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  1. So, one of you would like to give Duleep Singh a thuppar and the rest of you would just diss him. Must make you feel so big as Sikhs. This was a 9 year old child who was ripped from his mothers arms, taken away from all that he loved and was isolated. No mother, no family, no friends, no advisors, nobody to give him any guidance. He was surrounded by evil people who manipulated him for their own means, he had nobody to turn to. They then set him up with a paster. He manipulated him and slowly his brain was washed. He had no choice, he was a child surrounded by those who ju
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  2. When someone has to use an Indian report to support their accusations they have already lost the argument. If you believe anything published by the fake news Indian media then you probably believe the Earth is flat! You also stated that Santji never asked for Khalistan which shows just how low you can take your argument. Everyone knows that Santji said that the foundation stone of Khalistan will be laid when the Indian army attacks the Durbar Sahib. Maybe your next idiotic argument will be that it wasn't the Indian army that attacked but CRPF or so other paramilitary force so Santi's wo
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