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    My nani ji had darshan before she was even amritdhari! She fell really ill when she was in her teens and her parents took her to some baba who was a fake, then they ended up at the gurdwara where she had darshan of guru Nanak maharaj. Then she had darshan again at amrit sanchar! She said she drank amrit then when the panj Singh put their hands on her head, she fell unconscious and had darshan of dasam paatshah. Nani ji has been amritdhari for around 60 years and awakes at 12 every night even at her age! She’s also kept sarbloh bibek from the day the panj Singhs gave her hukam up until this age, never even complained about it. Even though her own children are not amritdhari, when I was born and my mum took me to India, the first thing she said was that i will be gifted amrit! My mum told me that she got a batta and put water in it and started to stir it with a kirpan and recite japji sahib in maharaj hazuri. She then did an ardaas in bairaag for me to be blessed with amrit. Her ardaas was fulfilled 17 years later when I went back to India and she took me to a rainsbhai. I was thinking of taking amrit but I was in a bit dubidha but when I sat there and I saw my nani ji in sangat with so much anand on her face, japping naam, the thirst arose inside. mignt be biased but she’s the best gursikh I know!
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    Rise above it and get out of here. Only help those who want to be helped. Society is lost, it will only get worse in kaljug. I know someone who posts really tarty and sexual photos on Instagram. A relative on my inlaws side. I approached her about it but she said ‘it’s embracing her body’ and ‘liberation’ .... she tried to imply I’m narrow minded... We really do have different views of what liberation is, so I realised there’s no point in me even trying to help her.
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    Interesting article I'v heard this before. “Only GurSikhs Had Anand Karaj Before the 1900” Says Elderly Grandmother Posted byDaily Sikh Updates October 11, 2016 “Only GurSikhs Had Anand Karaj Before the 1900” Says Elderly Grandmother Anand Karaj in the 1900s by Anonymous on Sikhnet Recently the Sikh marriage ceremony (Anand Karaj) has come under dispute when concerning couples professing different faiths, which has led to some controversy and conflict. Without going into too much detail of the recent events in the UK, where members of the Sikh community prevented an interfaith marriage from taking place in a Gurdwara, the Akal Takht, the spiritual abode of authority for Sikhs, has made it very transparent in the Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) that the Anand Karaj ceremony is only permitted for those professing the Sikh faith. And quite rightly so! If one does not wish to accept or practice the Sikh faith, then why would one want a Sikh marriage ceremony? What is intended to be a blissful union of two souls merely becomes a meaningless and ritualistic ceremony. For many years after the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Sikh marriage rites became disoriented with conflicting practices, to the extent where a number of Sikhs were partaking in Hindu Vedic ceremonies to solemnise their marriage. In order to safeguard the sanctity of the Anand Karaj, a Sikh marriage act was officially passed in 1909, which established a legal binding of two people professing the Sikh faith. AnandKaraj This led me to go back to something my maternal grandmother mentioned regarding how Sikh marriages were performed in the early 1900s. It was a common practice for all marriages to be arranged and for girls, as young as seven years old to be engaged (my grandmother was nine years old!). Despite being engaged at such a young age, the girls would legally get married at 15 or 16 and for couples to meet for the very first time on their actual wedding day. My grandparents had a very simple, traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, which took place around the late 1920s-early 1930s (the exact year was never documented). My grandmother very interestingly pointed out, in order for the Anand Karaj to take place, the man had to take Amrit before the ceremony to profess his commitment to the Sikh faith and making a promise that he will maintain Sikh practices within his household. It was not necessary for women to take Amrit before marriage, which was something I could not quite completely understand nor could my grandmother explain why. Upon my grandfather taking Amrit, my grandparent’s marriage was sanctified by the Anand Karaj ceremony. The wedding ceremony took place in the ambrosial hours of the morning at around 4-5am, which was a practice that was maintained and continued from the times of the Sikh Gurus. Sadly this practice has now been lost. This prompted me to question my grandmother further; what if my grandfather did not choose to take Amrit or what if my grandfather had shorn hair but was born in a Sikh household, would they still be allowed to have an Anand Karaj ceremony? My grandmother made a very bold statement that no Sikh during the British Raj cut their hair; the Sikh identity was strongly intact. The cutting of the Kes became more apparent when Sikhs began to emigrate to the West in the 1950s and 60s, where they faced a backlash of discrimination and hostility towards them. For those who did not take Amrit before their marriage or where a Sikh daughter’s hand was given away in marriage into a Hindu household, the Anand Karaj ceremony was not permitted. As an alternative, the couple were offered an opportunity to sanctify their married life and seek the blessings from the Guru in the Gurdwara, where a Sukhmani Sahib or some other form of prayer and an Ardas were performed. Based upon my grandmother’s insight into Sikh marriages in the early 1900s, it is clearly evident that the Anand Karaj ceremony was led and performed for those professing the Sikh faith. Although there was a significant requirement for the male spouse to take Amrit before the marriage, this is not the case now as many Sikh marriages take place with or without either couple being Amritdhari. Inevitably, interfaith marriages will take place. Civil Service ceremonies are held inside many Sikh Gurdwaras around the world in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If a couple wishes to have a marriage ceremony conducted inside a Gurdwara and seek the blessings from the Guru, then we should be able to offer them an alternative ceremony through a prayer and an Ardas. In spite of the times changing, Sikhs have and should continually maintain the sanctity of the Anand Karaj ceremony between two Sikhs, however to also offer an alternative solution for interfaith marriages.
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    How times have changed, now we have members of LGBTQ community trying to have Anand Karaj. When you break a rule for one, then there always will be another wanting you to break the rule for them.
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    Not sure if you know but yesterday there was a lot of angry Hindus on Twitter. A Ex Muslim Armin Nawabi uploaded inappropriate images of Kali Mata in s3xual positions and winking etc Hindus in return are doing their usual thing and sending him threats and insulting the guys mother etc. The guy is Iranian and had uploaded a photo of his mothers appearance before and after the Iranian islamic revolution and Hindus have photoshopped his mothers face onto porn actresses etc. Most Christian channels and ex muslims have a big % of Hindu followers and fan boys. A lot of these Christian channels and ex Muslims upload cartoons of muhammed and the Hindus love it, but now an ex Muslim has uploaded inappropriate images of Kali Mata the same Hindus are angry, Mohammed Hijab has tweeted about this hypocrisy as well. My point is, Sikhs should stay out of all of this, because we have a lot of portraits of our Gurus and other saints and female figures and people do a lot of sick stuff to religious images to offend people. Watching the videos is fine and reading tweets etc, but if you start writing comments then things might turn nasty, like this whole Kali mata incident. At the end of the day atheists are atheists, just coz they are criticising Islam or Christianity that doesnt mean they wont start on Sikhi, and you obviously don't want that. Majority of the comments under these videos are normally 100s of Hindu comments and Christian's but I do see the odd Sikh persons comments aswell. They make really interesting videos, but just saying ... Sikhs shouldn't get too involved in those kinds of things, or atleast not make their presence felt, because things can turn really nasty like what's happening right now.
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    For average secular hindu, we are a part of sanatan dharam and a fake outshoot of Hinduism. They believe that sikh gurus worshipped Ram, Durga and other hindu deities and since countless hindus left Hinduism and became gursikhs by choice during sikh gurus timeline, they comsider us as "brothers". For average muslim, we are kaafir and we must be converted to islam otherwise Allah will kill all non muslims on the day of judgement. For average Christian, we are destined to go to hell as we are non Christians or don't consider Jesus as the only true messanger of god. Any sikh reading this, feel proud to be born in a sikh family and given the opportunity to learn sikhi. Non sikhs don't have this privilege and learn twisted extremist ideologies/religions as above. That's why every sikh must raise his son/daughter as gursikhs. Kindly don't fall for the media propaganda "its their choice". No your kids don't have a choice. They will learn only non sikh/anti gurmat values from school/college friends, media etc. You will be their only teachers in teaching sikh values especially in the initial years. Never deprive your kids from the gift of sikhi.
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    If we're being accurate and living up to specific cultural stereotypes, the person saying Namaste should've been illustrated like this: That's only fair.
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    Same as today any writer can write about general majority of Sikhs being non-turbaned, drinking or some smoking. 100 years later we cannot simply believe that they were the actual Sikh. Just like in past there were actual Sikhs who followed guru path and some who were on and off that path with their weakness. Maharaja Ranjit is the perfect example of a Sikh who was not a Sikh in our guru eyes with his lifestyle.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/in.pinterest.com/amp/satinder0073/sant-jarnail-singh-ji-khalsa/ Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Sangat ji I found this page full of pictures of Sant ji so just wanted to share it. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Empires are not brought down by external threats, but internal weaknesses. Before we begin some holy crusade against the missionaries (Christian missionaries in this case lol), let's stop and think for a second. Why are they able to target these Sikhs? And what have we (sangat, leaders) done to help them? Our people do nothing to help our brothers and sisters who have a hard life, and yet have the gaul to complain when others come along, help them and convert them to their religion! We first gotta get our house in order. And once we do, these type of missionaries will be easily handled.
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh Social media can be a real distraction and addiction toward its usage does hurt us in a very bad way. Wishing you a chardikala future ahead. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Bhenji,the only advice I can give you is that you should leave it to Vaheguru.Its like we are in a ship.We are not in control of it.So we should have trust in the One controlling it and have faith as He wont let us down and steer us the wrong way. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Literally just 10 mins ago i just watched this 1hr and 20 mins discussion on M.Ranjit Singh and Sikh empire, the guy hosting it was a gay "sikh" mona and the historian was Amandeep Singh Madra. After the historian finished explaining his stuff he answered questions and one of the questions was about sex and bisexuality in the Sikh empire! as the host was a gay obviously the people viewing this live must of been gays as well! and not wanting to upset them the historian man started stuttering and saying M.Ranjit Singh was very close to Hira Dogra and that there were people talking because they were so close! and then he was like Hira Dogra was definitely gay. <banned word filter activated> You should of seen the hosts head nodding in agreement! This is the problem with gays! they turn history and historical figures into gays! just like feminists that narrate history to suit their views! This BS needs to stop next min people like M.Ranjit Singh are gnna become gay symbols for that community
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    Who said feminists see men as an atm. House duties need to be done, whether by men or women.
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    How should India govt handle the Chinese army incursion on the border?
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    She's saying it's OK for a woman to cheat on her husband if her needs are not being met. But if it is the other way around then it is not OK.
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    I'm fortunate enough to have darshan every morning when I wake up.
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    Rakhri must truly be Valentine's day for these types.
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    You are a real psycho aren't you. do you have a real job or life. I mean you had so much time to go down vote all my previous posts. you are just a crazy psycho. I guess guru Sahib was right don't argue with fools. If there is no religion than guru sahib wouldn't have said the following: Dharam bina sab daley Maley hai. Dasam Bani Uggardanti.. 'Kareh Khalsa Panth Teesar Parveesah, Jugay Singh Jodhay Turay Neel Bhaisa' Third Panth basically is new religion. You won't acknowledge it because it doesn't find your narrative. Below are few lines from Vaar 41 of Bhai Gurdas Ji. It basically proves that Khalsa is a third panth(religion). Ehe Thisar Majahb Khalsa Upjeoo Pardhana Niij Panth Chalo Khalsa Dhar Tej Karaa Sikhism isn't some philosophy that you follow it an actual religion. I know you are an outsider trying to brain wash young kids here but that won't work. This is it I am done arguing with fools.
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    I have a feeling that some of these types are doing this because they feel resentment at having been compelled to reign in their promiscuous behaviour when growing up in a relatively conservative Sikh/Panjabi household. This is how they are seeking revenge in adulthood. I've always felt that modern feminism is a big joke, where goray men have conned some dimwitted women into thinking that acting promiscuously is some form of female 'liberation'. You couldn't make it up..... What's really sad is that the behaviour sort of reinforces negative stereotypes, that apneean really need to get away from.
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    I am a sikh women and in my view these trailer trash mentality cocnuts who have swallowed the neoliveral agenda hook , line and sinker need a tight slap from every real Kaur in their respective nations for daring to equate themselves to us and speaking for us . We do not condone your gandh , your misquoting of gurbani to justifying your lack of sharam , izzat or even introspection . Go and and rename yourselves as daughters of the dollar as that is your isht
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    Seeing all this bs I'm just done with this kalyug. We NEED someone to clean this gand.
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    She looks like a blowup doll, but i'm guessing that's the look she was going for in the first place! Sad thing is, not that i sympathize with these people, but these kind of individuals are normally not very happy with their life ....
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    Through Simran I started remembering my past life.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Sangat ji I just had an experience that I feel is related to the coming times.A few days ago while doing simran,i asked Maharaj for darshan of Sachkhand.Maharaj showed me the beautiful white palace.Sachkhand is indescribable .Then suddenly everything went blank and then I saw sachkhand again and a person wearing white bana facing Guru Ji and doing ardas but I only saw his legs.Then everything went blank again.I was really curious so I continued my simran and asked Maharaj who that person was.Then I saw the same scene again but I saw the face of that Gursikh.It was Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale and Bhai Amrik Singh ji.They were both doing ardas to Guru Sahib.Thats all I saw. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    the reason why they hate sikhi is the whole truth of it, the openheartedness, the lack of controllers, the self-sovreignity inherent in its thinking, to be a fundamental sikh is inherently good rather than bad as it tells a human to be self-controlled, self-reliant , Guru ji made us his daughters and sons but the others are just sheep to be lead by the nose, that's the difference.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh We are never alone.We always have the thousands of shaheeds with us,our guru with us and Akaal Purakh with us.We dont need anyone else.Who is the British government.They are nothing compared to our Guru and Akaal Purakh.It does not matter if they dont support Khalistan.We will get it anyway.Its just a matter of time.Its just a while more.Khalsa Raj is extremely close.We just have to be prepared for it. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    shhhh are you insane ? we're supposed to be bending over backwards for everyone else, even if its at expense of our interests and our existence. go take a jhaadu and broom a maseet and do sewa like our honorable sikh brothers did for Aurangzeb's Jaama masjid in delhi and hold iftar parties in our gurdwaras
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Something needs to be done to put them in their place.They can do whatever they want with their mosques but they cannot convert temples of other Faith's to theirs.This is similar to the mughal times where they would do such atrocities.They had no right to do this in the past,they have no right to do this now and they will never get this right.They need to be stopped.
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    Longer version I think
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    There has never been any Puratan Sikh Sampradah, Jatha, group within the Sikh Panth that has ever legitimized homosexuality. Not even one precedence in our history. Yet the original poster is trying to use this argument that we are influenced by colonialism. Truth of the matter is it is only now with western born Sikhs who have been brainwashed by the cultural norms of the west that they are trying to impose western paradigms on the Sikh community.
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    When someone prefaces their argument with "I'm not trying to be..." it's usually a precursor to them wanting to convey the exact opposite sentiment they're at pains not to state outright. The "incels" comments sounds very Reddit-ish. A classic shaming tactic. Are you a Redditor? You smell like a Redditor. Nobody likes Redditors. People are "so obsessed" with what women are doing for many reasons, and it's something that's proving to be a worldwide phenomena amongst groups that wish to retain their values, traditions, and their identities in the face of overwhelming odds being espoused for many decades by certain groups who wish for the world to be populated by mutt-like, rudderless, confused beings without roots and identities. The "alpha male" argument is an enticing one, and I admit I myself was actually quite convinced by its merits for a few years, but when I began delving into it from a different angle, I found myself being repulsed by the very idea of it. In essence, it transfers the entire burden of the relational transaction (including the initial pursuit) between a man and a woman onto the shoulders of the man while entirely bypassing the merits (or not) of the female in question; in other words, the male is encouraged to ignore the fact of whether the woman is WORTH pursuing; we're encouraged not to analyse her qualities and her merits, but just accept her for breathing. Apparently, that's enough. This "ideal" of woman is packaged as perfection, and if you fail to entice such a female, it's because there's some serious deficiency in your masculinity. What if a masculine, strong-willed man doesn't want a loose-moralled, shallow harlot? Does that make him a beta male? I agree, but one can obtain a fairly accurate guestimate from such indicators. Wonderful sentiments, and again I agree to a certain extent, but in the case of the Sikh women you're passionately defending it's simply not as cut-and-dry as you're making it out to be. This "moving on" you describe is usually something that's isn't a result of personal growth and introspection. It's a desperate, final move resulting from a debilitating fear; fear of being discovered, or fear of being labelled, or a general dread of being having done wrong. It's usually the last roll of the dice in an attempt to conceal an act (or a sequence of acts) that's spiralled out of control. Her "settling down" is not through choice, for if it were, she would choose to settle down with the type of companions to whom she granted access to her... innermost sanctum, lol. This "settling" is exactly that: it's settling for second best in her mind at least. The fun, rollercoaster ride of hedonism and degeneracy is over, and suddenly that empty, hollow, galling sensation gnawing away at her conscience screams at her to turn over a new leaf either through heartbreak or because she realises she was fed a lie. Then, miraculously, she finds God! Then she begins quoting out-of-context Guru Nanak quotes, and begins lecturing Sikhs on religious directives. What a transformation! A truly introspective person would arrest their fall BEFORE hurtling over the cliff. Sikh females tend to realise the direness of their situation only once they've launched themselves off the cliff, and they're sprawled on the rocks miles below. Maybe not in your family or social circle, but I assure you they do exist. Maybe look harder, and not assume your personal situation is the standard? Overall, I have HUGE problems with Sikh males, too. I'm not one for double standards. I believe if Sikh males want the "best" Sikh female, they must exhibit the behaviour and decorum they seek in a female companion. I have nothing but contempt for the contemporary Western Punjabi or culturally Sikh male. I'd be more than happy to contribute my opinions on that subject if someone were to open a thread on that particular topic.
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    If Singhs cover their head then women should too, Its also Guru Gobind Singh jis hukkam to keep your head covered. In India they just cover their heads with chunnis, while in the west mostly tie dastar or patka, i guess its up to you. My Nani used to wear chunni and she was Amritdhari. If your comfortable with chunni then just wear chunni as long as your head is covered. Sikh women covered their heads with chunnis for centuries, Sant jis wife wore a chunni. Singh with dastar/dhari and wife with a naked head looks very odd.
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    Just one thing, why do we keep using words and terminology which belongs to another religion? Mard e Mujahid - a Muhjahid is an Islamic warrior who takes part in a Jihad. A Jihad is a war specifically started to defend or spread Islam. The war allows loot as well as enslavement of women and children as well as rape. WHY THE F&&& are we using these terms which are totally counter to what Santji was doing? If a western non-Sikh was to see that picture he would automatically associate Santji with ISIS or the Taliban. We are the worst at shooting ourselves in the foot. Also using terminology that is not a part of our religion and language shows lack of self confidence in our own religion and language. There are a number of terms in Punjabi that could be used to replace Mard e Mujahid.
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    Learn to write English correctly, what does' 'gonna' mean? If anyone has a single desire to see pendu fudhu punjabis please visit Uk, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and wherever else the punjabis have migrated to, from India. Shockingly, their present generations are dense enough to ape the trashy indigenous natives of these societies. Instead of rising above them through good education, they have decided to stay where they belong, in the lower rungs of societies. They have simply failed to acquire any decent language skills acceptable or permissible in the more educated and elevated echelons or hierarchical sections of these societies. They are, de facto, the worst off than their trashy indigenous working classes counterparts or punjabis living in Punjab. What the heck does 'gonna' stand for. Your language is enough to tell everyone which drainpipe you spring forth from. Stop using it if your knowledge of its vocabulary and its usage is inadequate. You will not get anywhere or gain anything by deliberately misusing it. It is not your language to start with, so, show some respect. Learn to write properly, starting with your ancestral mother tongue. Bloody illiterate lot with illiterate offsprings, can't even be bothered to correct these idiots when they open their spouts to utter some meaningless rubbish at home. Can't blame them, they don't know any better themselves. With your sub-standard language skills, we are not surprised you have a problem with understanding anything 'word-for-word' forget about sikhi. Did your parents ever teach you to show some respect to your ancestral mother tongue? Stop behaving so unscrupulously. All languages are sacred, use them with respect.

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