dudh - milk Kursee - chair Pateela - pot Doing actions/verbs: Rakh - place/put Paa - pour/place Khaa - eat Pee - drink Baet - sit Sit - throw Positions: Vich - in Naal - with/alongside of Uppur or Utey - on top of/over Haitaan/Thullay - beneath/below/under Pichay - behind Once you know these, words we can start putting them together in sentences. Learning them shouldn't take you long. Get help from your family if needed.
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    She's an ideal role model for us all...kesan swasa sang nibhai!
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    Amazing brave singhani and amazing perception on life..!! I was following through response on line regarding her quote and picture on facebook. I think her quote/picture- living example above hit nerve of lot of non sikh woman who have nothing but praises and deep respect for her. I think whats amazing came out of the picture and her perception was and its almost revolutionary based on responses is that - lot of woman can actually see ray of hope for themselves - going against social norms now through her outlook of life and perception...its almost as if she simply shown an mirror to woman all across the world (who are victim of western society norm) to see themselves in most profound and natural way made by divine.
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    I'm speechless. Wish I had her inner strength.
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    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=464597163563813&set=a.203577776332421.47229.149735731716626&type=1&theater Please like it it on facebook. Really this made my day. Waheguru. Read the comments as well, it gives me hope and reaffirms that there is something universal that connects us all deep inside - it proves that we're all lost beings until we recognize who we are and what hurdles separate us from realizing ourselves. Waheguru. I bow down to this fearless Kaur and her reply.
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    Bhai Parminder Singh: Bhai Manvir Singh: Bhai Sukha Singh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF7CwRX9Jqo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SniQtLT97Xo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgTuB2kspo8 ​Bhai Anterjot Singh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9krela1PuPk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-DptGsRdnE Pls add to the list all!
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Pyaare Saadh sangat Ji, We would like to update the Sangat on the situation since the protest that took place on 29th May 2012 in Luton. Anan Majid Basharat has now been charged with 3 accounts of rape and one account of ABH. He is due to appear in Luton Crown Court in December for a plea and case management hearing. The news was prevented to be broadcasted by the court due to potential racial tension, but since it was published today in “Luton on Sunday” newspaper we feel the sangat should be aware too. The violence and harassment prior, and the barbarity of the rape ordeal were on a sadistic level. It left members of the local community shocked and shaken. The anger turned towards the police, who were made aware of the increasing level of intimidation by Basharat, but failed to acknowledge the tell tale signs, especially considering his criminal record. The community feel this horrific ordeal was preventable if the police had taken action to concerns raised by the victim’s family. From the Sikh Awareness Society, we have been working with victims of grooming, both under 16 and over 16 for over a decade. We fail to differentiate between ages, for us it is very clear; there is a highly organised element working in networks across towns and cities, engaging in what initially seem like “conventional” relationships, but have the long term aim of serious exploitation and abuse. The trend clearly points towards racially motivated sexual exploitation. We politely request all Gurdwaras and Panthic organisations to run regular awareness campaigns highlighting these dangers. We are indebted to the tireless work of our sewadars who work with little resources across the UK. We hope the community can refrain from the slander, myths and speculation, or using such news as a spring board for other political agendas, and realise we have a young daughter who has been seriously abused. Please take time to mention her and other victims in your prayers. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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    Throughtout my life I haven't been good speaking punjabi. Being born a punjabi my parents thought that I'd learn naturally with them like my sisters did, but the problem was that my sisters didnt speak english with anyone so they didnt need it when they were young. Its hard for my parents to teach me directly too cause of the language barrier. I speak Full english and a little punjabi, they speak full punjabi and a little english so its hard to ask them what something means and how I say it. Now I'm 15 and want to step it up and learn and become one with my culture because I kinda feel far from it. What are some ways I can learn punjabi online or at home (books, etc.) I'm moving back to Brampton next year and plan to find a teacher to help me progress but for now i'm in a punjabi-less city lol Tips?
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    The best way to prevent our kuria from doing the kind of things they do is to stop their secular upbringing. When we give an innocent child secular values instead of religious values what will we expect them to do when they get young? obviously they will put khay on the heads of their parents(and the community). I still don't understand why everyone here blames the other community for targeting our girls. No one is putting a gun to the heads of our girls when they act slutty and go out with men from other communities and eventually get abused. If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned. Religious values need to be instilled into our kurian since childhood. Only then can we expect better results. Until then, expect more of our kurian doing the things they do. Look at Muslims, no matter how non religious they are, they will always give their girls religious values and keep them away from the secular values. Let's not forget that our young girls are the future mothers of the Sikhs. if they are going to go clubbing, drinking, go out with boys, what kind of values(sanskaars) are they going to pass on to their children? this is how societies decay and degrade. If a mother has rotten values, it is very likely that is what her children will also be.
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    Not condoning it, but judging by surviving accounts he knew how to separate or time his 'shenanigans' so that they didn't generally interfere with his ruling.
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    You are SO lucky man! I'm not Amritdhari (or even kesh dhari) but I don't eat halal, and that pretty much means I can't eat out at all where I live.....lol On the plus side, it saves me money and makes me up my degh skills...
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    The day people who aren't doctors, let alone have any medical knowledge, begin to diagnose medical conditions will be the day. No need for pointless speculation when you don't have a clue. Snide comments like these say a lot. On a more positive note: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/25/balpreet-kaur-sikh-woman-proudly-sports-facial-hair-faith_n_1913355.html Huffington Post published an article about this Singhni.
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    It will be like Maharaja Ranjit Singh's khalsa Raj!
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    I apologize if I make any false assumptions in advance. If you get temptations before or after simran then it seems to me like your surti/birti gets dispersed (in khindaah) and your mind runs towards what it longs for. If this is the case and there are no health related issues then I think you need to do some inner evaluation of jeevan and see what you can do to improve yourself. From my personal experience, sometimes I get cravings for a specific food and I want to eat it right away. It has gotten less frequent since I started keeping dietary bibek (though I am still dhilla). Now I get seldom cravings which I counter in different ways. If I am close to my home then I wait it out thinking that I will eat when I get home. So I just request my wife to make the same food. If I am away from home then I start reminding myself that the food is prepared by someone who is a meat eater, might be a smoker and may not have washed their hands after restroom break. There is also a great chance of cross contamination. Such food is also not prepared while reciting bani. Hence, this is not Guru Ka Langar. Since this food is not acceptable to Guru Sahib, I should not eat it either because my goal is to become one with Guru Sahib. If I am starving at that point and I cannot stop myself then I do a short quick ardaas to Guru Sahib to bless me with strength to stay strong and fulfill my hunger with Gurbani. After that I start reciting mool mantar. In a few minutes, my hunger and cravings go away. I take the same approach when I am attacked by five thieves. Baba Harnaam Singh has suggested this approach in his book and it works. I also keep in mind that the anand and peacefulness that I experience from simran might get lost or impacted from eating out. Since I do not want to lose that indescribable feeling, I choose to stay hungry. Now with Guru Sahib’s kirpa I am at the point where the mere thought of eating out sends a strange yucky feeling down to my stomach that makes me feel like throwing up. I feel as if I will be throwing poison in the same body I put Amrit in the morning. I have also experienced that by keeping bibek I have to spend less time in getting my mind concentrated during simran. My suggestion would be to keep bibek for a short while (maybe 30 days or so) and see how that makes a difference. Also, increase your spiritual activities and stop all others like watching tv (if you do), internet etc. I am sure this would greatly help. The biggest boost would come if you keep yourself immersed in sangat of practicing gursikhs during this time. One common excuse I have heard against bibek is that it is an AKJ practice. While this is not true but what difference does it make if it helps you spiritually. Rehat prohibits Sikhs from having roti beti di saanjh with non-Sikhs. These are just suggestions. Rest is your choice. Guru Rakha
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    ^is there a way I can get those books without becoming a premium member? It's rather expensive
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    You are all set pyaareyo
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    The Daily Mail - normally no friend of the Sikhs - has done a postive write up about this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2208772/Sikh-student-defends-facial-hair-photo-goes-viral.html
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    http://www.mrsikhnet.com/2008/12/06/aspects-of-god-from-jaap-sahib/ http://www.mrsikhnet.com/2006/06/12/musical-jaap-sahib-2/ check out those links below this article.... type "jaap sahib on youtube" to get better links. Listen to Bhai Sukha Singh uk's english katha, in one of them (i forget which one) he does simran of gobinday, mukhanday....with very good meters..
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    That's a fair point babbar veer. Bhagti is father of all shastar vidya but with that being said, there is nothing wrong learning the shastar vidya as part of keeping art alive as equally there is nothing wrong with learning raag kirtan as part of keeping the raag vidya/art alive. I keep saying this but there is nothing wrong with shastar vidya, raag vidya or vidya of any kind or puratan traditions but what's wrong is people perception of taking these vidya to another level of idolization where it actually becomes road block or hindrance to bhagti.
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    Waheguru, a real Sikh. And before the hating comments start, I would like to point out the vast majority of comments on Reddit are very supportive
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    Fateh For an organisation who is doing such a brilliant work with little resources, it is the duty of the sikhs to support them in all aspects. Just looked up for their details: here is a useful link: http://www.sasorg.co.uk/donate.html Fateh.
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    Know yourself and leave others to themselves. One who knows himself knows God.
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    they were not excommunicated in any way, as they are now honoured as National Shaheeds by Sri Akal Takht Sahib. they both wanted to take Amrit, but beiman hind sarkar, denied them this, to make them feel that their life purpose was still unfulfilled, but Baba Thakur Singh Ji while gifting them cholay, told them that they would recieve Khande ki pahul from 10th Guru's pavitar hands themselves.
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    No, they were NEVER excommunicated!!! They were the real GURSIKHS!!
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    Lovers live deathlessly, Without a question accept this truth.
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    I have burned myself in the flame of love so badly That even one who hears of it gets burned.
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    Just a small benti to admin/mods.... this thread should be sticky in general section for maximum exposure. What's missing among sikh youths these days is this deep insane not so politically correct love towards Guru Sahib- divine sargun embodiment of Vahiguroo ji, which is expressed in this soul wrenching poetry of bhai nand lal ji. I plan to sit one day, read this thread and cry my heart out for satguru gobind singh ji maharaj..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope admin push this thread in general section for maximum exposure for sake of better good for sikhs..!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Your heart is nothing but the home of God; What can I say? This is the word of God himself.
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    Before my God I have no pride of Self, I am only bewildered, By all the countless descriptions of His majesty. Let your thoughts, O Goya, be entangled in the locks of the Beloved, For the heart is restless with the yearnings for a glimpse.
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    Come! the rose and the nightingale both wait for you, For a moment, come into my life's garden, God be with you!
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    I do not say, go to the Temple or the Mosque, O mystic! Whichever way you go , there is the Beloved, O mystic!
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    The Beloved and the heart have become one, For the heart is always at that door.
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    Drink ever and ever and be washed all inside, O mystic! All men of piety are raising a howl, go into silence, O mystic!
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    The heart of the lover itself becomes the beloved. He who lives with life comes to life himself.
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    Nothing but the praise of the True One comes to my tongue. Your heart, O Goya, has achieved the ultimate of life.
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    Entire wealth of creation be a sacrifice at you door, Without Complete Surrender there is no getting.
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    The seeker lives deathlessly, With only Your name on his lips and nothing else.
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    Shaheed SANT BABA BIR SINGH JI NAURANGABAD Baba Ji was a fearless warrior, epitome of sacrifice, saint soldier. Source;Sant Baba Bir Singh Ji Naurangabad by Sant Pritam Singh Ji This great mahapursh belongs to the samprada of the jathedar of the first Panj Pyare, PyareBhai Daya Singh Ji, chosen by Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at the historic Vaisakhi of 1699.Sant Baba Bir Singh Ji Naurangabad wale are a great Shaheed of the Sikh Faith, Their disciple were Sant Baba Khuda Singh Ji Maharaj The first shaheed of the independence struggle of India were, Shaheed Baba Mahraj Singh Ji .The jeevans of the afore mentioned Saints has been written concisely by Sant Pritam Singh Ji. The fearless warrior, epistle of sacrifice, saint soldier, sant Baba Bir Singh Ji Naurangabad wale. Baba Bir Singh was a great saint soldier,, a great sage, a fearless soldier and epistle of sacrifice.He was an example of supreme sacrifice and selfless service to mankind Baba Ji took physical birth on 3rd sudi, wednesday,1825 Bikrami at nagar Gugga Booa, district Amritsarto parents Bhai Seva Singh and Mata Dharam Kaur Ji. His mother observed that the child started to play in her lap even before the midwife arrived.He did not cry like other children, nor did the mother feel any pain on his delivery. Mata Dharam kaur and father Bhai Seva Singh Ji were overjoyed at the child's birth.All of the village came to see the newborn child.Everybody gave their congratulations that Sahib Sri gUru Hargobind Sahib Ji had once uttered the boon, “that your village will witness the birth of a mahan gursikh who will save his generations.He will laugh at his birth”.The village rs were convinced that the child Baba Bir Singh Ji would save his village and his praise would spread to near and far. Baba Ji was sent to the dharamsala to receive his gurmat education.In a short time, Baba Ji took santhiya of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji together with the study of other vedic sacred texts.Baba ji was very intelligent and did not require intensive santhya. Joining the army was considered a family occupation.Baba Ji's dad was in the platoon.Baba Ji's father was lilled in the battle of multan.Now, it was the turn of Baba Bir Singh Ji to join the army. Baba Ji joined the cavalry section of the army. On Baba Ji's return to his village, 3to 4 years after joining the army, Baba Ji found that a group of dacoits had plundered his village.Baba Ji combatted these dacoits very bravely. The villgers were pleased by Baba Ji's bravery. Reports of Baba Ji's heroic deed reached the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji Shere Punjab who honoured Baba Bir Singh Ji. Bana Ji remembered a lot of Gurbani and were immersed in the paath of Gurbani at all times whilst on duty.Baba Ji would defend his territory very bravely.It seemed as thogh Baba Ji had learnt Gurbani from birth.. Baba Ji said that a successful man was one that was successful in all walks of life.
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    guys more replies please, i wanna be inspired by those that already inspired. man thse posts so far r amazing!!!!!!! :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: dont be shy......... Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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