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  1. Sorry folks, I am stuck on something really really important that I have to complete and will get back to this and other thread as soon as I get done... may take a while.
  2. Bijla Singh Ji, I have read the justification of your Piara Singh Padam on Dasam Granth in The Khalsa Fauj's post. I have learned everything about you and him. Its like a mona person justifying cutting of his hair by saying, "kesan che ki rakheya, dil saaf hona chahida. sikhi tan andar aa." No matter what you say, that person will never listen. Majority of Dasam Granth's (title NOT given by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji) writings is anti-gurmat, but Piara Singh Ji keeps justifying it by absurd arguments. To me, it looks like Piara Singh Padam has joined with Baba Virsa Singh and Ashutosh. Please d
  3. Khalsa Ji, please read the "bani" of dasam granth from the pdf file (Dasam Granth Asli Roop) and can you please explain what you did you "digest" out of that... Would you call it the bani of Dasam Patshah? My comments may be "manmatti", but read the whole triachritr that this chaupaee is a part of and then decide yourself. bhul chuk di maafi...
  4. Prabhjoyt Singh Ji, Jaap Sahib and Swaye are in the first 39 pages and is baani, and same is true with Chaupaee, "Parnvo Aad ai-kan-kara, jal thal mahial....." wali. But the other Chaupee, "Hamri Karo hath de rachha..." is a part of Triachritr. bhul chuk di maafi...
  5. Bhaji, I totally understand where you are coming from. But sometimes when our beliefs shatter, it hurts toooooooooooooo much, but then from that phase of life, a new life is born. Bhaji, as I said before, the only bani that is at question is Chaupaee Sahib. When we read the whole Triacharitr which this chauapee is a part of, you will understand what it is talking about. This charitr talks about sooo much nonsense, its the fight between surs (devtey) and asurs (rakhshash), Sri Asudhuj (as it appears in chaupee too, Sri Asudhu ju kario racha) is a jamdoot who saved surs and had s-ex with durga
  6. palamrinder Ji, I totally understand what you are saying and I respect your concerns and views. I was used to think exacly like you about two or so years ago. I was hurt too, but we do not have to worry about anything cuz we have our Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. And about 5 Banis, the only bani that is at question is Chaupaee Sahib. Jaap Sahib and Twaprasad Swaye fall under first 39 pages. We do not have any historical record which banis were read during Amrit Sanchar in 1699 by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Some scholors say all banis were read from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Other view is that the
  7. Very good question bhaji. Chaupaee Sahib is not just by itself. Its a part of last Chritropakhyan. We have to look at chaupaee sahib in the context it which it was written. We have to translate the whole Triachritr and look at the whole picture and then we will see what actually chaupee sahib is taking about. Please do not ask me my opinio on it. Extensive research has been done on Dasam Granth and Chaupee sahib by contemporaty scholors. I was also hurt when i found out the truth about these things, but again, at the end of the day, truth is truth, as it always was and always will be, but its
  8. I am quite amazed at your justification of the bad stuff that is written in Dasam Granth. Most of the Dasam Granth is anti-gurmat, leavin a few pages aside ( only about 3% of dasam granth that is "believed to be" written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji). Nobody is focusing on the words, please read the whole thing and you will get the entire picture. It is soooooooo sad to know that a Sikh (you) is calling it a bani of Guru Sahib. How can you associate the bad stuff written in Dasam Granth with Guru sahib. Do you think our Guru Sahib can ever say these things or use these words???? It is shame for a S
  9. First of all, this radio talk show should not have taken place. If both of these guys had something agaist each other they should have resolved it when Bhai Ranjit Singh visited canda. Its true that Ranjit Singh admitted what he did was wrong and did not know much at that time, but at the same time, if we take both of these guys' arguments, Prof. Darshan Singh had several valid points. Prof. Darshan Singh asked Bhai Ranjit Singh not to go to any Deewan where there are posters that have "Sant Baba Ranjit Singh" on them and tell the organizers that he doesn't know who "Sant" Ranjit Singh is, I
  10. “My previous post made it clear what Bhagtee and Shaktee is and I gave few examples. Name of Waheguru on our lips and sword in our hand. 500 years of history shows how sikhs have fought in the battlefield. All of Dasam Granth is work of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. (Bhai Piara Singh Padam)” Bhai Sahib, I understand that Bhagti and Sakti go side by side, as taught by our sixth Guru Sahibaan, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. As always, first thing first. We cannot even improve our own situations and conditions, our own people, our own institutions, Gurdwara management, discrepancies in our historical reco
  11. Thanks Simran9 for the emails. I'll check them. Thanks Bijla Singh for the link. If you have the paintings, please scan them and email them to me. my email is in my profile. thanks folks! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Few months back I read an article online that had picture drawings how indian police tortured the Sikhs, like rolling a thick log on the back of their legs (ghotna), electric shots, and hanging then down with their arms. can somone point me to that link and post some links for more pictures please? i need this infor asap. Thanks.
  13. yaar no question is stupid question. if you don't know it, you don't know it. when we got our first computer, in 1998, i asked my teacher who helped us buy and hook it up, "how do i turn it off"? my friend was standing right next to me and he stated laughing at me and i felt sooooo bad....
  14. No kissing or anything like that is allowed before marriage. period. If they think they kissed cuz they wanna get married in the future, but what if that does not happen for some reason? Remember: It's not done until it is done. Won't they feel disgusted and guilty in their conscious that they have made a mistake that is considered very sick and dirty before marriage, the thing that only a couple is allowed to do. What if one of the person dies and the other has to marry someone else. Then won't that person feel guilty? If they both are Amritdhari then they should already know this. Some Sikh
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