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    WJKK WJKF I understand your point, I too believe there can never be 100% sucham, however this maryada is from when the concept of pangat was created. The internal waste of a humans body excrement/urine/decomposing foods and a persons spiritual paap are all within us, this does not mean we should not attend the gurus darbar as the internal waste cannot be avoided and is a mere biological function and ones paap can be washed sitting within that very congregation via Naam and sewa. Wearing shoes in and out the langar Hall from outside only results in animal/human excrement/urine being transferred within the eating area where one is meant to sit on the floor and eat the blessed food. This is clearly a health and hygiene issue at present and also in the past when the concept of pangat was created. The issue here is to deal with the maryada of wearing footwear within a gurdwara complex within the langar hall where blessed food is made and distributed exactly with the same reverence as parshaad.
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    Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh Dear Sadh Sangat Jee, What is the maryada from Akal Takht Sahib with respect to wearing shoes and doing sewa in Langar Kitchen? Is it allowed to wear personal shoes or even so called "Gurudwara shoes" to be worn when doing sewa in Langar Kitchen and using the same shoes to go to toilets and then back to Langar Kitchen? Then using the same shoes (personal or "Gurudwara shoes" taken to toilets) when doing Langar sewa whether cooking, washing utensils, serving Langar and even serving extra Langar to sangat sitting in pangat. This is Guru Raam Dass Jee's Kitchen and Guru Raam Dass Jee Langar Hall, not my personal home kitchen or my personal dining room. Are the rules of not wearing shoes in Langar Kitchen only for Indian Gurudwaras and not for UK Gurudwaras??? Will it be allowed to wear so called "Gurudwara shoes" to be worn inside Diwan hall (the prakash asthan of Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj)? Can my query be answered please?????? - JOHNYVEER, Mehtab Singh, GPS, N30SINGH and other members of this forum, please help me with my query?
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    Very important issue that needs to be discussed. Shoes should not be worn inside Gurdwaras. So called 'Gurdwara shoes' are also Manmat like the benches and chairs that are being installed in Gurdwaras throughout the western world. Most of this stuff has happened since the last 14 years or so. Before that it was very rare to see this manmat. It's just a matter of time before this happens too. Don't be surprised, we have plenty of apne who would support such manmat.
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    The Sardar in white beard looks so much like Badal :lol2: :lol2:
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    I'm firmly of the opinion that we can only try to protect ourselves, when kirpa and taras is bestowed we become close and at other times we fall into the trap of 'vin danta jag kaiyaa' (maya). Max benefit can be achieved through sangat of people on a higher plane and avoiding attractions that cause us to slip in the first place - harder said than done. As soon as we step out of Anand filled Gurdwara katha and kirtan programme it does not take long for the chors to trap us, and the higher the avastha the larger the personal fall even with the tiniest lapse/dhill. When we have respite, one should try and maximise this time for simran, kirtan and paat. Kirtan can be sung without instruments for those who have not learnt.
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    Jadon Singh ne jakara shadiaa, eh sab papiaan ne poosh farke dhaur janaa!
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    Yes, being "human" is Hukam . But , what is that Hukam? And, what kind of person is that whom Guru Nanak says is "Human"? The whole bani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib is about describing what that Hukam is and what it means to be “Human”. If you start following the Hukam to be “the Human”, you have become a Sikh. So it is not correct to say “become a Human first before becoming a Sikh”. First step to become the “Human” (that Guru Nanak mentions) is also your first step on the path of Sikhi. The path of becoming a truthful human being and path of Sikhi are simultaneous and concurrent. To be “Human” according to the “Hukam” is not pick and choose “what I like and reject what I don’t like” type of thing. It is about following a path of truthful living. Guru Nanak says this almost in the start Japji Sahib “ How to become truthful ?” In answer to this, he says “follow the path of Hukam that is written ( for the Human beings) by the creator. ………. Every thing (every thing created by the creator) is within Hukam. Nothing is outside the realm of Hukam. …..” ( Japji Sahib Pauri 1 and 2 ) In light of other banis from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the interpretation of the above roughly can be stated as that each specie of life has a path chalked out for it by the creator. It is embedded in nature of things by the creator. As long as a person stays within that path, the person has a good chance of becoming truthful to the nature of that of a human being . If person deviates from that path, he is perhaps following a path that of an other specie - that is, he is following Hukam assigned to other specie . . Being deviant from the path assigned to you, will have its consequence. “ As you sow , so you shall reap ……..” .
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    WJKK WJKF veer ji, I too feel much frustration on how in western countries maryada has become tailored to fit "westernised Sikhs". In the Akal Takhat Rehat Maryada I dont think it says about wearing any shoes in the langar hall specifically, however it states shoes should be removed on entry of the gurdwara. I think in western countries sangat have redefined the boundary of the gurdwara as to only the darbar, hence why they trapes their shoes in and out and how many people irregardless of age, take their head covering off within the langar hall, not realising that when accepting langar, you are accepting blessed food with Naam it's main ingredient. The parents accepting langar for their kids then throwing it in the bin because they dislike it and it's not pizza. The waste also contrary to the maryada and gurmat, equivalent of throwing parshaad into the bin....how wrong on so many levels. Also, I think because in the uk were not sitting on the floor next to one another and we sit mainly on tables people don't remove their shoes as again it's a more westernised custom. However western "Sikhs" will continue to do as they like, justifying themselves with silly excuses like how many children go within the gurus darbar with their heads uncovered all across the uk, contrary to the maryada. To sum up, I personally would say shoes should be left at the door/entrance hall of the gurdwara and no indoor shoes should be permitted for sangat and sevadars.
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    Yes it does. All good and bad actions fall under the trai-gunn ( 3 gunns) you mentioned i.e. Rajo, Sato and Tamo. For this reason, anything done under these three gunns keeps us in this world and brings us back to this world through reincarnation. The only way to get out of this cycle is if we do what is beyond these 3 gunns. Only Naam Abhyaas and Gurbani Paath are beyond these three gunns. As for examples of each gunn, here is what I can think of: Tamo – Under this gunn, a person does all the bad things like atrocities, cruelties, murders, rapes etc. Rajo – Under this Gunn, a person has aspirations for worldly gains. A person working to become a CFO of a company or manager of a firm is driven by Rajo Gunn. Such people are not bad people but they have aspirations for worldly gains. They are house-holders who want to attain materialistic things. They don’t commit atrocities, cruelties, murders etc. as a person under Tamo gunn does. It is possible for a person living under Rajo Gunn to transform into one living under Tamo Gunn. Some times to attain their material goals, the Rajo people start doing unethical and immoral acts and gradually this leads them to become Tamo people. Sato – Under this gunn, people do good deeds and don’t have too many materialistic aspirations. They do charity work, feed the poor, help the needy, perform religious rituals like pilgrimages and other such good deeds. Most of the acts of the world religions fall under this gunn. Gurmat Matt or Dharam is the only one that offers its followers something above the Sato Gunn. But the behaviour and objective of a Gursikh, by His kirpa, is far beyond all these entanglements. Because the Gursikh, with the practice or abhyass of Nam Simran, is guided and protected by the Shabad Guru. In this way, we as gursikhs must feel privileged as wadbhagee jeevas and thank Him for His beant bakshish, beant Daya meher, that while the whole world is under the three gunns, we make a border line with aid of Gurmat, so that we do not feel its effects, because we have taken sharan of Wahiguru Akal Purukh as the only reality and everlasting Truth. Nobody is born perfect, but with the aid of Gurmat, no matter if one is worst sinner, then too, one can become a polished diamond or a garland of flowers at His Lotus Feet. His power is infinitely beyond any karmas, any sanskaras, any sato, rajo or tamo gunas. Sikhee is far above any philosophies. While one is already condemmed by being imbued with rajo or tamo gunas, but then, even if one is full with sato gun, this will take one as far only as per the heights of heavenly paradises, Swarg or Baikunth planes . While with Gurmat, we board the plane of Naam, and reach our destiny Sach Khand, which is unaccesible otherwise, no matter what one may do. Such is His Beant wadeeayee, by blessing us with His gyan, through Gurmat. Sat Sree Akal.
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    Kiddie Sangat is your local Sikh parent & toddler playgroup. We get together every two weeks and enjoy playtime, crafts, stories, songs and activities in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Kiddie Sangat is an opportunity for both children and parents to spend some time in a Sikhi oriented and fun environment, make new friends and maybe even learn a thing or two. The group is aimed at toddlers, preschoolers and children under 5 years old. Source - http://www.kiddiesangat.com/about/
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    "Birth and caste are of no avail before God. It is deeds which make or unmake a man. To exploit ignorant people with superstitions and to call it religion is a sacrilege against God and man. To worship the infinite, formless and absolute God in the form of a totem, an image or an insignificant or time-bound object of nature, or to wash one's sins not through compassion and self-surrender, but through ablutions; to insist upon special diets, languages and dresses, and fads about what to eat and what not, and to condemn the mass of human beings, including women, to the status of sub-humans and to deny them the reading of the scriptures and even work of every kind is to tear apart man from man. This is not religion, not is it religion to deny the world through which alone man can find his spiritual possibilities." Dhan Guru Ram Dass ji.
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    The only complete copy of the gurpartap suraj parkash katha is about to be uploaded to gurmatveechar and is by Giani Harbhajan Singh. It is about 250 mp3s short and i will put them up soon. In total is fyou want it in mp3 dvds its 6 dvds. if you want it in mp3 cds then its 42 cds.. Individual audio cds will be over 1000

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