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    mand5 - im an ex radhasoami..... before i continue, well done for seeking answers from another source other then your radhasoami community. for this i must commend your efforts. I use to ask my family questions, they use to tell me not to ask others because others are "non believers... they think there way is right"... also my family use to say "maharaji (rs baba) is a walking granth... those who insult him are acting in ignorance"... my friend... you, and all other radhasoamis that believe in this pakhandi baba have been brainwashed. i hate to disapoint you, but he isnt god - just the thought really does turn my stomach. the radhasoami baba is NOT antarjami (innermost knowing)... if he was, he would have knew my plans to turn to king of kings Guru Granth Sahib ji MAHARAJ - SACHE PATSHAH and he would have stoped me from doing so... but he didnt... hes nothing more then a con artist. please save your family from the falsehood of radhasoami. at their time of death u do not want them thinking of a pakhandi "maharaj"... or reciting a fake mantra. Everyone knows Gurbani is truth and real... you want your family thinking of Vaheguru and reciting Vaheguru at their time of death. i can answer all your questions. please message me your phone numeber and we can have a chat. many things wrong with radhasoami mat. 1 - randha soami land in beas is currently legally in the name of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Mahraj 2- radha soami forbids alchahol and meat... not tobacco... read into radha soami history, or read "the masters answers" and find out why tobaco is not forbiden (or allowed) in radhaosami faith 3-radha soami replaced sikh greating of WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH with "radhasoami" 4-radha soami replaced gurmantra with a fake mantra 5- radha soamis do not belioeve in guru manio granth 6- radha soamis do nothing for the victims of the 84 genocide - not even the radhasoami victims 7-radhasoami baba does not speak out against injustices (guru nanak sahib did) i can go on and on and on. the list is truely endless. radhasoami baba is nothing... nowhere near our 10 satguru sahibs and guru granth sahib ji. the works of our Puran Satguru Sahibs is nothing short then the Work of God. All radha soami baba does is fool innocent and simple sangat - this is no achievement as punjabis are generally simple in nature. Radha soami refuse to believe GURU granth sahib ji is guru... yet radhasoami mat use to be centered around Guru granth sahib ji. Guru Granth Sahib Ji use to be parkash in beas... they wheeled in sikh sangat with ttheir fake prachar... messing with Gurbani is messing with Vaheguru... this is not a small sin that can be overlooked. yes gurbani and guru granth sahib ji maharaj is universal... but that does not mean it can be misused. this is mahapaap (huge sin). radha soami copy sikh traditions like guru ka langar, yet they do not believe its necessary to keep kara kachera kirpan kesh khanga... they call dasam bani false in "spiritual letters" book in "spiritual heritage" book they say sri harimanir sahib is just "brick and water" - how offensive the other radhasoami book "guru nanak, his mystic teachings" - is wholly offensive to sikhs. bhai gurdas sahib's bani is discredited... they also disagree with the documentated history behind gurdwara panja sahib... the list is endless.... i turely can go on and on. why does radhasoami only mess with sikh history and sikh beliefs and not the beliefs of other faiths?? why does radhasoami baba keep sikh apperance?? regarding your comment "you need a living guru" this is true. guru granth sahib ji is alive. if you believe in guru granth sahib ji mahjaraj you will be aware of the following truths: "bani guru guru hai bani vich bani amritsare" "sun sun jeeva terey bani" and others. there is no difference between gurbani and the guru.... we live by listening to GURBANI. we can not believe in what you guys believe in. satbachan is not gurbani... far from it. a sikh would never recite the words of tobacco users, and a sikh would never accept a tobacco user as their satguru. tobacco is strictly forbidden in sikh faith. even if gurbani told us to run to a living human for salvation (which it doesnt)... i would never run to the feet of such a fraudster radha sooami baba. do not study gurbvani from pakhandi baba, please learn gurmukhi and study for yourself. ive done it all... my family use to visit haynes park, and beas... we used to attend bhandara and put our names down for sewa... i am so thankful that Vaheguru has saved my family from that path and brought us to the path of Gursikhi. I am deeply saddened that there are literally millions of radha soami devotees. its very saddening. ill finish on this tuk of guru gobind singh ji maharaj.. sagal duar ko shhad ke, ghaiho tuharo duar, banhe gahe kio laj as gobind das tuhar - i have abandoned all gates (paths) and i have come to yours o lord, o lord please protect my honour and hold my arm, for i am your humble servant for any mistakes bhul chuk maaf vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh. (mand5, inbox me, we can discuss this further if you wish, i know its hard to accept... but believe me your baba is a fake... go back to the house of Our Puran Satguru's... we know for a fact they are real and true... have no doubts and embrace their pavitar bani)
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    An old article but still very relevant even today Sant Bhindranwale Did Nothing Wrong By Defending The Golden Temple General S. K. Sinha (Retd.), GOC-in-C of the Western Command, Spokesman Weekly, July 16,1984 While fighting against army hordes from June 5 to 7 last, Sikhs inside the Golden Temple Complex at Amritsar were exercising their legitimate right of self defence. This conclusion is based on the facts revealed and assessment made by Lieutenant General S. K. Sinha (Retd.), when he was GOC-in-C of the Western Command. "The Army action was not the 'last resort' as Prime Minister Indira Gandhi would have us believe, decided upon toward May-end (1984). It had been in her mind for more than 18 months". Said the General that when he was GOC-in-C of Western Command, he got a call around 10pm, from 'someone in Delhi' that a decision had been taken at the highest level that the army should undertake the arrest of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Nothing was heard after the General told the caller that in matters like this he would like to hear from either the Chief of Army Staff or the Defence Minister. This was toward 1981 end when Darbara Singh was Chief Minister i.e. nearly 30 months before the Army actually struck at Arnritsar. "Again, when Sant Bhindranwale went into Mehta Chowk" adds General Sinha, "there was a request to the Army to supply Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) to the police to facilitate his arrest." This was long before the Akalis launched their morcha in August 1982. Shortly after the morcha, the Army began rehearsals of a commando raid near Chakrata Cantonment in the Doon Valley, where a complete replica of the Golden Temple complex had been built. "Another training involving Aviation Research Centre Commandos, was given in the Sarsawa area and Yamuna bed in helicopters converted into gunships. This plan, earmarked for implementation first in August last year (1983) and then in April this (1984) year, was given up as it had leaked out to the Sikh militants." "In view of these military preparations, if Sant Bhindranwale and his men decided to defend the Golden Temple with all their might and means, no one can, and should, blame them." "You are duty-bound to do your all when you know someone is going to raid your house. In this case, the house was the holiest Sikh Shrine in the world." "All you have to do is to match the adversary's weapons with your own weapons of equal, if not more, fire power. This is an acknowledged rule of combat." "Mrs. Gandhi contends that arms were being collected by Sant Bhindranwale for the last one year. But this was much after she herself had drawn up plans for Army action against the Golden Temple and other gurdwaras." "In December, last year (1983) two trenches were dug by Sant's men in front of Teja Singh Samundari Hall within the holy complex but he was persuaded to fill them up." "This proves that till then no responsible Akali leader was prepared for an armed showdown with the Government." Fortification of the complex, according to SGPC Secretary Bhan Singh, started from February 17 this year (1984). And that also after CRPF and BSF units had resorted to unprovoked firing and had begun converting the buildings on the periphery of the temple into bunkers and fortresses. This action of the Sikhs was a just response to the provocation provided by Government's para military forces. Again, toward May end this year, CRPF and BSF units deliberately fired 10,000 bullets per day on the temple area for more than a week in order to find out from the return firing, as has been officially admitted now, where the terrorist fortifications were located and what kind of equipment they had. This was given a deliberate design to escalate the conflict. No Sikh worth his salt could allow easy entry into the Golden Temple area to any armed force. It is his sacred duty to smash the enemy's teeth and sacrifice his life while fighting. This is what Sant Bhindranwale and his men did. In the best tradition of Sikh warriors, they fought to the last bullet and their last breath. For the same reason, hundreds of men, women and children, who had come to the Golden Temple as pilgrims, decided to lay down their lives when they saw the army invading the holy area. Before this open clash of arms, there were hardly five per cent Sikhs who supported Sant Bhindranwale's actions or utterances. But now the Government has made him a hero in the Sikhs' eyes. Now everyone, including his previous detractors, hail him as a martyr of the same genre as Baba Deep Singh who had fought against Ahmed Shah Abdali's marauders. Sant Bhindranwale's previous acts of commission and omission stand washed white by his making the supreme sacrifice of life for a noble cause. The present Government shall live to rue the day of June 5, 1984. http://shaheed-khalsa.com/defending.html
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh "eh muslim priwaar har mahene ik war darbar sahib de darshan karan jroor aunda hai galbaat de dauran enha dasea k 1984 vich jdo ik sikh (nishan singh na dasea ena os sikh veer da) hindua to bachdea hoyea ena de ghar aa wadeaa ta ena ne apne ik put de sir te pag ban k jis de dhadi rakhi hoie c nu onha de havale kr dita te onha ne enha de samne agg jiode nu la diti .galbaat daoran eh sab futt futt k ro paye ate kendhe asi ethe allha da sukar krn aunde ha par asi apne dharm vich parpakk ha ate kehnde saanu etho di rohaaniat sanu khich leaodi hai." "This Muslim family come to Darbar Sahib every month for darshan. While talking to them, they told that in 1984, a sikh ( his name was Nishan Singh) running from Hindus came to their house for shelter. They tied turban to one of their son's head, who has beard, and gave him to the Hindu mob. Their son was burnt alive in front of their eyes. They started crying during this conversation. They said that they come to Darbar Sahib to thank Allah but they are devout Muslims. The roohaniat of Darbar Sahib brings them here" Before bashing other religions, please understand that TRUTH exists in every religion. At the end, God will not judge us based on our religion, but on our actions.Lets improve our actions and be what our Gurus want us to be. Consider all human race as one!!
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    So the red dot of inequal brahminism on nidars forehead and the Thrisul in his hand doesn't seem like any part of traditional Sikhi pre-Singh sabha to me! The KFC and Johnny walker in his belly don't seem like any part of traditional Sikhi pre-Singh sabha to me either!
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    Here is a nice Sakhi of Guru Nanak Dev Ji for a Friday afternoon. On one of his travels Guru Ji came to a town and stopped at the house of an old Sikh called Chundhwadi. He was very poor and was in a fluster as to what food to place in front of Guru Ji. He went to the local town not knowing what to do. While he was there he saw a gathering of people and went to see what was happening. It was a wrestling match and the local Nawab was parading his champion. Now, the champion was called Maskeen and was tall and muscular and was undefeated. He stood while the proud Nawab challenged all the town if there was any person who would take on his champion. Maskeen strode into the middle of the large circle flexing his muscles. No one dared step forward for fear of serious injury. When Chundhwadi heard that the prize was 50rps he thought that if he could get the money he could use it to buy provisions to place in front of Guru Ji. He stepped into the ring and declared his intention to wrestle Maskeen. All fell about laughing, how could such an old man who was just skin and bone take on the mighty Maskeen? As the two opponents came close Maskeen asked “What are you doing old man? You have no chance against me, what possesses you to fight me, you are going to get seriously hurt” Chundawadi said “Oh champion, Guru Nanak Dev Ji is coming to my house today and I have no food to place before him, my only chance is to beat you and use the prize money.” Maskeen fell into thought, “I have heard of Guru Nanak” he said “they say he is Khudha himself. I would also like to meet him.” After much soul searching he said “Old man, if I let you win will you take me to see Guru Nanak?” “Yes” said Chundawadi “but what will become of you? If you lose, and lose to an old man your patronage will end and what will become of you?” But Maskeen did not hear this, all he could think about was meeting Guru Nanak. So it happened that after a few moves Maskeen fell to the ground with a thump and as planned the old man put his foot on his chest and claimed the prize. There was pandemonium, there was a riot, the proud Nawab was humiliated and disowned his wrestler. Maskeens reputation was ruined, he knew that he would be turned out of his house. His family were even more livid, when they heard what had happened they planned to do away with him. They hastily dug a trench under his munja and stuck in spikes and covered the whole thing with large palm leaves, they planned to murder him and then plea with the Nawab to let them stay at the house. As Maskeen finally got away from the crowd he could not find Chundawadi in all the commotion and wondered home. His favourite daughter met him on route. She had seen what was happening and told her father. But Maskeen was a broken man, he did not care what happened to him, he shuffled to his house and went straight to the munja and lay on it fully expecting the whole thing to collapse into the hole underneath, but nothing happened. His little daughter ran to him and peered underneath “Papa, I can see a man in robes holding up your munja” she shouted. He knew, he just knew. Maskeen jumped off the bed and before he knew it Guru Nanak Dev Ji stood before him. He fell to his knees placing his head on Guru Jis feet. Guru Ji sat him down. “Oh Maskeen, you were willing to lose everything for me, I am now here for you” Guru Sahib Ji blessed him and said that he would be remembered for always. Fifth saroop, Guru Arjan Dev Ji adds Maskeens name to the 15th Sloke in Sukhmani Sahib Ji – “ Sukhi vasay Maskeenia aap nivaar tallay, wudday wuddy hunkarian Nanak garab gallay. “
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    Did you actually make an attempt to ask the sewadar or Granthi Singh about it? This is a garden of Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj. There will be flowers of different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances. They all add to the beauty of the entire garden. The maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib jee is the gardener and takes out the weeds and maintains the flowers and keeps their beauty intact.
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Guru Roop Sangat Jeo, Daas has been able to scan "Mukat Marg Granth", its basically a collection of sermons believed to be said by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, explaining the importance of various paths and the fals one can obtain by certain number of repititions. Hope its helpful! Download/read here Bhull Chukk Maaf Jeo
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    some religions have SOME of the elements of truth compared to others, whereas gurbani has ALL of the truth! Remember our texts r the only ones that were written by the gurus/prophets of that religion. All religions prophets were given the same message by god (uncut hair, meditate on gods name, do good deeds, reincarnation, be shastardhari etc), yet only some relgiions believe in some of these things, whereas sikhi belivies in all of it. Your question is "Is Gurbani Equal To Other Religious Texts", u shud change it to, "Are Other Religious Texts equal to gurbani?" The answer to both questions is NO! Gurbani comes straight from guru, therefore nothing is equal to it!
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    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ
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    We are all guilty of debating or discussing outside of gursikh principles ((which includes me off course), just wanted to take this chance to post sakhi from Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji updesh to pandits on discussion/debates and whats allowed for Gursikhs. Four types of Conversations/discussion- 1) Heth - Where you listen to someone because you know they have more kamai and more knowledge than you. You are humble when listening. This also applies to school. 2) Vaadha - Where you actually do your research and share to positively add to a conversation constructively. Even if there is disagreement, you should not hurt another's feelings or prove that you are better. 3) Jalapa - Where you say stuff to put the other down. Try to make yourself look good. 4) Vitaardha - Where you keep talking and don't listen to anyone else (the majority of us). *** This is from a sakhi where some pundits asked Guru Hargobind Ji what type of conversations are allowed. Guru Hargobind Ji said a Gursikh only takes part in the first 2 types of conversations. ***
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    I'd have told the pandit black magic is urging me to backhand him, but my sanity and good character is preventing me from doing that. Well you said lover, (so I'm going to be bold enough to assume it is what you say it is) when you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt. Be a man and don't blame it on He Who Must Not Be Named, he's dead man, Harry Puttar defeated him. Do me a favor, lift your right and and get up in salute position and slap yourself three times and become a murga for three hours, then your lover will magically fall back in love with you and come running back. Trust me, i'm a Pandit.
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    Well said. I suspect the Sikhs in arab and middle eastern muslim countries dont really have a choice. To show their loyalty towards the ruling sheikhs and mullahs and its state religion Islam they have to be kinda meek and subservient. Bit like Stockholm syndrome so they kinda have an excuse for their behaviour. However Sikhs in india have no excuse yet some of those idiots in gurdwara commitee's have done these iftari parties aswell for their muslim neighbours...... I would like to ask these commiteee's would masjids do akhand paath for Sikh families or do gurpurb celebrations? No never... so why do some of our gurdwara committee leaders feel compelled do to anti-sikh antics.
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    Hello twelve year old Amritdari sikh. Did the 'babbas' not teach you the correct term for someone who has taken the Amrit? It is not known as 'amritshakt' but it is known as 'Amritdhari!' So, don't forget it! Are you sure you are telling us the truth about why you did what you did? You say you 'wanted to' but your parents said 'no' because you were not ready? Why did they allow themselves to be influenced by their friends? Are they easily influenced? Did you throw a tantrum because you 'wanted to' and then your parents gave in? Twelve year olds are known for throwing temper tantrums. You don't seem to make much sense. You wanted to take the amrit, your parents said you were not ready but then they qucikly changed their minds when their friends told them that it is 'bad to say no to your kids!' Very interesting!! Why don't you admit as a good, honest twelve year old amritdari sikh, that it was your decision to take the amrit even though your parents were against it. I know for sure, no gursikh parents will let their twelve year old take the amrit unless they are ready for it, friends or no friends!! You went ahead, and took the amrit, without finding out if it would prove too challenging for you or not. Well, I am afraid, you cannot go back on it now. This is your life now, son! Once you become an amritdari, you remain an amritdari till the last day of your existence on this planet!! The best you can do is start taking it seriously and do your five banis daily and beg for forgivness for having such cowardly thoughts in your mind about shaving your beard. Stop worrying about your 'pretty big moustache' too. Your facial hair is part and parcel of being a male. If waheyguru ji wanted you to be a female, you would have been a girl, but you are not. So, accept it. You are a boy and boy you shall remain all your life. Besides, anyway, our parents always want boys, don't they? They are lucky, they have a son! Your saroop is a gift given to you by waheguru ji. God made males and females. For males he wanted them to look sabat soorat. The beard, the chin hair, the moustache and the sideburns is what gives you a very unique appearance which is so masculine, attractive and appealing. So, don't worry too much about it, it is a gift from waheguru ji, be proud and grateful for what you have. Besides, you don't want to have a smooth looking face like girls, do you? No, so, don't shave. Be natural. It is a law of nature/God for men to have hair on their faces. To shave it off is in breach of this Nature/God's law. Why would men like to imitate women and have smooth facial appearance? Why would they prefer to look feminine instead of masculine? After all, we never ever hear women expressing a desire to grow a beard or a moustache, do we? Do men think they are women? Is that why they shave their faces to look like them?
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    HARJIT Sajjan is Minister of Defence. Sajjan, MP for Vancouver South, has served Canada and his community as both a soldier and a police officer. He is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a combat veteran. He has deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina and served three separate deployments to Kandahar, Afghanistan. Harjit has received numerous recognitions for his service, including the Meritorious Service Medal for reducing the Talibans influence in Kandahar province. He is also a recipient of the Order of Military Merit one of the militarys highest recognitions. Harjit also served as an Aide-de-Camp to the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. He was a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department for 11 years. He completed his last assignment as a Detective-Constable with the Gang Crime Unit specializing in organized crime, tackling gang violence and drug crimes. Harjit is also a Human Security specialist, lecturing to a wide audience in both Canada and the US. The full list of the Liberal cabinet: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau;Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale;Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay;Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion;Immigration Minister John McCallum;Indigenous and Northern Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett;Treasury Board President Scott Brison;Government House leader Dominc LeBlanc;Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Singh Bains;Finance Minister Bill Morneau;Justice Minister and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould;Public Services Minister Judy Foote;International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland;Health Minister Jane Philpott;Families, Children and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos;Transport Minister Marc Garneau;International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau;Natural Resources Minister James Carr;Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly;Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier;Veterans Affairs Minister Kent Hehr;Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna;Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan;Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk;Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi;Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef;Sports Minister Carla Qualtrough;Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo;Science Minister Kirsty Duncan;Status of Women Minister Patricia Hajdu;Small Business Minister Bardish Chagger.
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    The only people making noise about Sikhs standing up for the rehit are those hippies who never attend a Gurdwara anyway unless it is someone's wedding. While they are they way they are, but what is surprising is how many non-Sikhs(Hindus, Christians) are making noise about this whole issue. They are not even of the faith, what right do they have to raise an objection on this? And they even call Sikhs standing up for Sikhi as "Sikh Taliban". This is unbelievable! do they even know what Taliban is? should we now start calling them "Liberal Taliban" since they are fanatic liberals trying to force us to change our religion and traditions? As for the video of the veers who confronted the Granthi. I used to feel the Granthis and Kirtanis should be ashamed. But if you look at their situation, they are left with no choice. They are employees of the Gurdwara. The real culprits are the committee members who run the Gurdwaras. If the Granthi and Kirtanis don't perform the wedding, they will be fired. Their livelihood depends on being a Granthi or Kirtani, they have mouths to feed. I've talked to these Granthis and Kirtanis, deep down they all disagree with these inter faith AK. But they say they have no choice. Either they do what the corrupt committee members tell them or they will be fired and replaced by someone who will do what they say. It is these corrupt committee members who need to be confronted on camera and named & shamed.
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    Sangat ji, daas Jagraj singh here. I just want to point out that I dont have any chele. If I did, then trust me, I;d have them editing videos and answering youtube comments rather than myself. Nor am I a baba, again evidenced by the fact that I'm online too much and not on the line to akaal purakh ji. Anyway, I think this thread is more about 3HO, KY and Sikhi and less about BasicsofSikhi. Please note, we do not promote dancing, doing beadbi or doing yoga as spiritual practice, we only promote Gurbani and Sikh history. The ask.fm question that veer Barinder Singh asked was answered by one of our sevadaars who is not into 3HO but a gursikh piara who tends to speak good of everyone. I dont intend to ask him to change that. Please do not take that the wrong way. My benti to all those who read this thread is simply this. Please think long term. Our Guru did so and so should we. In raamkali ki vaar, Satte and Balvand describe Dhan Guru Angad Dev ji as "nere dekhe maat log, tudh sujhai door" "Humans look to short-term but you see far ahead". Remember that Yogi Bhajan is now gone but his legacy lives on. You have these people who wish to find God, be healthy and do dharam. They read Japji sahib and respect all our 10 Gurus and their Gurbani. How should the Sikh panth react to them? With Love and With education. Teaching Gurbani and Gurus History is the ONLY solution in the long term. My deepest fear ( see I'm not a baba) is that we might push them away like we pushed away the Ravidaasi community. We should focus on education/ parchar and teaching Gurmat to (1) Punjabis (2) western youth of punjabi origin (3) people in 3ho community (4) general westerners. All four groups need the same thing but each need it tailored to them. Daas's recommendations are (1) Punjabis - focus on Gurbani explanation to show depth of spiritual message - will adopt Amrit quite easily (2) western youth of punjabi origin - focus on Gurbani plus Sikh ethics (deg teg fateh) and relation to modern science. dont push away mone and people who cut beards, eyelashes etc. These need a lot more history - Will take longer to take Amrit but are strong Sikhs - always will have some who love Sikhi but dont take Amrit (3) people in 3ho community - focus on worship of shabad and avoid criticising Yoga - will keep rehat easily but Amrit and True love for Gurus comes from learning more history of Gurus. Must be Khalsa's job to inspire them with sant sipahi action, ie foreign aid, khalsa army (4) general westerners - need to very much more focused on systematic education, acceptance of people who dont keep kesh etc. Basically for every 10 average gore that come into Sikhi, 1 will take amrit, so we'll have to accept that there will be thousands of mone gore who like Sikhi and say "I'm kind of following Sikhi" and we cant judge them cause its going to be their grand kids that are the Khalsa of the future. we need to adopt a minimum 100 year plan and work to implement that plan. Its quite likely that all hell will break loose in the meantime but we can only prepare for that as a contingency, not as a given. I think that the 100 year plan will really work when we have a UK takht, a US takht and each headed by a Punj Piare who are rehitvaan, vidhvaan, giaanvaan GurSikhs that are widely respected.
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    White girl interview about muslim grooming There was an interview on radio 5 live this am (Wednesday 28.08.13). http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b038vjj2 A girl aged 14 (named Jessica - not her real name), was groomed by a muslim man. During the interview Jessica recounts how after 3 - 4 weeks of meeting that he had sex with her, although he knows she is only 14 - Jessica also tells how she was headbutted, kicked and punched, intimidated and threatened. Jessica also recounts how the police, social workers and foster families all allowed Ali access to her. She was put into care because her parents were deeply concerned about her safety - the Police told her she should be ashamed. At 21.0 (minutes) Jessica states that Jahangir Akhtar (deputy leader of Rotherham council and vice chair of Police and crime panel) knew about Ali raping her and arranged for her to be handed over to the Police while Ali could go free.
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    This is good topic, but the issue is not that clear cut. I wouldn't say real sants are dividing the sangat but rather their chelas who are causing a problem and dividing the sangat. Over zealous chelas are big problem not just limited to sikhi but everywhere. I would go as far as saying out of 100%, 25-30% sant followers understood purpose or role of sant in one's life which is attach you with sargun (partakh roop of sri guru granth sahib ji), shabad, nirgun aspect of vahiguroo ji, get motivated/inspired to do bhagti and actually do bhagti, contemplate on gurbani and they actually understand the real purpose of sant is to ultimately actually show you the mirror of your own true self, those 25-30% a take real laha of sadh sangat/mahapursh sangat and rest 70-75% sant followers have lost the plot somewhat- some are genuinely stuck in bhamal busa (overboard overblown exaggerated personality worship/semantics/technalities) and some have became outright hostile over zealous chelas like jevoh witness. Read this for more info http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/69848-individual-cultish-perception-and-the-khalsa-panth/ I know its very hard to define role of sant theoratically speaking but each one of sant/bhai/jathedar/gyani "followers" (including me) need to come in terms within themselves honestly and find out- According to gurbani and gurmat, whats the purpose of doing sangat of sant/mahapursh/bhramgyani ? what does gurbani say about it? Are we going to do sangat of sant to clear the doubts/sansa's of one self, to improve one state of mind/peace of mind, do satkar or sadh sangat seva to help kill our ego? or we just want to fit in to show off get power, hide our own insecurity/inferiority complex behind them and use them as token gestures? or we want to quick kick of an bliss in their sangat perhaps looking for easy way out-bhramgyan on silver plate?? Just like in class, there are various many students who is learning, some are a+ grade some are time wasters, some are quick learners, for some it takes time to learn, some misinterpret their teachers, just like in spiritual school- we also have different students at different different state, some are a+ grade some are time wasters, some are quick learners, for some it takes time to learn, some misinterpret their teachers (famous sakhi of mahatam buddha student asking him where is god? mahatama ji smiled some grade 1 chelas took his smile and interpreted as - there is no god), just like there are many different types of students in gurmat as well. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/70060-three-types-of-students-according-to-gurmat/ There is no hard or fast rule in this. There are some blessed souls who don't need middle men all the way to go fwd on sikhi path but at the same time there are many depending on the karam of an individual as its all relative- many needs small guidance within gurbani, there are many who just needs a small spike/reality check (even great bhai vir singh ji had to sangat of mahapursh to clear one of his doubts), there are many who need to get their doubts/sansa's cleared and there are many people who need sangat of mahapursh to clear all kinds of theological/ontological/subtle road blocks in one's life to go fwd towards sikhi, there are many who need reality check slaps right left and center to come back to basic of sikh or path of sikhi. Thats why gurbani emphasizes greatly on sadh/sant/bhramgyani mahapursh sangat. Sadh sangat is encouraged in Gurmat, society of saints/sant (all of sants mentioned or samparda's/jatha does so) that should inspire us to do bhagti, read gurbani, contemplate on it , do simran on our own, self-reflect, do khoj/research if it does not may be something wrong with our individual perception/mindset at the first place. The problem is there are many followers of sant/bhai sahib/jathehdar do have common human tendacy to focus on messenger as opposed to message (don't get me wrong due satkar should be given but also need to have right balance not this sheer overboard overblown exaggerated personality worship/ idiolizing mahapursh semantics and technalities rather than looking at the essence behind of things. Message is more important than messenger as messenger themselves put shabad, sargun, nirgun divinity as paramount....perception of individual focus on messenger as opposed to message needs to be addressed... please see sant jawala singh ji harkhowal updesh to janak singh regarding contemplation of shabad, helping janak singh moving fwd in his own spiritual journey http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/63528-sant-baba-jawala-singh-harkowahals-updesh-about-dyhaan-to-janak-singh-ji/ Now coming back to what dhunda has done is simple knee je rk reaction approach of khandan mandan everything and anything as opposed to looking at the issue more deeply. Whilst, his intent regarding bring everyone together may be right but with that being said he is cleary out of depth as there is nothing wrong with sant sangat but everything wrong with many over zealous chelas perception...he should be targetting over zealous cultish perception of people rather than actual sants..!!
  19. 9 points
    How ironic that Sant Ji who died fighting the government controlled by Brahmins is being called a “bippar” and Makhan who considers himself a “true sikh” does not feel an iota of shame for using the last name ‘Purewal’ which is part of the caste system designed and advocated by the Brahmins. Then who is the real bippar here?
  20. 9 points
    from giani sher singh ji in this game of duality, amazing things are happening. Creation questions the existence of Creator and there are others who dwell in peace and bliss despite fire of kalyug burning around. Why this happens? Learned gurmukh piare say – When people try to find truth, the basic reason for there quest is that they are surrounded by Falsehood. If they start on path of truth, they need to understand that supreme truth resides within their own self, but instead of looking inside, instead of undertaking Inner Journey, where inner self would be cleaned of filth and purified with nectar of Waheguru’s naam, where Divine Light would glow and Supreme Truth, Waheguru Akaal Purakh will be Realized, these people look for answers outside, from those who are themselves confused, themselves living in darkness, themselves entangled in shackles of Maaya. How can someone bonded liberate someone else? This is the reason for all the confusion. People try to find Dharam outside, indulge in debates, meaningless discussions, questions which don’t matter, in game of up-man ship, all in name of Dharam and lose the game. They start to find Truth but continue to suffer in falsehood. These type of people, without divine knowledge, Rass , divine virtues or spiritual flow, start seeing falsehood everywhere. Even TRUTH appears false to them, life looks just a animalistic endeavour to them, and spiritual life, inner life, life beyond death, inner meanings of Guru’s words, the purity, humility, divine reason of Guru’s words is lost to them. And this leads to a struggle, between Dharam and Adharam, Faithful and Faithless, devotion and mistrust. So, best option is to stand on side of Dharam, Faith and devotion, to believe in Spirituality, to think beyond physical limits, to let the mind fly high into faraway and vast mystical realms. Everything what we see, what we feel, what we hear, even what we think as Truth is not what it is, it has deeper meanings, bigger motives and greater value. Same has happened to Baani of Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji. Confused Minds set out to find truth, but instead of looking for truth started looking for falsehood and impurity in Ocean of Truth and drowned. Baani of Satguru Dasmesh Pita ji, from Jaap Sahib to Zafarnaama is divinely powerful Shabad. It has Bhagti and Shakti, Raaj and Jog, Bir-ras and Prem-Ras. To understand Baani of Dasam Patshah, one needs to be close to him, be worthy of Dasam Pita’s Kirpa so that the power held in those words can be felt. Out of entire composition of Maharaj, Charitropakhyaan is targeted the most by Faithless Nindaks and Shanka-wadis. But Charitropakhyaan Baani is a great Baani of Satguru ji, with deep inner meanings and a divine and holy purpose, else there was no need for Satguru ji to write it. How much power, divinity, purity, Gyaan and Kirpa it contains can be made out from this Katha. When Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj was writing Charitrokhayaan, sitting on banks of Satluj, the weak-minded Masands went to Mata Gujri ji and complained to Mataji about Satguruji’s new rachna, Charitropakhyaan, saying that Maharaj was going against bachans of Guru Nanak Dev ji and was indulging in Ninda of women. Jagat Mata Gujri ji knew her son very well, so she said to Masands that she’ll go and talk to Guruji on this issue. Next day, Mataji went to the place where Maharaj had camped and Charitropakhyaan were being written. Seeing Mata ji, Maharaj got up and bowed his head to Mataji, asking the reason Mataji had come this far. Mataji smiled, looked and Masands, then turned to Maharaj and said ‘'Laal ji ( Mataji never in her life took Maharaj's name), I Heard you are writing Charittars, I dont think human mind is still capable of hearing the Truth, of being able to see the filth it is filled with in mirror of Guru's Shabad''. Mata ji returned to Anandpur Sahib saying these words, and Guru Gobind Singh ji went into Samadhi for some time. Guru ji has just finished 324th Charittar. Suddenly Maharaj opened his eyes and asked Likhari Singh to be Saavdhaan. Suddenly Maharaj stopped, and asked Likhari Singh to Jump to Charittar 326. Maharaj finished remaining Charittars and after writing 404 Charittar, in the end counted 405 charittars. Likhari Singh, Bhai Darbari asked,’’ Maharaj,We have written just 404 Charittasr, why have you counted 405 Charittars in the End? And where is 325th Charittar?’’ Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj smiled and said Sikha, ‘’ When Mataji left, I decided to write charittar of Maha Maaya, Sri Maya Lachmi ji, the creative power of Waheguru which creates, preserves and destroys the universe. But Maharaj Akaal purakh stopped me from doing so, as when the Charittar would have been written, Maha-Maaya would have been overcome and finished. Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, this Universe would have collapsed and there would have been Parlay (doomsday). No one has been able to imagine or explain the vastness of Maya, but I wished to write this Charittar of Maya, which has taken Human beings away from their real-Self, Sri Waheguru ji. Once the Charittar was finished, Maaya would have been rendered weak and helpless, all pure souls would have gone to Sachkhand and world would have ended.’’ Sikhs said, ‘’ Maharaj, Will this charittar be ever written and When’? ‘’Maharaj Said ‘Yes, when we come next time on this world, after finishing evil from this world, Akaal purakh Waheguru ji will complete ‘Sri Kaal ji ki Ustat’ Himself as I don’t have the power to comprehend limit of Waheguru Akaal’s Ustat, and after Akaal Ustat is completed, I will write this 325th Charittar of Maaya, after which, Maya will merge in Waheguru, there will be Maha-Parlay and whole Universe will be destroyed. We will take both Granths (Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji) with us to Sachkhand and parkash them there, and we shall all dwell in peace with our beloved gursikhs and when Hukam comes, take the Baani to next creation.’’ Sikhs asked ‘’Maharaj, Why did you wish to write Charittar of MayaLachmi’’? Maharaj replied, ‘’ Singho, Maaya didn’t wish its game to be revealed, and I was doing it, warning the people of world how it twists human minds to do sin, to walk on path of evil, to go away from Nij-Saroop, Waheguru, to fall in pit of hell, there fore it took Masands to Mataji. But Mataji is beyond the shackles of Maaya, still at the benti of Masands, Mataji had to come. Mataji returned after blessing me, but I was looking at Maaya’s game, how it had entered Our darbar, how the people who were supposed to be Parcharaks of Guru, The Masands, had been corrupted and weakened by Maaya, and if the Maaya had grown so powerful, it was better to finish it, for this reason I wanted to write the charittar. ‘’ So Khalsa ji, Dasmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh ji Sahib Sache Patshah will come again, to remove Paap from this world, to bless the holy souls and guide them to sachkhand. That day, Akaal Ustat and Maya Charittar will be completed by Waheguru ji and Satguru ji themselves. It’s a matter of faith and belief, those who have believed in Satguru ji’s presence have always remained in Charhdi kala. Have Faith in power of Baani, in Satguru Guru Granth Sahib ji and Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji and you all shall be blessed. Khalsa ji, there are many more gupt bachans and traditions in Khalsa Panth, which Puratan Sikhs believed in and stayed in Charhdi kala, but will be mocked to day by nindaks if revealed. These bachans are also just for the faithful, those who believe, and not for those who don’t believe. If you believe, keep them or its your wish to leave them. Again, We all need to look within our selves, and light the lamp of knowledge in our hearts, which will enlighten our life and remove darkness from world, only then we will be blessed by Satguru ji as his Beloved Khalsa Sons/Daughters.
  21. 9 points
    Never trust anyone you 'likes' their own post. :biggrin2: :blush2:
  22. 8 points
    When Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji married the Muslim dancer what did he get. Silence from every Sikh until he went to Akaal Takhat to get whipped Dating in Sikhi is not really allowed. Same issue as interfaith marriage Do you want to be with a Muslim and sacrifice your faith?
  23. 8 points
    And where are you on a scale of 1-10 on following puran maryada of sri guru nanak dev ji? Are you a better gursikh then jagmeet singh? According to gurbani are you beautiful or ugly?
  24. 8 points
    I might have been wrong about her husband being Amritdhari. But she still represents the best chance Sikhs might have for even just one lone isolated voice at Westminster. Jagsaw would you rather see a Pakistani MP in Edgbaston or a Sikh one?
  25. 8 points
    The history of Sikhs has been written in blood of holy martyrs. And it is also that blood which has always rejuvenated the Sikh Panth. These Shaheeds had prayers and simran on their lips during their last moments. There is no history in the world quite like this.
  26. 8 points
  27. 8 points
    AAP has given lok Sabha tickets to Sardar H.S. Pholka and Sardar Jarnail Singh (Delhi). AAP should get Sikh support they have done more for Sikhs than Badal and his Akalis.
  28. 8 points
    If this comes out as a hukamnama we have no choice but to implement it. However, (you felt one coming day ya?), as an individual who has worked very closely with Gurdwara committees for the last 9 years, I personally would not put, or favour a restriction on mona's because I know of some amritdhari committee members who are the some of the most cretinous vile people you could ever meet. I know of some mona's who have given their heart(if not their head) in sewa of the gurdwaras.
  29. 8 points
    30,000+ Sikhs murdered within 3 days by the Indian Govt, 01st Nov. 1984. NO JUSTICE TILL DATE. Petition campaign running day & night on Sikh media acros UK & Europe. Can we do our bit??? Please sign the online petition if not done till date ... http://www.1984yesitsgenocide.org/ Please make your family, friends aware to sign this online petition. GPS, PROACTIVE, MEHTAB SINGH, N30SINGH, JOHNNY and all others not specifically named, please do sign this petition (if not done already)., please spread the word (through Twitter/Facebook or whatever), please get your friends, family sign the petition. MODS - Please make the post sticky if you could. Please don't let this post go down, keep on replying with your emotions. This petition must be signed by as many as possible. By 01st November, signatures to be presented before UN, Geneva, demonstration on 01st Nov. before UN. Indian politicians were in a competition to kill as many Sikhs they could in their individual colonies, can we do this competition to get the petition signed by as many of our friends/family ... I saw Jasbir Singh interview today on Sangat TV, watching discussions with Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on SikhChannel TV/Sangat TV this week, 25+ members of a single family burnt alive, Gurudwaras burnt, Guru Granth Sahib Baeadbi, 6 day old baby roasted. Please sign it today. NO, Sign this Petition now ... Bhul Chuk Maaf.
  30. 8 points
    Apne aap noo bandha kahonah haih, teh bandgi karr.... If you wish to be called a bandha, then engage in bandgi {devotion}....
  31. 8 points
    This muslim barber baba ji should be given saroipa at gurdwara..vahiguroo amazing news...hopefully youths who went to cut their kesh should reflect on this.!!
  32. 8 points
    Once I built a house for stray puppies with bricks and pebbles and old bedsheets in vacant plot... The puppies loved it and started living there.. It felt like I have accomplished something big in life :rolleyes2: ...
  33. 8 points
  34. 8 points
    On the occasion of Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj's upcoming prakash utsav (Nov. 10th), here is a tuchh bhet in my SatGuru Patshah Jee's charan. “aao jee padhaaro jee” is a begging to Guru Sahib. Just as He came to this earth, this soul is begging Him to come into this mann. aao jee padhaaro jee, mere SatGur jaan-o-pyaaro jee mai akirtghan avval haan, par Tuhadda raaj-dulaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, mai sadh sadh vaaro vaaro jee maya di neendar mai sutta, mann lobh moh hankaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, es mann nu aake savaaro jee eh ath mayla ath maleen, edi mayl nu Aape maaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, es rogi nu nivaaro jee janjaal vikaaran de gunjle, Tusi taar taar utaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, es jeevan nu ubaaro jee mere bachan da nah saadhan koi, mai neech moorakh gavaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, mere sohney Preetam dildaaro jee sab jhoothhay laare lounde ne, bas ikk Tu hee sachiaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, thhand paavo deyo karaaro jee saah ghutt’di agg paapaan di, sunn lao hunn meri pukaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, mai tarsaan Tere deedaaro jee Tera roop sohna kinna sohna hai, mai bas sochaan vichaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, mere Patshah dayalu udaaro jee charan paavo daas neech ke, mai penda Tere duaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, mai tadfaan baaram-baaro jee es birha nu an'dekha kar, imtihaan na lao hamaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, bhavsagar ton karo paaro jee Tusi baanh pakad ajj tak taare, hazaar vaari hazaaro jee aao jee padhaaro jee, hunn aa vi jaao Muraaro jee sachee Mehtab te saakat hai, par ehvi te nah visaaro jee - Mehtab Singh Monday, Oct. 31st, 2011
  35. 7 points
    I don't really like asking for this, but can we just ban him now? He's been more of a disruption than anything else, and it's been proven that everyone else thinks so.
  36. 7 points
  37. 7 points
    Vaheguru... The place is a cesspit now. Gants Hill was once a great area full of hardworking and respected Panjabi Sikh and Hindu's, Jews, Gujarati's, South Indians who all get on well. It was always seen as one of the upper areas in the Redbrigde borough. Now it is full of Musilman. They have totally taken over. Bengali, Mirpuri and the odd Pataans. Ilford Lane is just a mini Karachi or Lahore. Seven Kings (once known as Seven Singh's) is now Islamabad. They have even gone out further a field these days and taken over Goodmayes, Dagenham, Barking and parts of Romford. On the North side of Ilford, Barkingside, Cranbrook, Redbridge, Fairlop, Newbury Park and Hainault are pretty much in the process of being transformed into Pakistan. You used to be able to walk about freely and get respected by locals when they saw a Sikh with his/her Dhumalla but now the locals are the type where they will deliberately shout "oh paaji/sardaar ji/balle balle". They gather in small groups like sheep. Too afraid to say something on their own. They have really put the EAST in East London. Akaal
  38. 7 points
    Further proof that the western liberal media are no friends of Sikhs: Cosmo knowingly and deliberately removed reference to the fact that the taxi driver offering free lifts was a Sikh, in order to push their 'Not All Muslims' narrative. The journalist knew the guy was a Sikh. It was there in the original tweet that was edited. These people are not on our side.
  39. 7 points
    Because we have been taking life so seriously and have forgotten to seriously have a laugh and sometimes let the small things go by.............
  40. 7 points
    Singhnihk ji, you have provided so many interesting links that it will take a long time to read them all. You have explained ahinsa perfectly. I have to admire your sense of commitment to this topic of discussion. Well done! I wish people will take time to explain things properly rather than burn with irkkha or remain quiet! I have to admit that patience is a virtue and you have demonstrated it in your posts.
  41. 7 points
    Your situation is different from Khushwant Singh. There is nothing in Sikhism that says that he is not free to be an atheist whereas in Islam there is. The only 'punishment' he would suffer would be if he was to take Amrit and commit any of the kurehats and even then he would need to seek forgiveness for his offence. As I said they only punishment would be that many Sikhs would break all social contact with him were he not to seek forgiveness. His situation is like a citizen of say the UK who does not vote in the elections but would support the government if the country were invaded. Your situation is that of a member of the Nazi party but who has Jewish friends and is against the holocaust. This is why I said you are a hypocrite because you continue to support a religion which is against your personal belief system and which if you were to publicly announce what your personal belief system was, you would be in fear of your life. Even given all this you remain in the religion. What your personal situation does show is how much of an influence a cult can have on its members even when they clearly do not believe in the cult any longer. I think your views may also have something to do with the fact that you will lose your family because as with all cults, Islam decrees that it's rules and regulations are above any considerations of family ties. There are quite a lot of youtube videos of ex-muslims who have left Islam and have had to deal with the reactions of their family members. I think you need to be true to yourself because they deception that you are playing on your family can be detrimental to your mental health. I think you should get a referral from your doctor to some counselling where you can work through your issues. Unfortunately the options are either full time paid up membership of the Islam cult and all the entails or a life free from the fear of allah's hellfire but full of fear from even your nearest and dearest. I remember discussing with a Muslim years ago and when the question was put to him whether he would support the sharia punishment of death if his mother became an apostate he was clear that he would! This is the kind of person that Islam create if he is born into the religion or attracts if he is convert,
  42. 7 points
    Yea shes a known fake, apprntly she belongs to a sikh family, or hindu, not sure, but she for sure is very 2 faced in her thoughts! Ill never forget her crappy shameful pluggin on the bbc asian network of her sikh/muslim book. I remember thinkin this girl is actually livin in cookoo land with her so-call findings/results of sikh allegations of muslims targetin of our girls. She something along the lines of not bein able to find any evidence nor testimonies of girls who've attempted to be groomed. Is she aware that in our community, there is a thing called shame? Its this shame, thats unfortunatley keepin a lot criminal/paedos away frm prosecution. Also i believe she said that allegations of forced conversions/tactical conversion is fake etc. On her twitter page its full of palestine this n palestine that....not a single thing of 1984, op bluestar, woodrose, sant jarnail singh, bhai rajoana etc, truely shocking.
  43. 7 points
    Waheguru Ji KA Khalsa !! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !! Waheguru ji , please do naam simran if you have enough time , to debate on these topic. only bani will save people
  44. 7 points
  45. 7 points
    Puratan Jatha Singh from Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singhs time singing Charitars in Keertan. Shows you how Pro-Dasam the Puratan Jatha Singhs were unlike the missionary types these days! Also can view Giani Gurdev Singh singing same charitar at this years Dehli Smagam. Dhan Dhan Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee!
  46. 7 points
    For Sangat , Dera Sant Garh Harkhowal ( Sant Manjit Singh ji ) very good katha.
  47. 7 points
    I'm going to go get artificial tree that has been in the garage for years and set it up just because this thread inspired me to. Dhan dhan sant baba Jesus Nazareth wale
  48. 7 points
    wjkk wjkf guru pyare sangat ji ,as we all know we celebrate bandhi chor diwas during the day of diwali but in real bandi chor diwas is today...today is the day when guru sahib had freed 52 kings......the diwali day which we all celebrate is the day when guru sahib had reached Amritsar after one month from gwalior,singhs where so happy seeing guru sahib arrival that they celebrated that day as DEEP MALA ....... so 1 month before diwali is real bandi chor diwas so happy bandi chor diwas to all of you below is a video of gwalior kila u can have darshan http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Bandi_Chhorh_Divas and video
  49. 7 points
    All praises due to my amazing Waheguru! I was just reading something on another page and had the pleasure of being reminded of the following... Sums up my point beautifully! "The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history, Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting" Those of you advocating a Hindu-Sikh sanathan dharam - YOU ARE PAWNS in this games of Chess!!
  50. 7 points
    The five names of RS beas is: 1. Jot Niranjan. 2. Omkar. 3. Rarankar. 4. Sohang. 5. Sat Nam The Radhasoamis of Agra(who are the original) have a different Mantar. For them "RadhaSoami" is the mantar given to them not the 5 worded mantar of Beas. In fact Jaimal Singh wasn't even given the "gurgadhi" by Shiv Dayal. Jaimal Singh is not mentioned in any of the Radhasoami documents during the time of Shiv Dayal. He was just a pretender of the Radhasoami Guruship. When Shiv Dayal died, there were many Radhasoamis who can be considered bigger fish in the pond then Jaimal Singh. Shiv Dayal's brother (who is called Chachaji), his wife (radha ji), or even his biggest Chela Rai SaligRam. Even the term "Radhasoami" is a distortion. The Radhasoamis now try to give it a mystical meaning by claiming that Radha means soul and soami(swami) means God. When in fact, Radha actually means Shiv Dayal's wife who name was Radha and Soami means Shiv Dayal himself since that is what Radhasoamis at the time called Shiv Dayal. So Radha Soami means (Radhaji and Swami Shiv Dayal). Further more, Shiv Dayal never really started the Radhasoami faith. This faith was the invention of Rai Saligram who was the closest Chela of Shiv Dayal and this fact is also supported by the legal will of Shiv Dayal where he states My Path was the Path of Sat Naam and Anami Naam. The Radhasoami faith is of Saligram's making The Radhasoami faith and it's various branches are all a fraud. But the Beas and it's break away branches (noor-mahalias, sacha sauda, kirpal singh's group, dera baba bagga singh) are one of the biggest frauds today. We as Sikhs should inform all the people we know about this heretic cult so more people are not misled and destroy their priceless human Janam.

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