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    She's saying it's OK for a woman to cheat on her husband if her needs are not being met. But if it is the other way around then it is not OK.
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    Gotta be careful, bro. If someone like Mr. T spots your lady, it's curtains.
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    as for the colour pattern combo , men tend to be more colourblind and he is wearing glasses... fitte muh he's standing there all smiley in his chachi's suit . probably dhadri wale fanboy too
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    I feel sorry for Ravaan, bachara still gets set on fire every year.
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    A lot of these ancient texts have stories embellished around some actual events that may have taken place. Some of these stories are metaphors and some of these may have been misinterpreted. For example, Ravana had the intelligence of 10 men so it was like he had 10 heads has been interpreted that he literally had 10 heads.
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    @jkvlondonis the best to answer this post. You are on the right track though.
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    It would be great if more people from Haryana and Rajasthan become Singhs, they are very strong tough people. Quite rebellious as well which is a great quality imo I've listened to some of their music and they mention Bhagat Singh in it.
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    His a fool. If he was here in the UK doing stupid stuff like that he would of been blessed with a swinging jaw.
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    I know for a fact you hate me just like all the other people on here. So seeing this doesn't effect me at all. Or ARE YOU REALLY THICK ????
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    It was SikhPride.com Pride word now means something different than back in the days.
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    Don't take it personally bro. There are at least three chomos on here who downvote anything criticizing pedos.
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    Thanx for the reply veere! I can understand your problem. Although am still in college so marriage is out of the question but to be honest, I don't think I will marry a Sikh. I know it's wrong to generalize that all Sikh women are like this but I have come across so many "kaurs" from gursikh families that had sexual relationships with hindus/muslims including in my own family that I can't see myself getting married to a kaur. On the contrary, my female hindu classmates are so decent and don't date around. Their only fault that they are not born in sikh families is ridiculous, I would choose them as a potential life partner over a sikh woman anytime anyday. My cousin(non amritdhari but keeps kesh) married a hindu girl and she liked sikhi so much that she adopted sikhi by choice and now regularly does nitnem and stop cutting hair, keeping fasts etc. They also have a son whom they are raising as gursikh. Never feel disheartened, keep following sikhi and have faith in Waheguruji and most importantly NEVER compromise your beliefs for a woman(especially a spoiled westernized sikh girl) their are plenty of non sikh women who will understand you and your religion and will be good wife and good mother to your kids! And for haters and pseudo feminists who love to silence voices of sikh men, remember sikh sangat.com is not an islamic website. Everyone has the right to speak their opinions. Am not spreading hate, I just wrote reality and life experiences with sikh families and sikh women at large.
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    when you have the attitude that Waheguru ji is some kid who can be bribed then you have lost , sindoor will never save your man , fasting will never , maybe it is better to just accept hukham and do naam jap to mitigate the worst of bad karams of past lives . Hindus used to know this but with the whole money making attitude they have been driven into pointless rituals such as making murtis , praying to them etc , superstitions , living according to astrology. If you want you and your partner in life to live long happy lives , eat healthy, work honestly, help the needy and daily be grateful and remember Akal Purakh with love and leave the rest to Waheguru ji
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    Don't do the spyware. All this means is that you don't trust your wife. Marriage needs trust. If there is no trust, what do you have left in your relationship? Women talk with their pekheh when it comes to the foibles of their in-laws. This is their nature. If you had a sister and she was married, she would do exactly the same with your mum. Also your sister and mum would talk about the faults of your wife. That is the nature of women.
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    Where'd you find this bro. This bloke looks like a kusra. He's so colourful, and that patka reminds me of a seven-year-old kid.
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    It's a bit like how some Ravidassias say that Guru Nanak Dev ji copied from Bhagat Ravidas ji because Bhagat Ravidas ji happened to be born before Guru Nanak Dev ji. They also get really angry when we call him "Bhagat" Ravidas and tell us to call him "Guru" Ravidas. Last few years there has been a lot of people trying to elevate their saints. They don't realize that the very saints didn't give two hoots about worldly position and hierarchy lol, it pretty much defeats the whole purpose of following these saints. Its where the wrong kind of politics and religion mix
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh sangat. Right now I am 15 years old, my elder sister took amrit when she was 18. Maharaj blessed me with an understanding early so I really want to take amrit. In where I live, it's lockdown again till December. So during this lockdown, I have done an ardaas to be closer with guru maharaj ji. Maharaj does his kirpa and I wake up for amritvela almost every day. I refrain from eating meat as my mother does not cook meat in home as well. Maharaj has been doing great kirpa on paapi like me. I also have been practising to tie a dastaar though it's taking time and sometimes there are obstacle. Like I have one right now. But with maharaj kirpa all problems are resolved. When I first started to keep a rehit, I did not think of taking amrit. Like I did not want to imagine big stuff without moving forward. Now, I am thinking of taking amrit. I am not really open to any of my family members and it's all maharaj kirpa that I have open up to my family of tieing dastaar. My family obviously doesn't know that I want to take amrit next year. How do I open up to them. I always find difficulties to open up topics that are rarely spoken in my home. And any pyaare sangat are willing to give their advices and suggestions or maybe help me improve my rehit or anything at all. Please keep in mind that I also have to go school so any advices for a person who wants to take amrit while still studying in school. While writing this, I have done so many mistakes please forgive me dear sangat jio. Thank you so much.
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    The ancient city off the coast of Gujarat is the original Dwarka, the birth place of Krishna. The Mahabharata happened before the ice age. They have also found the land bridge that linked India with Sri Lanka. It is under water. So Ramayana would also taken place before the ice age. Hanuman was possibly some form if human. There were various humans other than Homo Sapiens like Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthal, Homo Denisovan, Homo Austropithicus etc etc. The human race has a collective amnesia and we as dharmics believe in things being cyclical. Humans have had that reset button set several times.
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    I honestly think it is their own style. A bit like how Japanese young people dress really weird, you can't tell which is the boy and which is the girl sometimes with the Japanese. The Punjabi/Indian singers first come up with the looks, for example Punjabi singer Parmesh Verma started doing his beard in a particular way and then every guy in Punjab started doing it, and when Parmesh Verma released his next song he mentions in it how every guy in Punjab copied his dhari. The Celebs do it first, then the shahry lot and then the pendus. But this particular look is far more popular with the Indian pendus, while a lot of the Indian kids in the urban and metropolitan areas go for a goofy geeky look. The look is inspired by the west but they add their own wacky look to it which makes them look like g@ndus. And that is the Punjabi look. A lot of the guys get their eyebrows done as well and arms waxed, my cousin gets his eyebrows done and arms waxed as well. When i used to be a mona and get my haircut and dhari done in india they also used to ask me if i want to get my eyebrows threaded. The guys also get full body massages done by the nai's. Guys in Punjab visit the beauty parlour and get pampered more than the women basically, the pendu girls say this as well. So they basically have created their own look, which is inspired by the west but they add their own twist to it. The bazurgs think the youngsters look like bandhars these days, which is quite accurate. Most pendu guys think us westerners are plain Janes (the male version) My cousin told me how they do a lot more shakeeni then us. A recent trend is wearing 2 or 3 earrings on each ear.
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    I was once listening to a katha about when Guru Gobind Singh Ji was with the Brars, and their leader Bhai Dhanna was asked to take Amrit by Maharaj. But Bhai Danna kept on saying i will keep on falling. Maharaj then gave a bhachan that if my Sikh comes of the path, i will give him birth again and again in a Gursikh house for 10k janams.
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    Ok firstly if your gay u shouldnt of got married. U can't live a lie. If your not gay then there's no real issue. Reading all the messages i can see u got married because u had to and u really have no relationship with your wife. Your wife will stay loyal unless u drive her away. U got to trust her and talk to her openly. U cant spy on her because she talks to her sister lol. Geezer u need to man up. If my wife wanted a job that i thought was going affect her relationship i would tell her. And if u have a confidence issue then seek help from a counsellor, and do Ardas to Maharaj. Also u called your wife average lol. That shows that u have no respect for her. The issue is these days is that everyones a man on the keyboard. But in real life they have no confidence. U don't need to be macho. U need a strong heart and u need to address a situation when i happens.
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    It's almost as if Gurdwareh have never ever conducted an Anand Karaj between a Sikh and a non-Sikh.
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    Playlist of 90 part series. Pari by pari. Better translation than what I could read in my opinion.
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    This code female language or womenese : She is also saying, "I am a woman , I am perfect, and I don't have any accountability for my actions, I have every right to make bad decisions but I will not take responsibility for my actions. Don't you dare question me for my bad actions. You are a man and therefore it is your fault for me making these bad decisions, you take responsibility for it!"
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    I cant find the topic. But saw a thread that stated the founders of Sikhsangat are leaving?? Is this true? As one of the first people that was on this forum from the begining in 2003 I think when it all started. Just want to say well done to the guys who created this forum and great platform. Sad to see you guys go. But hoepfully it falls into safe hands to continue.
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    Just out of curiosity, does this girl have a wife? Cause he's gonna struggle. But if he's gay, he's probably gonna end up with someone like Jeffree Star or James Charles, or some drag queen.
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    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Welcome Veer Ji.
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    and this guy talks to sikh jagat about his wife ... takes all sorts
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    Well is is a bit strange lol he's actually not a bad looking Singh so I don't know y he is doing this weird stuff to himself. Also his joora is fake, I've seen a photo of him before he started dressing weird and his joora is like 1/4 of the size of what it is now, so he probably uses that sponge thing that women wrap their hair around to make their joora look big. He's from Delhi so perhaps that explains why he is a bit strange, Delhi has been producing some odd Singhs! there was another one who is into belly dancing! not sure what's happening to them. But tbh some people are just creative! so maybe he is just a creative man! Certain type of Sikhs in the UK who socialize with certain type of White people seem to adopt a hippy, quirky look as well, they wear funky glasses, childish ties and socks, colourful and often pointy and funny shaped paghs. each to their own I guess ...
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    I understand the desire for that bro, but don't do that Ji. Build your relationship on Gurbani, on your practice of Sikhi as householders, with communication and trust and be in your alpha energy bro. Be affectionate with her bro. Gay or not she needs your reassurance and your touch. For you to be loving Ji. No matter what kind of love that is. Encourage her to either invest herself in raising your young one properly or find the most appropriate work available. Cosmotology is a tacky profession for a Sikh in my wretched opinion.
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    Malaysia has about 100000 sikhs.Muslims are a majority there but theres still a good amount of sikhs.There was a Mahapurakh in the area he used to go to Malaysia and my country and some nearby countries too.So there are a good amount of Sangat in those particular areas.
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    I was thinking about this yesterday. There is absolutely no difference between how people living there were behaving 2000 years ago and how the people currently living there and the diaspora behave today. Punjab has seen so many Sants, Peers and Gurus come and go, but it seems the people of the land just pick up the same habit again and again. Our neighbours on the other side of the border are just as bad with the whole Mujra culture and alcohol/opium addictions, one could argue they are even worse! Some of the earliest writings in the Punjabi language were written by the Nath Yogis, they were spiritual writings. Soon after that great Sufi Saints like Bhagat Farid ji and countless more came. Then the saints from the Bhagti movement and then our Gurus, but everyone is still behaving the same! But even of we just look at Sikhs and forget the rest then even Sikhs have been behaving like this throughout history. Just back in the 80s when 1000s of Sikhs were being killed the singer Chamkila was at the height of his career! why? despite Singhs being killed left right centre, a singer who was famed for his raunchy lyrics was the most booked artist in the state by Sikhs, what does that say about them? and if you look at the videos majority of the audience were paghan wale. Go back to the partition, then we all know what some Sikh men were getting up to back then! Was watching a Youtube video about the partition, a Sikh bibi was being interviewed who was actually born a Muslim but she got kidnapped by Sikhs and one of them married her and she became a Sikh. She's from Hoshiarpur and she said just in the surrounding area of the pind she got married into she said between 2000-3000 Muslim girls were kidnapped, half of them were sent back later while half of them were hidden from the army by their kidnappers. These were Sikhs with joode and dharis! Go back to the Sikh empire and, well, we all know what they were getting up to! Go back to Guru Gobind Singh Jis time and Guru Ji narrates stories set in Anandpur Sahib in Charitropakhyan, these things were obviously happening at Anandpur Sahib and that's why Guru ji wrote about them. During Guru Gobind Singh Jis time there also the sakhi of Bhai Joga Singh of Peshawar, who was given a hukkam to leave Peshawar and go straight to Anandpur Sahib and visit Guru ji and on his way he got distracted and decided to visit a prostitute, but was obviously saved. so Singh was considering visiting a prostitute while Guru ji was walking the earth! How many more Singhs did the same thing as Bhai Joga back then? So even Sikhs ( proper Sikhs with Kes and Dhara, including their womenfolk) have pretty much been getting up to all sort throughout our history. Despite us having so many Shaheeds throughout our history, it would be delusional to think all Sikhs were like that. imo the vast majority were not ? ....
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    They want their religious figureheads to be viewed as complete, unflawed beings like Guru Sahibs. I think they feel that if their particular divine personalities are seen to have questionable or all-too human origins, it lowers their standing, and makes them seem not-so special next to other communities' religious figures. I understand the logic behind it, but I think it's ill advised. It also inadvertently reveals a sense of inferiority that nobody would've bothered to observe if the facts had been undisturbed. I'm not knocking any bhagat or similar figure, but i think this is an unfortunate side effect of Modi's social empowerment agenda being channelled in a dodgy direction by people who have gone a tad overboard. It's up to them. Nobody wants to be considered lesser than any other group I guess.
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    Someone has been released from Arkham it seems.
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    What I meant in my original post was if Sikhs give too much importance to Diwali/Bandi Chorr Diwas. Is it really a big important event in Sikh history? There are more significant events in my opinion. It seems that someone just decided to tie in Bandi Chorr Diwas and Diwali together so that we Sikhs didn't feel left out when the Hindus were celebrating. It's a bit like how the European Christians replaced their pagan winter solstice festival with Christmas. They felt guilty to celebrate their old pre-Christian festival so decided to give it a different meaning that fit their new religion but the dates do not match.
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    He is threatening to press the red button. Follow his command or everything goes "boom!"
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    Yes its me i am back !!!! How you been ?
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    She best start honing her makeup skills. We can't be having brides looking like kusreh if she's to make a successful go of this endeavour.
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    Guru Gobind singh ji says Anyone who is eating less, Sleeping less, Talking Less(unworthy Talk) is already doing the fast, what other fast do we want to observe? BUT MAIN QUESTION IS ARE WE OBSERVING THOSE ABOVE POINTS TOLD BY OUR SATGURU?????

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