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    Aaj de din mere pyare Bala Pritam da janam diwas Diya sabnu dilo pyar naal lakh lakh vadhaiyaan Aayo sab mil k Mere sohne Bala Pritam de aagey ardaas kariye ki aaj de din aisi bakshish Karan ki saari duniya is Corona to mukt ho jaye Aayo saare mil k guru Maharaj Di bakshi dukh banjhni Sahib ji Di baani padiye Maharaj bakshish Karan ki Kisi pyare Di ardaas sun k saari duniya nu taar dawan te kirpa Karan ki pehle jisra khule darshan deedar kariye guru Ghar de Pher ik vaar beant vadhaiyaan Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam Ji Dukh Bhanjan Tera Naam Aise Deen Deyal Bala Pritam 8ve Guru Nanak Sahib Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji De Parkash Purab Diyan Aap Ji Nu Te Aap Ji De Parivaar Nu Lakh Lakh Vadhaiyan Ji
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    That's not entirely true. There is a Hadith (and I'm paraphrasing here as I don't remember all the details) when the prophet initially invited all the quresh tribes to dinner to invite them to Islam. He asked the question, who will be my brother (in faith), my friend and my successor (khalifa). Imam Ali immediately stood up. The prophet asked him to sit down (as he was still quite young, though extremely loyal to the prophet from day one). The prophet asked the question again, and again the same thing happened. On the third time, when Imam Ali stood up, the prophet said, very well, you will be my brother, my friend and my successor. This hadith is found in both sunni and shia books. There is also a verse in the quran (and please correct me if I'm wrong) where Allah says that he chooses his khalifa. Depending on the context of this verse, this could invalidate the khalifate of Abu Bakar and validate the divinity of Ali being the khalifa. There is also a "Hadith-e-Noor" (found in both sunni and shia books) in which the prophet says, Me and Ali are created from the same light. These (and many others) are just some of the points which could point to the divine claim that Imam Ali was indeed the divine successor to the prophet. But yes, there was plenty of killing of the family of the prophet. And many battles ensued, which resulted in parts of the quran being lost. But...that's a different topic entirely....
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    Thank you ji. This will help a lot
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    Black magic is very real. People meditate on the heart chakar to obtain power then misuse it to harm others. (By meditation I don’t mean simran). It’s very dangerous they can curse people, make people ill, kill people. But it won’t work on someone who does (enough) simran/abiyaas. In fact if someone tries such a thing on a gurmukh the Guru destroys them. Just like a disruptive student gets removed from the classroom and sent to the headteacher. Anyone who tries harming a Gurmukh gets removed from their body (they die early, before their time) and get sent to hell.
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    A mute person was once given something very sweet to eat. He was then asked to describe the taste. That person being unable to speak, could not say anything. People could only see the look on his face, his body language, and his eyes, to gauge what he was feeling...
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    The belief of God is exactly just that: - a belief. To some people it’s the Sun God, to some it’s Shiva, then you have the trinity and some call God Allah. You have some that don’t believe in God at all and some that believe there is something out there. It is YOUR belief and it’s OK; when someone that let’s say believes in the trinity and tries to explain this to some who had an adamant in the belief in let’s say Shiva; the one that believes in Shiva may not understand the trinity theory and the one who have faith in the trinity may not understand the Shiva theory. As long as we can respect everyone’s faith - belief it’s all good. It’s personal to the believer and it’s true to that person. To a Sikh the Gurus path is the absolute truth, to a Christian their bible and trinity is truth, to a Muslim their version of Allah and Quran is truth. It’s all a belief system.
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    the best thing with individuals like that is not to insult them or pay any attention to their insults, and just go straight to the point. They will try and insult, and deflect etc. but you stay on point and stay focused. And when they see that their playground tactics are no longer working, they run. Let's see if this happens here...
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    correction built in 360 ad more than two centuries before birth of even Mohammed's dad . Built by orthodox church under command of emperor Constantius the second so from 360 until 1453 it was a Christian church . The ottomans attacked Constatinople and it is funny and even hilarious that your fellow muslims are trying to whitewash the conversion as something 'bought ' for the people .hahaha yeah a conqueror buys the conquested buildings ...give it a rest. Ataturk was more of a man of honour than you or Erdogan by recognising that forceful conversion of a place of worship is akin to destroying a people's rememberance of God/Allah/Waheguru
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    Reed as much bani as you can. Especially Sri Sukhmani Sahib with Sri Japji Sahib. Apparently, when it was my first birthday someone threw mungi di daal in-front of the door so my gran phoned up a baba and he told them to hit the daal with a shoe seven times (don’t ask me why) and pick it up (after doing a bit of paath like mool mantar). So she did that and threw the daal in the canal near by. I might have not explained the story as well as I could so bhul chuck maf.
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    Remember, in the darkness even a little candle makes a big difference. We are blessed that we are the people who can start to make the difference.
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    Well of course it exists, people go to cremation grounds and communicate with the dead and do all sorts of weird stuff. Bani mentions ghosts. Many things exist that we can't see, there are souls everywhere, people start communicating with them. People who deny it, can believe in god, gurus, reincarnation, karma, destiny, yet they deny the existence of black magic because it sounds to "unreal" and no one has seen it lol! But yes bani protects you from it. While i was walking to work in front of me i saw a Indian/Pakistani wearing a black chola throwing something into a canal and she was saying something, she turned around saw me walking her direction and she knew i saw what she was doing, she then started walking, her eyes were closed and she was saying stuff, i walked straight past her! That same canal, i used to jog along the canal and once i saw a red chunni tied to a tree. People just couldn't leave that rubbish back home they had to bring it to the west with them.
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    They'll all listen to Punjabi music, play at their weddings everywhere. Also see them now with on their social media 'Pakistani Punjabi Jatt' looool. Jealousy because Sikhs are the true heirs of Punjab, and kept Punjabi alive, whilst Hindus and Muslims done everything to get rid of Punjabi
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    Howdy neighbour! We are then of the same ilk. Do pakistan esp in Panjab still follow and identify according to their hindu caste? We both know the answer. Maybe you should get the opinions of arabs who see asiatic muslims as part-time idol worshippers. The hindus worship the moon and the stars. I've seen some others appropriate those same two to make some kind of religious symbol. Oh yes, it's on our neighbours' country flag. Yes jhatka is our tradition and we follow it. True. India is one big shitthole. 70 years ago the land that you come from was also part of that same shitthole. But we can, somewhat afford to feed ourselves in order to take a <banned word filter activated>. Pakistan would never have survived if it wasn't for the billions of dollars USA have given you since 1947, so your people could feed themselves. And the irony ! You call them the great devil, yet your leaders beg them for cash dollars because they cannot feed their own people. Oh, so it was the muslims who coined the name "Allah"? Quite simply, we Sikhs do not have the might to do so. Salahaddin conquered the Christian crusaders some centuries ago. Why can't the muslims, who are far stronger and capable than the Sikhs retake Israel, which in size is a little smaller than Panjab? Why haven't you you been able to prove your might in the last 70 years of Israel's existence? Quite right! We don't know what it's like. The nearest we get to feelings of international solidarity is the sadness and feeling of helplessness over cases of Sikh girls being kidnapped in Sindh and married to muslims. They were fed lies about "covering every inch of bangladesh with the blood of indian soldiers", yet woke up to the reality that 93,000 brave soldiers of Allah and the Islamic powerhouse republic of Pakistan has surrendered to kaafirs.
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    Hagia Sophia is not just any building. It's the most iconic church in history. It's very fall to the Ottomans marked the end of the Byzantine empire and a symbolic defeat of Christianity to Islam. Even if there are barely any Christians left is Turkey doesn't matter. If there are no Sikhs left in Pakistan does that mean Nankana Sahib and Panja Sahib should be turned into a mosque if the majority muslims want it? What is wrong is wrong. That is why Christians all over the world are condemning this recent decision. And it is also worrisome for other non Muslims since Erdogan has set a new precedent in modern times. When the Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddha statues the world condemned it but it was explained away as being done by the Taliban who are a fringe fundamentalist backward group. But Erdogan is a well educated man and Turkey is a modern European country. If they can do something like this, it will give encouragement to Muslims all over the world to follow this example.
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    Howdy neighbour! It's nothing personal against Turkey or Islam/Muslims. Sikhs have always respected holy places of other religions. In East Panjab there are many villages bereft of muslims where mosques are still kept clean by the villagers, my nanke being one such village. A little history ? Yes please. The short haired ones DID take over the Golden Temple. There was muslim called massa ranghar who took over the Golden Temple. Two Sikhs killed him right there in the temple. Maharaja Ranjit Singh gifted khillats to the custodians of Badshahi Mosque on each and every Eid. It's a lie that Maharaja Sahib used this mosque for horse stables. As for the azaan, it was not banned in Lahore, but in places like Peshawar, Bannu etc. There was no real reason for doing this but only to impress on the pathans that they were no longer masters of that land. Let's go back to your previous post above. The short haired ones, Muslims, after taking over the Golden Temple used it to host dancing girls and such whilst consuming tobacco. I'm sure that Maharaja Sahib has never, and you are welcome to produce any evidence, consumed pork in any mosque, or entertained dancing girls there. Are Empires measuered on their timeline or the effect of their acheivements? My dear neighbour, the land that you call NWFP, or Suba Sarhad, is part of your country because, and only because of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. No-one else. So whilst Maharaja's empire was only a measly 50 years in time, the effects of such an empire are still shaping the world today, 200 years later.
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    David Wood has made some excellent points here about this issue. Muslims have lost the moral argument after today. Erdegan has proven that when Islamists are in a position of power they will abuse that position. They lost the right to complain about Ram Mandir that will be re built at Ayodhya by Hindus or when the Jews will eventually rebuild their temple at the site of Al Aqsa. Muslims have shot themselves in the foot on this one.
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    Exactly. They ridicule the existence of Devi Devtas yet believe in the existence of the Buraq a horse with a human head, how is that anymore real or absurd than the Hindu belief in Ganesh? They believe in angels with huge wings, Jinns, satan, rivers of wine. You should see how their preachers describe the physical appearance of Hoors, the audience starts to get all lusty especially the old men lol. They got it all, no different from Hinduism, yet they act so condescending towards the Dharmic religions.
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    Bro is talking about Devi Devte when he believes Muhammad rode on the Buraq from Mecca to Jerusalem which is described as being a white animal, half-mule, half-donkey, with wings on its sides. Now I would provide a picture... But eh... What's the point.
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    You are not debating. Please try to debate with facts not lies. You will not get very far with lies. When you say Sikhs were poor Hindus who were forced to convert into Sikhism, forced by whom? There is no precedent in our history of forced conversions, not even one. But Muslims the list is endless. You cannot deny it. Islamic history is as violent and oppressive as Christian history. Both Abrahamic cults. As for us believing in the existence of Devi Devtas. It is a fact they exist based on our scriptures. We don't subscribe to the Islamic paradigm of saying anything that is beyond the scope of the Quran and Hadith's is non existent. Abrahamic cults are like the frog in the well who does not know of the vast world beyond the well. Islam is just Arab paganism mixed with Judaism. Nothing more. As for you saying we are a foot note in Islamic history well we don't want to be a part of Islamic history. Islamic history is a history of human suffering, slavery, oppression, rape, forcible conversion. That's not something to be proud of.
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    sounds like a ponzie scheme to drain off the panth's money to India by using Punjab and panthic interests as a bait. India is obviously afraid of sikhs using money to fund separatist movements. Call me pessimist, but I am not very excited lol.
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    Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu has held a virtual interaction with members of the Sikh community in the United States, during which the participating diaspora leaders pledged to contribute in India's development with particular focus on Punjab. https://m.republicworld.com/world-news/us-news/indian-ambassador-holds-virtual-interaction-with-sikh-leaders-in-us.html
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    Good effort for the beginners but full caution. - Gurmukhi and Punjabi is important - Protect our scripture language at all cost - Guru sahib would have never started a new language for no reason
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    Wow this is the power of gurbani! Sukhmani sahib is such a precious gift, I don't think we actually understand how valuable it is. Theres a very similar story to this with the same two pankitis helped a Muslim family- it's from bhai guriqbal Singh jis book on sukhmani sahib. I hope waheguru ji gives us all the love and power to recite gurbani so that we can be closer to him and our worldly problems be resolved. Well done for joining someone to gurbani, may guru sahib bless u.

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