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  1. Recent admission by Punjab cop in his own admission to execute 83 sikhs in cold blooded murder.As usual punjabi media and national media is quiet. While Ishrat Jahan fake ecounter is back in limelight. What could sikhs in India and Abroad do to focus this case in national and international media? The cop admitting to his involvement might be "eliminated" or be forced to recant his story to protect higher up's like k.p.gill etc.
  2. Can the legal dispute be sharing punjab's water with neighboring states,and compensating Punjab according to riparian rights. How will this tie with Sikh massacre?
  3. http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/1984-anti-sikh-riots-chargesheet-that-names-sajjan-kumar-lies-buried-in-police-files-for-21-years-365804?pfrom=home-lateststories
  4. I was reading more about international criminal court.India had refused to sign Rome statue,which extends Court's jurisdiction over the country. In other words India does not recognizes international Criminal court. Furthermore,only cases on or after 2002 can be prosecuted because Rome Statue came into force then. However prosecution of Sudan and Darfur,who are not signatories to international court was Initiated by referral from members of security council. Looks like everyone is inventing its own Rules to suit themselves.
  5. Dear all, Recent acquittal of sajjan kumar proves that justice still eludes Sikhs. It is highy improbable Sikhs would ever get justice in this set up. We should take our case in international court of justice to (1) Send a message to India that Sikhs do not believe justice will ever be served in India. , (2)Get international acknowledgement crimes against humanity related to Sikhs took place. (3) International identification of the state,its involved parties, individuals who participated in massacare. (4) attempt to prove genocide of Sikhs happened. So far from the current reading, I think this is most challenging
  6. Dear sirsa ji please start with akali dal badal first. Being representative political body of Sikhs and the sgpc being religious body of Sikhs. One they are on board, and if you can make sure if they are sincere in their efforts and not shedding crocodile tears like last 29 years. AAM adami party shared stage with delhi massacare victims to express solidarity with the Sikhs. Where is akali or sgpc leadership? Also jathedars must lead from the front not just pay lip service.
  7. share this picture on maximum social media,amnesty international, mp's,lawmakers everyone in the world. Not only India and to an extent Germany violated extradition treaty among them. How can a person who is mentally and physically sick can be hanged?
  8. khalsa ji be ready. Let us see what is decision tomorrow
  9. baaghi song by jazzy b hit more than 300,000 views on youtube can we make target of 500,000 views by biasakhi April 13th. Also please watch movie in a theater near you
  10. dear all, Once again one again communal media ndtv is out to squeeze the freedom of expression expressed thru this song by jazzy b "Baagi" for sada haq movie. Please watch this video. Thanks
  11. What should the sikhs in india and or abroad do if Bhai Rajoana is secretely executed by India? Further if Punjab is under curfew and newe ban
  12. both are hindutva A and B teams. Congress thugs dress in white and BJP is recognized as saffron brigade. BJP takes inspiration from RSS(Rastryisa Swayam Seewak Sangh),whose cadres wear khaki shorts and hold shakas in various parts of india. Both have common ideiology of five centuries of hindu antagonism to the Sikh thought. Started when Guru Nanak refused to wear sacred hindu thread the "janaeau".
  13. It appears that after Narender Modis's win in Gujrat has emboldened hindutva. Vishva Hindu Parishad activists attacked about dozen churches. Official count one death and twenty five injured. See ndtv.com for complete story. Hindutva gift to Christians on Christmas.
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