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    even bhai sahib randhir Singhjee has written that this tukk in bhattan de swaiye is a future vaak that Nehkalank avatar will come.
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    There are gursikhs who do lots of Gurbani abhiyaas and shastar Abhiyaas. They r constantly in contact with shaheedi faujan and keep learning new shastar vidiya techniques from shaheed Singhs. Another way to learn shastar vidiya is to do lots of abhiyaas of Dasam Granth Ji and Sarbloh Granth Ji and get shastar sidhi. I hv been told by a charrdikala bazurg nihang Singh that in future, nehkalank avataar will hv the vidiya to operate 30 feet long khanda.
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    bro why dont u go to a muslim forum why r u guys so obsessed with us. i mean i get it being a pakistani having no real history might make u feel sometime of way but vent to ur own cousin lovers not us
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    Unfortunately the modern day Nihang Dals aren't even the same as those in the past. These guys openly let missionaries convert Sikhs. No Puratan Nihang would let that happen. As I stated before, they could easily set up camp at various villages at start doing parchar. Just because you're a Nihang doesn't mean you can't be called out. Everyone needs to be held accountable. Whether you may be Taksali, Nihang or whatever. It's a failure that falls collectively. Its been this way for a while, ever since the annexation of the Panjab by the British. Now... We all know the SGPC simply will not give up its power. The return to Sikhi in Panjab has essentially been confined by the greed of money, and the lust for power. This is all among our own. In the West, we have the good old committees... Whose only concern is to pump out campaigns for free food (Not saying its bad) But that ain't going to cut it. People are literally just going to the gurdwara for food. Don't get me started on the Nagar Kirtans... Instead of preparing to give their positions up to the younger generation, like in the past, these guys are literally starting up their careers. Dissolving these systems are crucial. We have to return to our Gurus form of leadership with the Panj Pyare. One thing I can accept about the previous Singh Sabha was them pumping out literature. In a modern day sense, the internet is our best bet. Bhai Jagraj Singh was already onto something. However, it looks like Basics of Sikhi has really fell off ever since his passing. There are many who are passionate, it's all about letting those individuals into leadership positions.
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    God/Guru does not want world to burn. The world is burning due to its own manmukhi activities and these activities r only going to get worse.
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    it's on ang 1403. Nehkalank bajee dank..... https://www.sikhitothemax.org/ang?ang=1403&source=G
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    dear bro kalki avatar will be an avatar of Vishnu. That's why Dasmesh Pita has mentioned him in '24 avatars of Vishnu ' section of Dasam Granth Ji. Nehkalank avatar will be different and will be a Singh of Guru Sahib. Nehkalank avatar is mentioned in bhattan de swaiye of Guru Ramdas ji in Guru Granth Sahib ji.
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    I have used this video in the past and find its very helpfu. Thanks.
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    just to add 1 more thing. this singh is in love with Brahm kavach bani and says that even millions of nuclear weapons cannot match the power of Brahm kavach bani. He says that in future khalsa will show the power of Brahm kavach bani to the entire world.
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    Ok guys, before everyone goes on a massive witch hunt, please remember the original post was made over a year and a half ago. So there's no real point in laying in to her now (and the personal attacks are simply not needed). Whatever our personal opinions about the situation (and for the record even I don't agree with what she did), it's not really our job to be judge, jury and executioner, is it? The reason people come here is because they've done some things that they themselves are ashamed about, and they need non judgemental advice. Lord knows we all need that at some point in our lives. But personal attacks are only gonna drive them away. So please consider before posting. Who knows, your post could be the one that either brings them closer to Sikhi, or drives them to suicide...
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    Yes veerji this is the page I was finding.Thanks a lot veerji.I just realised I checked the next page for it.I didnt realise it was there.
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    no-no not at all. shastarvidiya techniques have been recorded by well-known sikh historians.
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    @lkaur1727 Watch this video above...i hope you find peace Vaheguru!
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    Well, again I think your missing the point. You're straw-manning my position entirely. No body says that everything is entirely new. That's like saying if Hindus eat roti, Sikhs who also eat roti are copying Hindus. It's a logically fallacious point. The relationship between the abrahamic religions is very different to the relationship between the religions of the Indian subcontinent. Whilst both types of religions share many similarities amongst their respective groups, the key difference is that Abrahamic religions believe in the concept of progressive revelation. This links them directly with their predecessor religions (kinda like updating an app on your phone). With Indian religions, whilst they do share similarities, they do not claim direct linkage/lineage from the surrounding religions.
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    I don't see what's so silly about that post. It's actually a correct observation. Must have hit a raw nerve... Ideologies are never 100% new, whether you talk about language, culture, food, philosophy etc., there's always an element of similarities everywhere. You actually haven't made a valid argument here. The Abrahamic religions believe in progressive revelations. So you still have to believe in the previous prophets (assuming they actually existed). However, with Sikhi, the connection to Hinduism is more cultural and geographical, rather than ideological. I'm not denying that there aren't similarities (there are similarities in all), but it's not connected in the same way as the Abrahamic religions are. In the words of everyone's favourite Muslim apologist, Dr. Zakir Naik: "I hope that answers your question."
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    90% of Islam is same as Judaism...they pray, worship, halal/kosher among many others exact mirrorred to each other yet they'd biggest enemy's ....... If funny when Muslims say Sikhi is influenced/copied by Islam..Whereas Islam It all comes from Judaism and Shia islam is influenced by Persian culture
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    A coward with nothing better to do. Someone who clearly has been refuted many times and now, in a final act of intellectual bankruptcy, is down voting very old posts. People like this will never come out in the open, so they do silly things like this, thinking they have "won"!
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    lol I don't think being vegetarian helped you in in controlling your vikaar or stopping you from being in a non-life non-grihast degrading temporary casual partnership with someone. There are plenty of jhatka practising or shikaar practising Nihang Singhs or other amrit dharis who will not allow their children to be in some disgusting-appalling temporary partnership like girlfriend-boyfriend. There are sikhs who drink who will also not allow their children to be in such partnerships! Has this ritual-vegeterianism given you any annakh or izzat like the sikhs I just described? The fact is you are trying to be religious and just do dating partnerships like other ritualistic people, after all you do follow ritual vegeterianism! You need to learn to be dharmik. Dharmik people do not enter boyfriend-girlfriend partnerships, or being concubines, or temporary marriages like muslims do.But religious people such as abrahamics (like Jews, christians, muslims) do not have many issues with temporary partners and concubines and keeping slave girls. Are you religious or do you want to become a dharmik sikh????? Do you want to stay stuck in ritualism and forget to use your brain, same kind of ritualism Guru Nanak taught against? Again you degrade yourself by saying you don't want to choose between boyfriend and family? HE IS NOT EVEN YOUR HUSBAND, NOT EVEN YOUR LIFE PARTNER!!! He is just a boyfriend, a casual/temporary partner. You allow yourself to be degraded to a girlfriend, YOU ARE NOT HIS LIFE PARTNER YET YOU ARE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT CHOOSING BETWEEN THIS POOR EXCUS FOR A PARTNER AND YOUR FAMILY? If you want to be taken seriously, at least become his life partner? Why are you being such an ABCD coconut, are you stupid? Where is your intelligence? You really need to look deep inside yourself. Do you understand the importance of grihast jeevan? lol and just a BF, not even a husband! I think she needs to think why she is in a casual partnership. Why he is her boyfriend and not in a grihast jeevan with her? Why the urgency and desperation to be in such a partnership when Anand Karaj can be performed.
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    I don't think most amrit dhari families or even many respectful sikh families will not accept their children being part of boyfriend-girlfriend partnerships. If you are serious to become someone's partner, then the only acceptable way is become a life partner. This is the grihast jeevan that Guru Nanak taught and practised and promoted. It is so degrading to become a temporary partner like a girlfriend, you got any sharam and respect at all (to OP of course)?
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    if you're from a amrit dhari family, then why don't you go into grihast jeevan, why are you doing this degrading boyfriend girlfriend stuff? From an amritdhari family and you are in this girlfriend slave mentality?
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    Because they started to implement the teachings of the Gurus such as equality among Sikhs and against the hereditary claims of Guruship that many Sodhis and Bedis were making. They also attacked the blurring of boundaries that meant that a Sikh would go to a Mandir and a Sufi shrine without feeling in any way that he was being a hypocrite in going against the teachings of the Gurus. They also understood that many attitudes that had become ingrained into the Sikh population were instrumental in making people move away from Sikhism to other religions. Many Sikh Sardars and landholders kept many Muslim mistresses and the children born to them would invariably be bought up as Muslims as Sikh society did not accept them as legitimate and Muslims were eager to accept them to boost their own numbers. I remember reading about Giani Ditt Singh who bought over 200-300 descendants of a Sikh who had been banished by his village because he had married a Muslim woman and he had had to set up his own village separate from the Sikh village. Over time his descendants were worshippers of Sakhi Sarwar, the Muslim Sufi which was a half way house to Islam. There's no doubt within a few decades these person would have become Muslims and lost to Sikhi forever. Yet the tenacity and the preaching skills of Giani Ditt Singh led to them becoming Sikhs.
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    watch this. this is what most punjabi churches are like punjabi taape and giddha for jesus you can see why these churches attract massive crowds! they offer entertainment, exorcisms, giddha and boliyan etc people love this stuff there. deras offer the same package as well you can see how the church has shaped itself to attract punjabi crowds, it gives them Christianity but dont take away the punjabism, they incorporate it
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    My fellow Juts are boorish, loud mouthed and quite domineering. We can be quite arrogant. But we are also proud and we take risks and get things done. We are also quite generous and quite open. Most juts will admit their shortcomings. But if you think you can keep insulting people of my background then I will fight back. You are very jealous of Juts and you are a very insecure person. What you don't like is hearing an answer you don't like to hear because it does not fit with your narrative.
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    My thias daughter had acne on her face and her mum said that someone did nazzar/evil eye on her that's why she got acne.
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    Never knew the Royal Family frequented Punjabi circles. Although I did see someone who looked suspiciously like Prince Andrew trying to sneak into a Sikhi camp for kiddies.
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    Good stuff. This should be repeated in every gurdwara in the country. We should also hand out leaflets informing parents and girls of this evil practice. These Pakistani muslims are on another level. They have complete disregard for any non Muslim. They are told to convert people using any method possible. I remember when I was in middle school aged around 8 or 9 and some Pakistani guy told me to say bismillah, <banned word filter activated>! It is deeply ingrained in them. We used to have Pakistani neighbours and the mother once told my mum that their religion says that they will be rewarded if they convert someone. This was coming from a moderate Muslim who was very friendly with us. So imagine what the hardcore ones are like.
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    Sikhi denies connection to any faith as we did not copy another religion.All religions belong to God and share God teachings so obviously there will be common teachings. Let me give you an example. When we are a school our main purpose is to be educated and eventually get a job right?But all schools will bring you to that goal anyway,they will all teach the same thing but with different notes and different teachers.And through all schools we will still get our goal of being educated and getting a job.However,there are schools that will be better than others in terms of notes.So similarly all religions will bring us to God.All religions have a different leader but their goal is the same.And please educate the sangat as to what you mean by bathing ritual?And please give evidence as to how our Gurus carried arms and flags with hindu deities.The mention of Allah in Guru Granth Sahib ji is to show that God is ONE.As to the fact that we are a new religion that is completely true.Just because we are similar to another religion does not mean that we have a same lineages another religion.Let me ask you a question.Do you agree that all religions bring us to God?If yes then obviously all religions will have a common thing. Bhul Chuk Maf

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