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  1. Ironically this goon claims to be a Sikh as well. Yes couldn't agree more that if he was the Muslims or Hindus he offended he would be down under and i don't mean Australia either. They are all over to defend him because the clowns defending him are anti Sikh as well. I did notice the EDL jumped to the defence of the Sikhs on twatter but i suspect there is an hidden agenda here. The only way this goon will get sacked is we make an issue out of it the BBC will have to take action. Or we could do a Muslim style and issue a price on his head, but its things like that that differentiate us from
  2. This clown lives in Birmingham apparently. Alongside asking the BBC to look into this comments issue. What the gurdwaras should do is for arrange a peaceful protest outside the goons house. There are enough gurdwaras and non "taliban" sikhs in the West Midlands to prove to this waste of air that we are a peaceful loving and caring faith. Think of the embarrassment this would cause him his family and his chapati charlie circle of friends.
  3. So if he had made the same comments about the Muslims or Hindus he would be 6 foot under by now and i don't mean in his job either. Is is a Sikh or just a chapati Charlie? With a name like Bobby Friction he sounds like the later. Tell him he is no longer welcome to our Gurdwaras lets see how much DJ work the clown gets now. Did some research on the goon The much well known DJ Bobby Friction was born on the 21st of August 1971. His real name is Paramdeep Singh Sehdev but there is no denying that practically everybody knows him by his stage name. DJ Bobby Friction is not only a DJ, but also a
  4. Well said that person. In life anything when mixed becomes diluted, put some orange squash into water what do you get!. You have said it bang on and what you say is correct. This whole topic and the people who support these mixed marriages are those who are the pakandi singh in the temples who want a bigger merc or fatter BMW. Then there are those who want to disrupt our faith and bring all these other illegitimates into it and try and bring us down. The muslims and hindus are loving this and there are a few of them on here aren’t there some more obvious than others. If these bimbos want to m
  5. 60kg of clothes dont be to suprised if they dont land the other end
  6. So was it stopped by the same people for the same reasons. We believe in a lot of things when it suits us.
  7. The temple in Caldmore Walsall was involved in something very similar few weeks back. Apparently they agreed to a wedding then told the family no on the morning of the day. The police came and all sorts. This was apparently a wedding where the bride and groom were of different castes i think. I don't have the full story. They did apologise on Sunday last, to the sangat. Typical pakandi singh the hollow fake apology is an English triat.! Dont worry about this issue because the anad karag is a dying breed. These youngsters (irrespective of caste colour creed sex) are all having civil ceremoni
  8. This dude is more than lost i think if he carries on like this some one will shoot him.
  9. yes and even of he wasn't so what exactly my point i could not give a dam personally its you lot who are so quick to defend him and his bad manners. You all claim he is a sikh so good for you and good for him. big deal hey ho lets drop it ! This is a free open speach forum and i am entitled to an opinion just like the rest of you! Ok now stoop your childish name callng and grow up!
  10. What’s this the Balkaar defence brigade :lol2: . Perhaps one of the Balkaar fan club could teach him some manners.
  11. Would you care to enlighten us all with some support of that statement. Personally i really don't care what he is i have already made up my mind. However curiosity is getting the better of me.
  12. If you think i would want a private conversation with you, you are so sadly mistaken.!
  13. You are extremely passionate about defending your alleged status as a Sikh, are you sure there is nothing you wish to share with the sangat? I seem to have hit a raw nerve with the suggestion that perhaps (based on your very quick defence and justification of the said topic on this forum) you may be a Muslim mole. Now all of a sudden "one" has to go to extreme lengths to justify ones religious status. Of course if you were a true Sikh as "one" likes to portray "one" as, then "one" would learn that all Sikhs need to overcome the 5 vices of which Krodh (aka anger just in case you don't comprehen
  14. Yes you don't have to justify yourself to me no more than i have to justify to you about my posting a comment on a thread where all this started from. The only difference is that unlike you and your swallowed dictionary "one" doesn't have to resort to petty name calling. Twice you called me a buffon in as many posts!. Shame on you that your manners don't equal your very cunning and clever posting styles! Thankfully the school holidays don't last that long!
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