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  1. Sikh TV will be going Live from Sunday 30th January onwards from Studio. Emaan Singh Maan, Son of Simranjeet Singh Mann interview on Sikh TV at 8.30pm on Monday 31st January. Saw the promo, not one to be missed. Hopefully the talk shows can be constructive and not just a bashing session. More youth should be on talk shows so that those of us who cannot understand Punjabi too well can also interact.
  2. Sikh TV has got clearance to start its live programming from Sunday 30th January. Lets see when it actual starts. Love the Interviews of Sikh TV. Emaan Singh Maan, Son of Simranjeet Singh Mann interview on Sikh TV at 8.30pm on Monday 31st January.
  3. This will start in mid - february. We won't just promote those Gurdwaras that support the rally as some suggested but ask questions of those who refuse to support the sangat even upon request.
  4. The editors at Sikh TV have looked at a number of speeches of Sant ji and they are just working on the quality of the content so its good enough to go on screen. Though you may have noticed that Sikh TV have played small 2/3 minute clippings of sant bhindranwale's speeches with a photo slideshow which i haven't ever seen on Sangat TV or Sikh Channel! A number of former militants and Punjab Police officers are also being interviewed for a special documentary of "post-84" and some "undiscussed" areas will be brough to the open.... Alot more "Professionals" and "white collar" workers claim to
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sikh TV presents Sri Akaal Ustat Sahib Tuesday 11th January 2011 at 6.30pm by Giani Mehtab Singh (Head Granthi of Baba Bakala) in loving memory of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Join Sikh TV by becoming a member for just £25 per year and recieve ample benefits.
  6. Sikh TV is looking to chalk out a programme in which all 300 + Gurdwaras will be lobbied to support and anti panthic gurdwaras will be exposed.
  7. Sikh TV has been looking at the idea of educating and informing people about dasam granth and its content. This will not be attempt to promote/discourage or change opinions but to give a better understanding of what dasam granth "is all about" and allow for balanced opinions to be expressed in a constructive and logicial manner and to avoid 6 - on - 1 slander match as seen on other sikh channels ( No prizes for guessing!) Please remember the great focus is likely to be on the contents and explanations of the text as well as historical analyse which can allow the sangat to hopefully make a mo
  8. Will the so called UK based Khalistani leaders speak out against the Akali Dal (Badal)or will they put their false "blacklist" clearence before the Panth? Jathedar Baba Baljit Singh Ji knows that such people cannot be relied upon as they have failed to stand up when time has tested them. Appeal to all Sikhs in Panjab - DO NOT RELY ON SIKHS ABROAD TO SUPPORT YOU IN ANY WAY IF MILITANTCY EVER RESTARTS IN PANJAB! PROOF - MAIN ACTIONS AFTER 1984 ATTACK ON SRI DARBAR SAHIB - ASSASSINATIONS - SSP GOBIND RAM SP GILL AND BRAR (PATIALA) CM BEANT SINGH DIG MANGAT DIG ATWAL (1983) DIG AJI
  9. RSS no different from banned SIMI: Rahul Bhopal/Delhi, October 6 In provocative remarks, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today described the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as “fanatical”, saying it was no different from banned terror outfit SIMI and that both held “fundamentalist” views. “I know only that both SIMI and the RSS are fanatical and hold fundamentalist views,” he said at a press conference here. When pointed out that the radical Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was a proscribed outfit, which was not the case with the RSS, the Nagpur-headquartered right-wi
  10. Over 50 teams confirmed for the tournament however, more are still enquiring. Do sign up before entry is closed.
  11. I've been a regular attendee to these Kabbadi tournaments since i was about 4/5 and i can remember over the years there would always be drunks and fights but that has really cut down in recent years to pretty much null and void. This year there were two Gurmat stalls giving out parchar material including G5 Sikh media stall which was at Gravesend and they got a very warm response. If you want to knock the Kabbadi tournament then be prepared to give back the millions that was donated to the Gravesend Gurdwara at the tournaments. - In 2007 over £150,000 was raised in about 15 minutes! - This
  12. No not at all jee. You are aware that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa's Shahadat has received such a battering over the last two and a half decades that it was important for their Shaheedi to be acknowledged separately to that of all the other Singhs/Singhania killed in the attack. Guru Arjun Dev Ji conducted the conception of Shaheedi for Human rights, freedom of faith, belief and liberty to live a free and just life. Sant Ji is not being compared to Guru Ji in any way but i'm sure you agree that a son wishes to walk in his father's footsteps and this will be appreciated at the samagam. Sant
  13. The issue finally will always come to our inability to defend our people because we do not have out own state. We need our country in whcih we will have our own Foriegn Office and Embassies around the world to apply pressure in such situations. If we had our own country, it would have taken our Foriegn Office 1 Email to all Embassies around the world to approach the UAE Embassies in their respective countries to details with this case. We could have pull in the UAE High Commissioner in Our Country for Questioning on details of the case. In extreme cases, we could close our Embassy or cancel
  14. I totally agree with you bhai sahib and im sure that you would also agree to the fact that there are some issues which are best left to be looked at to learn from and there is no real need to start digging into the specifics. Anyone and everyone was accused of being a govt agent and many of them accused the people that were accusing them in the first place. Many of us were no even born then, or too young to remember. We should show our respects to those that we admire and remain silent about those that we have doubt unless we can back up our statements with actual proofs.
  15. What are you trying to say bhai sahib? He's sayin that there was a lot of controversy surrounding Harminder Singh Sandhu Can you question or comment upon anything what was said in the statement?
  16. This Shaheedi Samagam will also be in remembrance of all Shaheeds of the attack on Darbar Sahib in 1984, including Bhai Amrik Singh and General Shubeg Singh. But it was felt necessary to put forward the need to recognise the sacrifice of Sant Bhindranwale as this has never been done before!
  17. After discussion with a number of Panthic organisations, it was decided that there should be a Shaheedi samagam for Sant Bhindranwale. All of the below stated organistionS have declared Sant Bhindranwale as a Shaheed of the Sikh Nation. Sikh Federation UK British Sikh Student Federation Dal Khalsa International United Khalsa Dal UK Damdami Taksal (Mehta Chowk) Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar Panch Pardhani Sikh Youth of America Sikh Federation of Australia Shere Panjab UK Sikh Students Federation UK Sikh Students Federation All India Sikh Student Federation Akhand Kirtani Jatha Inte
  18. There will be a Shaheedi Samagam for Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale in East London this June for the first time after 26 years. It is quite sad and upsetting that there has never been a programme in the UK to show our appreciation of Sant ji's shaheedi. For the first time. More details will be released closer to Vaisakhi.
  19. Song about Sant Ji by a new punjabi singer! :D Hopefully there will be more. If you don't agree atleast this shows that it's not stopped by Punjab Govt and parchar is easier than before!
  20. We remember Sant Ji on the anniversary of his birthday. He would have been 62 years old on 12 February! http://www.sikhnet.com/news/jarnail-singh-bhindranwale 'My mission is to administer Amrit, to explain the meanings of Gurbani and to teach Gurbani to those around me; ... and (to tell people) that a Hindu should be a firm Hindu, a Muslim should be a firm Muslim, and a Sikh should be a firm Sikh.' 'If we speak to someone with hatred and try to assert our superiority, it will create hatred in the minds of everyone. So long as we have the spirit of love, so long as we have the support of S
  21. Won't there be loads of bhogs at gurdwaras for the remembrance of the attacks on the 6th?
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