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    What a silly girl. Having a live in relationship with a Gujarati. If her identity gets leaked out no apna will want anything to do with her. The boyfriend and his parents lived up to the stereotype of being stingy businessness minded gurus, they think of relationships as business transactions. In fact both families seem like fools. I guarantee you both are from Kenya.
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    I didnt actually mean it in insulting way. Btw dont have what?
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    If it's not your wife it's somebody elses in spirit. All sex outside of Anand Karaj is a form of adultery.
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    I like your nimrta, very good Getting into Sikhi young is special beyond words. Enjoy this time period in your life. You’re definitely going to look back and miss it one day. My experience that day will come quicker than you think. Take one step at time and build your jeevan slowly (both rehit and simran).
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    That particular woman who objects to what I observed, and takes it as an attack on all of them.
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    There's a theory called enantiodromia - excess of one thing gives rise to the opposite. E.g. no recession = confidence. Confidence leads to risk-taking. Risks lead to recession My parents/grandparents generation came to UK because they were poor with little opportunity in India. (1) Problem - Sikhs coming to UK didn't know English or have qualifications = had to work manual jobs = low income, trying to build stable life here (2) Solution - Encourage their children to study hard = good qualifications = good jobs and higher income (3) Excess - Comfortable off-spring enjoying the life their parents made for them here, 'wrapping our children in cotton wool' - not teaching them how to fight, defend themselves. What happens next? Comfortable life, living in a safe country = we think it will last forever, but it might not “Logic is an invention of man and may be ignored by the universe"
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    Why is she in a bathtub? Is that lengha waterproof or something?
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh No veerji. Yes of course woman are capable of terrible things to like what indira gandhi but there are other woman like Mata Sahib Kaur,Bibi Nanaki,Mai Bhago and countless other shaheed Singhanis whose greatness cannot be described.But when Guru Sahib is saying this,it is to those people who have negative stereotypes against woman and claim that all woman are like that and that only a woman can do such a kartoot.This is wrong as this would be an insult to other good woman.Its like imagine saying all Man are cunning.Then this would insult all good man.Another example is that many people abort children just because the child is female.Thats why Guru Sahib says why condemn a woman whose Greatness CAN be so powerful.But this does not apply to all woman.No it is not wrong to call Indira Gandhi bad or Rajiv Gandhi bad or a person like Wazir Khan.But it is bad to give an example of evil people and judge a whole gender or religion based on that. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Relax mate I only downvoted the posts I disagreed with.I already answered you.Honestly I have nothing personal with you.I respect and agree with your other posts but now you said something wrong so I gave you the answer based on Gurmat, i did my part.If you wanna continue that's on you mate.Go on with the Name calling.Doesn't make a difference to me.I will just put a laughing face on your post .
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    Agreed, nowadays people just treat Guru Sahib and Our Pavitaar Bani like nothing.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh No that would be me. Bhand Janmeeai Bhand Ninmeeai Bhand Mangan Veeahu From Woman,Man is born,within woman,man is conceived,to woman he is engaged and married. Bhandahu Hovai Dhosathee Bhandahu Chalai Raahu Woman becomes his friend,through woman, the future generations come. Bhand Muaa Bhand Bhaaleeai Bhand Hovai Bandhan When his woman dies, he seeks another woman,to woman he is bound. So Kio Mandha Aakheai Jith Janmehi RajSan So why call her bad?From her kings are born. @MisterrSingh the female Kartoota you are talking about comes from a group of people.Do not call all woman bad due to that group.
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    You have to be careful of swinging to the extremes. While self praise leads to damaging haumai, self loathing leads to demorlization. Give credit where it's due. Imagine the sikh jatts of today had they not converted to Sikhi. What would the demographics of sikhs be today? We would be an even smaller trader/artisan class minority living under hindu and muslim jatts. This thread wasn't about what you're alluding to anyway.
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    I agree far more with the second statement friend and to me it impacts the first. Could not a man confess to his soon to be wife, that in this kalyug he suffers Kaam and that even more difficult that it is of a homosexual nature? But that as a Gursikh, he does fully believe in the Sacred Dharmic Kirpa of Anand Karaj? And gay or not he can still have children as seen. To what degree is the heterosexuaity of an Anad Karaj between a Singh and Singhni if it is done according to Gurmat and truthfully? What if the gay Singh has done his best to adhere to Rehit his whole life..stayed a virgin..practices everything and loves Vaheguru. And when married does everything to fulfill his Seva as a householder and a Sikh? And then we have a straight Singh, and not saying that Singhs tend to be any of these things, I hold you in the highest esteem, but say he drinks, gambles, beats his wife, had sex with prostitutes or foreign women before marriage? In Gurbani I do hear the Guru to advise the life of a Sant Sipahi Celebate that serves the Paanth or the Sant Sipahi Householder, but nowhere do I hear the Guru say anything about gay.
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    to be fair there is no evidence of this being likely apart from Mr Ajeet's overactive imagination....
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    We have enough cancer in our communities. Now not this feminism <banned word filter activated> but I see feminist attitudes have become quite prevalent in sikh circles
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