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    I dont know im kind of skeptical on identifying Sikhs as a race. Sikhi is a dharam, if we classify our people as an ethnic group it might make conversion harder as people assume "oh their an ethnoreligion guess I cant join them", and we might end up turning into the "Gods chosen people" dogma that abrahamic faiths encounter. But then again we do have some traits of an ethnic gtoup as the majority of us are north indian, but thats about it.
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    Bhain ji Just remeber a handful of fools do not represent everyone , we care about you ... I know some of what you are feeling but remember Waheguru ji loves you and will always find a way for you. I hope you are not in pain physically along with everything else . have you been to the doctor as they can prescribe hormones to rebalance your chemistry to reduce the cysts and the androgen production which will prevent further thickening of hairs in a non female way ? You can drink peppermint tea daily also to help with this as it reduces dht naturally . Pcos is really horrible disease which can make girls infertile which is just like the nail in the coffin after all the harsh and nasty behaviour you've gone through . There are loads of girls suffering like you , and its increasing every day I cannot believe that even amritdhari bibian are being so horrid to you , but , given that they've probably never had to deal with your challenges they have no empathy . Sorry for their shallowness . I'm suffering from endo so have my challenges too PM me and I' d be happy to talk to you privately .
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    https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/23/can-servant-keeps-passport-asks-instagram-star-7750048/ This is why we shouldn't send our sikhs to these modern hell holes. Hopefully we don't get another story of a sikh ending up like the vichari in the freezer.
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    in their world the women are bitter and twisted harridans whose take their frustrations out on their domestic staff , including this entitled wannabe ninja barbie I don't blame Duertete calling back his country's citizens from these hellish places . I've seen too many apne in videos crying about they've not been paid for three or more months and now owe their bosses even more money for food and rent ....it's criminal , better to be working the fields in Punjab than being trapped in an unwinnable situation . Plenty of apnian bibian have complained about abuse too , beatings , starvation even one said attempted rape . Godless people don't deserve our youths efforts at all
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    You sound like you've got a wonderful head on your shoulders despite all life has thrown at you. I'm awed that you're able to assess and describe your issues in such a mature and level headed manner, and you don't seem embittered or jaded by your experiences. That's true chardikala even though you may not feel it at times. Never allow the world to grind that part of you away into dust even during the darkest of times. As for the PCOS and related conditions it's a minefield. Take it one step at a time. I wish I could provide a specific plan or definite answers to help you out, but I genuinely wouldn't know where to begin. I won't patronise you with platitudes that will seem hollow and meaningless considering all you've been through, but don't assume you're alone. Keep your head up, little sister.
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    The RSS saffronisation of Punjab institutes continues unhindered :
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    And nor did the Brits. An interesting thought is how would all these liberal Sikhs feel about a Khalsa Raj on land pillaged, conquered, and ethnically cleansed by Sikhs? Or even about Sikhs of the old for ethnically cleansing Muslims from East Punjab?
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    Why would we be given all that land when we barely a formed a minority in most of those areas? It's one thing if we took the land by force, we would be earning it.
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    Yes we need everyone to be dancing to the beat of bhangra. Eating makki di rot and tandoori chicken. And doing some bhangra dance. First the corner shop in the back street of hounslow then the world. We will dominate the world with punjabiii muhahahahahaahahha p.s stop posting our top secrets here. We dont want anyone to get on to what we will do
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    A liberal Muslim will always have loyalty to his tribe not matter what their difference with a religious muslim. That is what you have to realise. A liberal Sikh will not be necessarily have loyalty to the Panth.
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    A Khalsa Raj can only pop up with NUMBERS . CONVERT AND CONQUER ! Start acting like Christians and be more aggressive about gaining followers. Mother Theresa was no Saint , she even said , she wasn't trying to heal all those poor indians but rather trying to gain numbers for Chirstiandom and now there are 40 million christians , with all the Dalits and oppressed minorities out there , Sikh missionaries must be created , all those millions that end up in the pocket of fat pigs at SPGC needs to spent on a Vatican like Sikh leadership .
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    A Sikh cannot be without Punjabiyat , as good [ Sant Jarnail ] or as bad [ Gen Brar ] as there be. It's a fact 98 percent of Sikhs are Panjabis, not every punjabi is Sikh but almost every Sikh is Panjabi. If you want to ignore your ethnicity, then you would turn into Pakis . Paki scum aren't proud of being Panjabi, the only thing they care about is that they are muslims, even if they are at bottom of the totem pole vs Arabs/Turks. Every Single Paki not from Afganistan contains atleast 30 percent South Indian DNA like all Panjabis. Now if Paki scum would celebrate being Panjabi over being islamic slaves , they would gain much dignity in the eyes of their desert dwelling masters. Think about it, If Pakis embraced their South Asian heritage ala Panjabi / Kashmiri / Sindhi , they would automatically be the leaders on top the totem pole of South Asian hierarchy , but since the only thing they care about is being islamic converted slaves , then they will always be on the bottom and will always be cleaning toilets in Saudi Arabia . Sikhs are Panjabi and Panjabi is Sikh . If only our leaders had organised Jhatas to wipe out mooooslims filth in West Panjab , then ALL OF PANJAB would be liberated and would celebrate being Panjabi and not worshipping a bhaiyaa language Urdu or being dirty terrorists who are looked down upon by the world . I fully believe , Paki Panjabis are NOT Panjabi.
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