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  1. reflect at these both situations; someone who is sick with a deadly disease, but s/he doesn't know they are sick and are going to die because of it(and the disease slowly killing him/her) and someone who know they are sick with a deadly disease , yet s/he ignores it(instead of treating it) and continue to live their life ,believing nothing will happen to them which situation is worse?
  2. This is the original post: The user himself has requested to others to not debate on this issue and just reply some genuine answers. Yet, some people on this forum can't seem to use their "common sense". If he personally believes Keski is Kakkar and this rehit is only told to be kept at an AKJ organized amrit sanchar. Why can't you people just move on? Where Dass lives there is only one amrit sanchar organized by a particulay group who follow so called SGPC rehit. Some close gursikhs I know, know these people personally, and these punj promote Jhatka OPENLY. As a matter of fact one of
  3. and those cowards have removed their video. If indeed what they believe they did in that video is Gurmat, they would have not freaked out by the outburst and removed the video.
  4. Let see what Gurmat says about this issue: Why do we want to dance physically when our mind never stops dancing mentally at the first place? mnUAw nwcY Bgiq idRVwey ] manooaa naachai bhagath dhrirraaeae || Channel your dancing mind in devotional worship ~Guru Amar Daas Ji Raag Maajh 121~ Guru Sahib makes it CLEAR in this pangtee: nicAY tipAY Bgiq n hoie ] nachiai ttapiai bhagath n hoe || By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed. ~Guru Amar Daas Ji Raag Gauree 159 ~ Even the Hindus dance in their Mandir, Guru Sahib rejected this practice. then what type of
  5. Bhai Mohinder Singh "prabbakkar" did sewa on this shabad at UK Smagam 2001(April) at the rheansbai.
  6. Dass suggest u post at www.tapoban.org there are many wise married Gursikhs there. You have to take note that most users on this forum are not married.
  7. called a singh in Malaysia.He said they also have a Darbar Sahib(mini Guruduara) at Gurpuri where perkash of SGGS is done,Where kids do their Nitnem together everday. Are there any such foundations in other countries?
  8. came through this site while doing a search. A thumbs up for Malaysian Sikhs who have taken a step to nurture their future generation. http://www.gurpuri.org
  9. AKJUK jee, can you please upload the videos from the reansbhai atleast? I assume they will be on akj.org...or sevatothemax.com? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  10. it says: We Are NOT Broadcasting LIVE Yet. on the site
  11. Haumei is not Ahangkar Because of Haumei ---> Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahangkar exist in us. The Panch doots are different from each other, but are on the same level. If we read Gurbani, we will realize Guru Sahib mentions Haumei more than any other vikaar.Do you realize? The ^above^ salok by Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Maharaj posted by P v2 is one fine example. Also , take note. Bhai Gurdass jee said in his Vaara: Vaheguroo , Gurmantar Hei, JAP HAUMEI KHOOEE. The stress is more on eradicating Haumei, which is the root cause we are seperated from our SOURCE. Gurparsad
  12. Why are you so worried with what others are doing? why don't ask yourself these questions: Did I wake up for amrit wela todat? How much TIME did I spent today doing simran? If so, does my surti/dhian in blended in the dhunni of Gurmantar? How many years has it been since I took Amrit? Have I still till today experienced the Anand and Russ of Simran? Looking at other in life, we sometimes forget to look at ourselves. Gurparsad
  13. kwhyeykibnwicqulweIAY ] ? aUTqbYTqsovqjwgqsdwsdwhiriDAweIAY]1]rhwau ] (ang 379)
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