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  1. Sat Sri Akal, I really need help, need answer for all these points one by one. I need to reply to a muslim. I dont want to write a single wrong line, If it has already been answered kindly give me link. guru Granth Sahib Full Of Contradictions? 1. It teaches the contradictory concepts of God being Sargun i.e. with attributes and also Nirgun -without attributes (p287; p102). 2. It teaches reincarnation and yet the Guru Granth Sahib questions reincarnation(p748 M5; p1366 Kabir). 3. It teaches the concept of hell (p465 M1; p524 M5; p793 Ravidass; p875 Ravidass; p1383 Farid; Asa Kabirji GGS
  2. As per my available knowledge i found that Kindly give the correct meaning. Charitar 21,22,23: There was a rich lady Anoop kaur, in Anandpur. She was attracted towards Guru Gobind Singh, so she called Magan Das ,Guru Saabs Servant and sent a message that if Guru Gobind Singh ji wants to learn Bhagauti Mantar, then Guru Saab should go and meet her at night. When Guru Gobind Singh reached there She said she wants to have sexual intercourse with Guru Gobind Singh ji, when Guru saab refused then she said that you should then pass through(under) my legs. Guru Gobind Singh ji said ,that person w
  3. Ok Bro, so this topic ends for me here, I will discuss with you and veer Inder in PM. Thanks for coming forward and replying. I will PM you. Again thanks this is what it should be, first time i got people who want to listen and clarrify. Thanks
  4. Just let the Mods come you will find it. You will get answer from Mod. I want to open topic and now it is there choice, to let me or not.
  5. Mods will not allow as i think it is not suitable to be discussed with kids and women.
  6. Can i discuss with you, as i think you have good knowledge of it. I will use PM, or else Mod are gonna delete the topic and ban me. Just a question to Mods can we discuss it in topic?
  7. Bro, Who will bring back Jinda. Sukha. Our list is growing Day by day
  8. Ok Bro, i can wait for any much time. Once you cleared it, i dont have problem with others. So i will accept this as a promise from you, even if they ban me we can start on email right I will Pm you my mail and we can start there if i get banned kindly send yours too. Thanks Bro, you are really worthy person, who has come forward to clear my understanding else i will always be like this. Thanks a lot.
  9. You can discuss with him, he must be having superior knowledge then me. I am only concerned about Chritropakhyan (chritra+pakhyan), to know its true meaning. What you say when we can start.
  10. I am also Jat by background but i use only singh As sikhs dont have any cast.
  11. Ok, Bro we all understand what i am talking about. I am sorry it is Chritropakhyan (chritra+pakhyan). Again sorry.
  12. I have main problem with TriyaChariter, if you can clear that i will accept all other aspects. So at any time bro whenever you want we can discuss it. Lets discuss on PM, it is better as it is not suitable to discuss that among women and children.
  13. TriyaChariter We can start this in PM, what you say?
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