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  1. All, Please vote for Harjit Gill on the following site, please pass it on to as many people as possible www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/top100 Vote for Harjit Gill Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. All, Please vote for Harjit Gill on the following site, please pass it on to as many people as possible www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/top100 Vote for Harjit Gill Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. quote from boss member pretending to be 47 jatha i have never said anything about belonging to any crew or group, im an individual, dnt need to pretend to be a part of anything! sorry but u dont hold the rights over the name of a gun. and be careful about what u post on the internet. you have jus told us all that some young singhs have access to these guns ... given that this is illegal in the UK, you may have jus given sum govt clown some more information on the singhs. well done. i advice u edit ur post and admin can edit this one as well. serious singh, think before you type man! i am not
  4. this one goes out to ak47, not the real ak47 jatha, but the boss clown who is pretending to be 47 crew. if you are so anti retric why u called ak47, the brothers have seem those things but i bet you havent. why do you want to attach your name with bravery when boss group have not hurt an ants leg in 20 years. as 4 rai it is obvious you and him wrote that post together. a donation is a donation true, but a loan is also a loan! for some one who is not too bothered about rai or what we write you are paying close attention to what we say. as for gupt kaur, i hope your jatha is respecting her
  5. tony litt lost, true. but this was a by election and the main parties always score less votes as compared to proper elections, on average half. the independents and smaller parties normally score much higher than they would at any other time. thats why 275 is an inflated number, after living in hounslow and working in ealing for years and with his clowns that are supposed to represent sikh youth in the area he scored 275. the only people represents are boss and sikh human rights group, which he runs. they spent thousands of pounds to get 275 votes, he could of sent the cash to shaheed par
  6. maybe the monster raving looney party and jasdev rai could merge to create LUNATIC UNITED FRONT or LUNATIC ASSYLUM SiKhERS. The major difference betwwen the two groups is that the monster raving party are opening claiming to be lunatics while rai and harjit singh are in denial. new song by harjit of boss eye spy with my little rai something beginning with b it is not the contraversial play but the name is the same........BEHZATHI :nihungsmile: :nihungsmile: :wub: :wub: @ :wub:
  7. thank veer jis for your comments. What really did it for me and woke me up to the motives of these guys was way back in 2004, I think it was november time, or something. The turban had been banned in France. All the panthic jathe bandia went to protest in France The Sikh Federation, Babar khalsa, damdami taksal, all the major gurdwaras, nanaksarias, all sampardha's and jathe as well as individuals. Many groups lobbyed the sgpc and government of india to back the cause and learned sikhs managed to get public backing from all the groups back home and even the indians made press statements t
  8. dr rai has been telling people at government level, along with this dubious character Harjeet Singh, that they represent all U.K Sikhs. This is a joke!!! We need to get together and support groups such as sikh federation and Sikh Secretariat, who are active, honest and have the support of the mass's. These other smaller groups tend to side track us onto other things and make us miss our mark. I have been told that the Sikh federation has been busy trying to get us regognised as a seperate ethnic group, this is what i call true panthic work. If the federation had stood in southall or birmi
  9. What new theory does Bibi Vision Kaur have Know. Get over it Rai is the biggest fraud. "I will fight to the end Khalistan or death" That was in 1984 when he was the leader of the ISYF. Once they emptyed the Gurdwara bank accounts. They were to busy spending the new found wealth, to go out and fight for some silly plot of land called Khalistan. Lett someone else die for that. Rai = fraud,coward,liar, ect,ect It was all talk justto get to the money all promises were wiped out, and so was the promise of giving his life for the cause. Give us a few days he is going to be out of a job at the s
  10. Its not the winning but the tacking part that counts we are all winners in our own little way. I'm surprised that Rai the stickey fingered blood thirsty IYSF leader got 275 votes, I admit I was wrong I thought he would get about 50 votes he got 5 1/2 times that. Maybe we can change the number on the 207 bus that goes up & down the uxbridge rd to the 275 bus as a mark of rai's achivement and overwellming surprise result of 275 votes. Looks like the vote 4 Rai vote 4 Turban campaing has been Turbanned out of parliment. Next mission no 10 downing street, "vote 4 Rai 4 priminister vote 4
  11. what happened to rais masterplan, I'm surprissed he got 275, well done champion one day he will be priminister.
  12. If you guys go back to topics on this forum I was along with my fellows was threatened on THIS FORUM by Sohis boy called 'Jatinder',he challenged me to come to this tournament and I have prsnl msgs to prove this,proves my point all along that these guys are thugs,who are linked to the RSS Anyone gett any pics at the tornament today. It all kicked off one of our security guys had to pull out a sword to protect himself. Sohis boys were out in force there must of been about 200 of them all the glassy drug dealers ect we got caught out but it wont happen again the police didnt do anythin to s
  13. So what if gurcharan is paying Rai £15,000.00 to stand down This is standard politics is a dirrty game, Rai will take the money and sit down. Gurcharan is to clever for the new school of politicians. If rai has a brain he will forget the big drama and take the money and do something good with it. He cant win, if £15,000.00 isnt enough he should ask for more Gurcharan has a £100,000.00 of litts to blow any way litt is going to win and no one backs the horse that comes second we all like to be winners!!. Vote 4 toni litt vote 4 gurcharan get the out!!!
  14. All you fellow brothers have seriously lost the plot. What is up with you lot, this forum should be used for constructive discusions. If you spend your efforts and energy on doing sometthing constructive, maybe our Gurudwaras will be more peaceful. Where does it say in sikhi that we should just argue and curse each other on forums. Maybe you lot just all need to grow up a bit.
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