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  1. Really, forced me to think, what i'm doing daily! Nice post
  2. Sikh Student Association, University of Utah, condemn this Bhangra out and dont recognise this so called cultural promotion. :umm: :D President: Balwinder Singh Vice President: Vaneet Singh Treasurer: Rochak Singh (Oklaham vaale)
  3. Oh man.... one singh and two kaurs... Thats questionable
  4. I just browsed thro their website and found following Singhs and Kaurs SINGHS KAUR and there is one Harmandeep singh..here is the link to his homepage with details Harmandeep Singh Ahuja
  5. Its good that some organisations are working upon this, but lets bombard them with mails showing our ungratefulness for their cheap act. here is the link to Indian student association for the school and ask them exactly who were the ppl behind this act to malign Sikhism ISA_GWU
  6. hmmm... well...his real name is Dharam Singh Deol, he hails from Sahnewal (Distt Ludhiana)....he has 2 wives, first one Prakash Kaur...with 2 sons( sunny and bobby) and 3 daughters(dont knowbut all married happily)....second wife, Hema Malini ...2 daughters (Esha and ?) I have heard, on papers he converted to Islam, butnot sure. We have some family frnds who are close to Deols...they are conservative...dont allow their daugthers and daughter-in-laws to come in public, exception: Bobby Deol'z wife, Esha, even Dharmendra never wanted her to join but Hema Malini wanted so it happened. mmm....else...anyone who goes to their bunglow is greeted with a big glass of lassi (i love lassi :D ) not even single person goes without thing he asked for to deols, they never let anybody return empty.... rest soggs ji said is rite too, .....but again...many sikhs(so called) do such kinda things and have bars...sad :umm:
  7. Applications are invited for positions in the most vigrously growing association, recipient of "Khalistan award for best group", Oh you dont know about what i'm talking ok ok I'm talking about....Sikh Student Association, University of Utah, President: Balwinder Singh Vice president : Vaneet Singh Treasurer : Rochak Malang Singh ( Oklahama vaale)
  8. Paaji, ofcourse it is :D Sikh Student Association : University Of Utah President: Balwinder Singh Vice President: Vaneet Singh Rest we dont have anybody in there :umm:
  9. On everybday we have been going to India, sometimes to throw subji on parliament, now to open up a sweet shop at RSS headquarter. Bro, i'm waiting for your next plan, i mean someones bday :umm: Happy Birthday..Gill veer!
  10. lolz Thanx for the invitation sunny veer... But my cousin is stucked with fascination of land of dreams... Yeah, Jash actually i'm trying that too, but as i'm also into engineering (doing my masters)...i know all of them are top schools for engineering, but i dont know much about the places, how they are, rest even i was thinking the same that #3 is a gud option. Thanx Singh, Jash, Sikh for Life and Sunny for your opinions. Fateh!
  11. Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Sadh sangat ji, I need your help here, my cousin is coming to US for his bachelors in engineering. He has got into following universities 1)Purdue University 2) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 3) Georgia institute of technology 4) Rice university, Houston For a guy like me all above are dream universities :umm: But i dont know for sure which one will be the best bet (generally ), taking into account university, crowd and location Kindly post your opinions. Fateh!
  12. Jsingh ji, Nice post, in terms, of asking sadh sangat for their opinion and advice. I can well imgaine what u must be going thro, as per your post. May be somewhere i'm feeling the same, but the person who left me forever, asked me in last message, dont cry waheguru has done this for good. I have so many memories of that person with me, and 'm making them my strength, those are encouraging me, i'm trying to keep that person alive and always be with me. So, try to make those memories your strength. Rest sadh sangat has put forward so many beautiful posts. Bhul Chuk Maaf
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