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    I think the real lesson to be learned here is how blunt our kirpans are. Last year we had 4 UK Sikhs trying to cut the throat of Gen. Brar with a kirpan that turned out to be as blunt as a children's toy sword. Now we have dozens of people visibly hacking away at each other's body parts with long swords resulting in relatively minor injuries. I think the world, and that includes right wing hindus and muslims, can clearly see that our kirpans are actually as lethal as a freshly baked baguette.
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    Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to annihilate the sinners and Malesh, and in the process, defended the 'Hindu' faith. The Nihangs used to leave their camps at 12am to regain the captured Hindu women and children, to defend the 'Hindu faith'. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji gave Shaheedi to protect the Pandits of the 'Hindu faith'. Without the coming of the Gurus, today's 'Hinduism' would be severely reduced in size. Also, the word 'Hindu' itself has no spiritual bearing towards the Devi-Devtey, as Hindu simply means one from that of the Indus region, and a resident of 'Hindustan'. Tell him to check his own roots out before trying to discredit others'.
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    1) Hari is not exclusive to Vishnu. Hari is also a name for God. Plus even then, Vishnu is not a 'Hindu' God, he is his own entity, he is not a Hindu himself, and because of that the Hindu cannot say he has any right to enter, as Vishnu is not his God. He needs to reevaluate his thought process, and think that if someone is what he believes to be a 'God', then God does not belong to ANY religion. This is what Islamic preachers say, that their God is the only God. 2) Anything that brings one closer to God is revered by our Gurus. At the time, some of the Bhagats were a lot less known, although their teachings were Brahmgiaan. Because of this, the Gurus placed Bania not only from themselves, but from Saints of other faiths, as the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is complete Brahmgiaan. You can also state that if these Bhagats saw you today they would look at you in a pathetic manner for even making such a stupid comment, and that he probably hasn't even read the message the Bhagats are making, so he comes to a stupid claim like this. The Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Amrit, the Bani is holy, this Bani will lead you to salvation, so why criticise Bani? He only decides to criticise Bani as he has no spiritual knowledge himself and only wishes to pick out his own so called 'faults' in other religions, because he is insecure in himself. Bhul Chuk Maaf. If others can elaborate, please do.
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    All these 4 yugas, in a way are like 4 seasons in one year. The main difference between them is the span of time, and the presence of truth(something like oxygen necessary to live and survive) becomes lesser and lesser, as it goes in the downward direction from Sat Yuga to Kal Yuga. They are as follows: The first one is Sat Yuga The second one is Treta Yuga The third one is Dwapur Yuga And the fourth one, current now is Kal Yuga. In the 1st one prevails more purity, people are more religious minded, and there is almost no wickedness; but as one goes downwards as said before, truthfullness is on the decrease, and the sin is on increase. The Kal Yuga, is the most polluted with evilness and ignorance. And here the span of life of humans is at most around 100 years. But in any case, in any of these yugas salvation is only possible if we take anchor of Nam or Shabad. And this is confirmed by Sree Guru Amar Das Maharaj, in His Bani of Raag Maroo, ang 1055 ਏਕ ਨਾਮਿ ਜੁਗ ਚਾਰਿ ਉਧਾਰੇ ਸਬਦੇ ਨਾਮ ਵਿਸਾਹਾ ਹੇ Eaek Naam Jug Chaar Oudhhaarae, Sabadhae Naam Visaahaa Hae एक नामि जुग चारि उधारे सबदे नाम विसाहा हे The Naam, the Name of the One Lord, saves and redeems throughout the four ages. Through the Shabad, one trades in the Naam. So we are not to be worried in which yuga we are or not, but our only worry should be about ourselves, if we are still in"manmat", or we are attached to Nam through Gurmat. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Mark tully was a bbc reporter based in indian during the 1980s. Mark Tully is of anglo indian background.During his reporting he presents a very selective bias version of the events during the 1980s. Chosees to call Bhindrawale a khalistani, when all evidence show bhindrawale fought for the Anandpur Sahib resloution. Calls the killing of 10000 sikhs in india as a riot. Oxford dictionary definition of a riot as disturbance of the peace, Slaughter of 10000 people is more than an unpeaceful disturbance As a hindi speaker never mentions Amitabh bachans speech blood for blood.Which was aired on state india tv .Any good reporter would have watching all reports of events during the killing of indira gandhi for his homework.Why has bbc never mentioned this speech
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    The SGPC task force are full of Punjabi javans who are not even religious. They just grow their beard and kesh because their job demands it. Their only qualification is that they are of good height and ready to fight when asked. Basically they are like bouncers, and they all gang up when they need to beat someone up. Sant Samaj who have a say in SGPC affairs should demand the dismantling of this unholy task force. Baba Dhumma should take up the seva and provide Javans from Taksal for this purpose if SGPC requires it or any other Sikh Jathebandi but the current task force must go
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    Different sages, scientists, gods, goddesses, etc have divided the time in eras or Yugas, with its different ingredients. But the Saints, the Bhagats,our Guru Sahibans, and especially Dhan Dhan Satguru Arjun Dev Maharaj, tell us, that even a moment away from our Beloved Wahiguru, is as good as Kaliyuga. Means, full of durmat, ignorance, darkness. When He is in our mind and heart, we can not do anything wrong. The moment we forget Him even for a single moment, that moment becomes dangerous for us, as we are propense to do sinful acts, mind and vices surround us tightly, and we are toy in their hands, and for this very reason we are bound to die again and again, time after time... That is why Sachaay Patshah Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj says: Ik gareeh na milte, ta Kal yug hota. Hun kad miliyeh, priya tudh Bhagwanta. Most os us are not that pure enough to see Him or have His Darshan; but for sure, we can start getting purified right from just now, through Gurmat, which is as good as Nam Simran. Sat Sree Akal.
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    The BBC has stopped being impartial and has particular vested interests, strange since it is funded with taxpayer's money. There is a pecking order with the BBC and the Sikhs are at the bottom of the barrell.
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    Listen to Tully on Nihals show, he continued to back the Indian position when confronted with evidence. Claimed he did not know about the disappeared, Nihal said there was an article on the BBC a few days ago. Claimed he did not know about the attack on the other 37 Gurdwaras. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b045fy4j
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    Good analysis. The Israelis were isolated in the world at the time due to the Palestinian issue and were desperate to make friends in the world. They helped India in return for their friendship. I think the Israelis helped India after 1984 in Punjab and then Kashmir. The massacres of Palestinians in the refugee camps in 1982 hit the Palestinians morale hard. A Rediff story in 2003 revealed that the Indian external intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had clandestine links with the Mossad, Israel's external intelligence agency. When RAW was founded in 1968 by Rameshwar Nath Kao, he was advised by the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to cultivate links with Mossad
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    Interesting perspective from neutral user/scholar from facebook:
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    Bhai Harjinder Singh ji has apologised in front of the sangat ar Guru Nanak Gurdwara Wilenhall uk tonight for his praising of badal clan, and the sangat has forgiven him therefore i to will follow the sangat and forgive him too.
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    BREAKING NEWS. 6 JUNE 2014. "A GAME PLAN OF SHIV SENA PARTY" As when shiv sena people were regularly announcing that on 6 june they will tear off the posters of Sant Gyani Jarnail singh bindrawle and fire out the pupets of them , the sikh community people who respect sant ji were very anoyed with them. Sikhs said if shiv sena will do so then these people cant even judge wot they will do to them nd then they will not be responsible for the loss. Shiv sena Got Scared from sikhs and made a GAME PLAN. Today At Akal Takhat Sahib on the 30th anniversary of operation bluestar, 3 shiv sena people came in fake dresses as sikhs, being supporters of Simranjit Singh Mann (leader shromni Akali Dal Amritsar) nd created nuisance by attempting to snatch the microphone from Jathedar of Akal Thakt, Giani Gurbachan Singh. Which resulted SGPC (run Golden Temple Task Force) swung into action immediately and took on mann's supporters. Later it came into notice that 3 people are in fake dresses nd are not sikhs who does not belong to mann's party. Now these culprits are under SGPC custody and acepted that they belong to shiv sena.
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    Here is an eye witness account by 1 Keertani in Harimandhir Sahib from 1984: Courtesy: SOPW
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    Compare this remembrance to the D-Day landing remembrance also happening today. No fighting in France, but fighting in Amritsar. It's just crazy.
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    Just in case atheist secularists wan to have a go at Sikhism let them look at their secular atheists representations fighting it out in their parliament and places of power this is just one video theres countless fights between atheist secularists in parliaments across the world on youtube
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    Happens at most places of worship where there is contentious issues going on. Take a look at Christians fighting in holiest site in Christendom [
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    This reeks to high heaven of involvement of agent provocateurs. On this day at that place is almost beyond belief. Regardless the simple fact that there were not 100 sikhs to restrain every 1 nut and shut this down in a second shows our utter stupidity. This is punjabi machismo pendu idiocy being confused for sikhi and it is in all corners of the world damaging sikhi. Those, regardless of background, with true courage speak softly and carry a big stick. We must stop the csste inspired practice of jatt <banned word filter activated> pride taught in childhood and masquerading as sikhi. If sikhi was taught this would never happen.
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    Saw this documentary long time ago when it was first released. While the stats may be true they don't provide the math statistics data nor do they show that other states also have a similar problem. This documentary seems like more of a demoralization political campaign for the congress party.
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    Sangat ji, daas Jagraj singh here. I just want to point out that I dont have any chele. If I did, then trust me, I;d have them editing videos and answering youtube comments rather than myself. Nor am I a baba, again evidenced by the fact that I'm online too much and not on the line to akaal purakh ji. Anyway, I think this thread is more about 3HO, KY and Sikhi and less about BasicsofSikhi. Please note, we do not promote dancing, doing beadbi or doing yoga as spiritual practice, we only promote Gurbani and Sikh history. The ask.fm question that veer Barinder Singh asked was answered by one of our sevadaars who is not into 3HO but a gursikh piara who tends to speak good of everyone. I dont intend to ask him to change that. Please do not take that the wrong way. My benti to all those who read this thread is simply this. Please think long term. Our Guru did so and so should we. In raamkali ki vaar, Satte and Balvand describe Dhan Guru Angad Dev ji as "nere dekhe maat log, tudh sujhai door" "Humans look to short-term but you see far ahead". Remember that Yogi Bhajan is now gone but his legacy lives on. You have these people who wish to find God, be healthy and do dharam. They read Japji sahib and respect all our 10 Gurus and their Gurbani. How should the Sikh panth react to them? With Love and With education. Teaching Gurbani and Gurus History is the ONLY solution in the long term. My deepest fear ( see I'm not a baba) is that we might push them away like we pushed away the Ravidaasi community. We should focus on education/ parchar and teaching Gurmat to (1) Punjabis (2) western youth of punjabi origin (3) people in 3ho community (4) general westerners. All four groups need the same thing but each need it tailored to them. Daas's recommendations are (1) Punjabis - focus on Gurbani explanation to show depth of spiritual message - will adopt Amrit quite easily (2) western youth of punjabi origin - focus on Gurbani plus Sikh ethics (deg teg fateh) and relation to modern science. dont push away mone and people who cut beards, eyelashes etc. These need a lot more history - Will take longer to take Amrit but are strong Sikhs - always will have some who love Sikhi but dont take Amrit (3) people in 3ho community - focus on worship of shabad and avoid criticising Yoga - will keep rehat easily but Amrit and True love for Gurus comes from learning more history of Gurus. Must be Khalsa's job to inspire them with sant sipahi action, ie foreign aid, khalsa army (4) general westerners - need to very much more focused on systematic education, acceptance of people who dont keep kesh etc. Basically for every 10 average gore that come into Sikhi, 1 will take amrit, so we'll have to accept that there will be thousands of mone gore who like Sikhi and say "I'm kind of following Sikhi" and we cant judge them cause its going to be their grand kids that are the Khalsa of the future. we need to adopt a minimum 100 year plan and work to implement that plan. Its quite likely that all hell will break loose in the meantime but we can only prepare for that as a contingency, not as a given. I think that the 100 year plan will really work when we have a UK takht, a US takht and each headed by a Punj Piare who are rehitvaan, vidhvaan, giaanvaan GurSikhs that are widely respected.
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    Build that layer of naam around yourself with simran. When we soak the cotton in ghee and then ignite it.......only the ghee continues to burn but the cotton underneath and in the core remains untouched ! In the same way, naam can help build that layer of ghee, whilst you walk and eat through the fire of maya.
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    Someone should compile a cross examination of his "journalism" using facts and statistics to prove he has a very strong congress leaning bias. Many reasonable people, including naastik (Atheists) categorize BBC as not being fair and balanced and prefer alternate news sources such as Al Jazeera or Democracy Now. With that said that is not always true as a lot of it depends on the writer of the article, but overall the BBC is not very investigative nor fair in showing two sides of the spectrum.
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    We need to admit it, the drug problem is all our own doing. The smugglers are all Jats from border areas who have made a lot of money in this trade. Then our lifestyle, we have chosen to adopt the fukra Bhangra (kunjar) culture instead of living a simple pious GurSikh lifestyle because that doesn't look cool enough. Our people have all become show offs, always trying to impress their relatives and friends with wealth, buying expensive brand names(tommy hilfiger is the most popular brand among rural youth now!). Aborting(murdering) off the girls in the womb, even though our Gurus have forbidden it. It's almost like our people sin but don't even feel a little bit of remorse doing sin. We have become indifferent to sin as if committing sin is no big deal. How many Sikh parents in Punjab make sure their kids memorize and recite Japji Sahib and other Nitnemi Banis everyday? hardly any. The result is in front of us. We have abandoned the aasra of Gurbani and rehit and have become as worldly as anyone else and our children are burning in this Kalyugi world when boys become drug addicts and girls are losing their sharam.
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    He is anything but an honest journalist. A confirmed liar
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    Mark Tully was supposed to be serving Britain (i.e. serving us) in India, and it was us (the British taxpayer) that was paying him his wages through the licence fee to bring us the truth. Instead, he served India. India was so grateful they gave him India's highest honour for 'Services to India'. Says all you need to know about Mark Tully.
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    "Life is the most difficult Exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realising that everyone has a different question paper"
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    Recently you told you never come to india?? btw Sikhi is being bloomed today in those people who never had any sikh back ground.... whether its in uk or usa or any other country.... What I wanted to explain you "tere daddy ne tere te ehsaan nai kita tanu bahr jam ke...yeh tere wich jada hi sikhi hai ta....a ithe la apni jindagi enha lokaan de lekhe...launga das??? Everybody wants some Luxuries life today.,, .. if this Raaghi Harjinder singh ji has been corrupted today under the influence of Badal,,,How you people have taken the Stand against him..What a cheap level of hypocrisy... Indeed you know nobody is perfect in this world.... Apniyaan jadha aap na waddo....... and aho Darbar sahib wich Lakha lokii langer shakde a.....Hun tanu pta lag gya .......ki main samja rya c... Try to show the world if you can do some for sikhi .... .. btw One month does not make any output....Try to live with people for at least 5 yrs....then feel the presence of sikhi... btw one thing more .I don't believe in war which is in words...
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    What Impression are you trying to Give Saying like that "Indian Kirtanis"??? Explain me
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    Don't agree with him praising badal. However all of that aside...Nevertheless, I am still speck dirt of his feet for amazing kirtan seva he did all his life and touched many souls, I would still listen to kirtan by him if i come across with it as i tend to listen to gurbani sung by inner voice/emotion. I remember in the past listening to shalok nauvan gurbani by jagjit singh ghazal singer..it was sung with full bairaag aspect. Absolutely marvellous.
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    bilaaval mehalaa 5 || Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla: aisee kirapaa mohi karahu || Bless me with such mercy, Lord, sa(n)theh charan hamaaro maathhaa nain dharas than dhhoor parahu ||1|| rehaao || that my forehead may touch the feet of the Saints, and my eyes may behold the Blessed Vision of their Darshan, and my body may fall at the dust of their feet. ||1||Pause|| gur ko sabadh maerai heearai baasai har naamaa man sa(n)g dhharahu || May the Word of the Guru's Shabad abide within my heart, and the Lord's Name be enshrined within my mind. thasakar pa(n)ch nivaarahu t(h)aakur sagalo bharamaa hom jarahu ||1|| Drive out the five thieves, O my Lord and Master, and let my doubts all burn like incense. ||1|| jo thumh karahu soee bhal maanai bhaavan dhubidhhaa dhoor ttarahu || Whatever You do, I accept as good; I have driven out the sense of duality. naanak kae prabh thum hee dhaathae sa(n)thasa(n)g lae mohi oudhharahu ||2||3||119|| You are Nanak's God, the Great Giver; in the Congregation of the Saints, emancipate me. ||2||3||119|| http://sikhroots.com/audio-mp3/1/197-year-2005/547-hitchin-keertan-smaagam/6596-bhai-jasbir-singh-paonta-sahib-aesee-kirpa-mohe-karo

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