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  1. THat was the truth so its not perishable And The Guru's followers also played sports and competitons, not for the Villa but still they did all is buckle of tatti without the name of the lord in your heart
  2. All is <banned word filter activated> without the name of the lord, all is <banned word filter activated> except the truth, all is perishable except the truth, please give up self way of living life and follow gurus way of living life. you shall be saved, please take this life seriousl.
  3. As an ex-Hindu myself, I can say that was the best response. As long as there is confusion, we are stuck in maya. GOD is simple, a simple person is more closer to GOD than smart guy in religion who claims to know everything. Guru himself said, that the one who claims to know everything, shall not be decorated in the world hereafter. which means our job is to become lowest of the low and the dust of the entire creation. my guru says that conquer the mind, conquer the world. my guru says ham nahi change, bura nahi koyee. Only if i listen to the guru, the lord govind shall come and save me. Oh my mind, why do you continue pointing fingers at others, the guru has given me this one understanding, the day you point the fingers at your ownself, the lord himself become your support. satnaam sada satnaam forever the dust of your feet
  4. GOD gives you amrit when he wants to. he gives you when you accept the truth and then follow the truth. forever become a slave to the truth.
  5. i think we all are confused so long as we do not realise the teachings of baba nanak dev ji maharaj that there is no hindu or muslim. there is no religion in the game of love, all is the creation of god, we have to live for all and serve all. If he was here now, he would say no hindu, muslim or sikhism but the love for GOD. Actually, the guru has made it clear as possible, he clearly says everything in SGGS, especially today when we have access to so much, such as we can get gurbani translated in english as well, so some of us that cannot read punjabi can still read it and english and there is still so much confusion. You know, guru says, where there is confusion, there is maya. GOD is simple, yet it appears to be so complicated for people in the world because they are in maya. So who can make it simple for you?, the guru because he has got control over maya not YOu. so SGGS itself is beyond maya, but you have to follow, if you take advantage of the voiceless, then that itself should keep us wandering. satnaam sada satnaam forever the dust of your feet
  6. lord, waheguru, allah, all same thing. We have to see the supreme light of GOD - ekonkaar satnaam - as the 1 and only 1 guru first. Waheguru, the great lord himself is the guru. He makes the physical body guru. By the way, Khalsa uniform is the light of god as well. GOD is beyond maya, so a complete truthful life is the uniform of khalsa. satnaam ji satnaam ji dust of your feet
  7. We have to practise truth from the heart, let the religion be love, let the religious uniform be your truthful deeds, o soul bride, this servant of the truth claims that the lord shall himself come and save you. But if you slander the guru, even god himself cant save you because the guru is special to GOD, if you disrespect him, you shall continue to stay lost in the puzzle. the god wont forgive unless you ask forgiveness from the same guru. because GOD loves the guru and the guru loves him as much so he shall forgive you in a instant. So if you really want to seek the truth, then come and step on this game of love, love with the truth, and you shall be saved. Because in the game of love, self-respect, infact your complete sense of ME does not exist. All that exists is love for your love. Until you understand that, o human beings, you shall not be saved. satnaam sada satnaam forever the dust of your feeet
  8. Matheen, you are one of them people that claim to know all, oh this servant of the truth speaks, that you shall not be decorated in the world here after, unless you dont get forgiveness for who you are slandering, you are not slandering a body, oh fool understand, ur slandering paar brahm himself, oh listen sikhs of the guru, that unless you change and accept the truth, your own guru shall not come to help you, jap man satnaam sada satnaam
  9. You're not even gursikh, let alone gurmukh if you do not follow the teachings of the guru even once. Hes just sitting there, you read it for show and make the fun out of it and you call yourself. God has no place for ignorants, your ignorance shall keep you wandering. God is ever forgiving, you seek his shelter, he shall save you in instant. Satnaam sada satnaam Raj karega khalsa, but khalsa rule to become totally selfless and crazy in love with GOD and then just continue to live for the god in others. Thats raj karega khalsa, and only that person can fight sava lakh naal ek larava, god saves the honour of its servant. you cant fight your own mind, let alone the world. GOD is inside you, not in gurudwara, see him there first, because when you see him there, you will see him everywhere even in a stone. ITs all about what you think from inside, this outside worldly display is all rubbish, actually doesn't do any thing to show at all. So become that. You know the dumb person on the street, world laughs at him. The whole world slanders him, because they are in EGO. They cannot see GOD. there ego do not want to point fingers at themselves yet. Oh sikhs of the guru, the quicker you make the decision, that you have to accept the truth, the quicker you walk to the saints door for forgiveness, he shall forgive you not even in instant. Are, he has put millions of thieves in the court of lord, he shall save you in instant. become forever a sacrifice to the sant. You dont make yourself a sant, god makes you a sant O sikhs of the guru, this servant sings now, that the punishment of the ignorant sikhs is that there own guru has given up on them and they shall continue to wander in doubts, unless they choose to accept the truth. satnaam sada satnaam forever the dust of your feet
  10. I think most of us are too busy pointing fingers at others, nobody wants to point a finger at their ownself, no one wants to follow guru's ji wisdom who says conquer the mind, conquer the world. Thats why you are here, to search inside you. Why you constantly run after maya, oh my mind. i continue to share my secret with world with each and every breath of mine. that oh human being, that until you give up the fire of your own ego, you shall continue to burn in this dark age of kali yuga. no one can help you, but You. oh yes, this is true, we have to give up ourselves, we have to kill ourselves everyday, this is the reality, face it and then ask god for help. oh this slave of the truth speaks now in front of the world, with each and every breath, that o sikhs, you have made a bludy fool out of SGGS ji, its left time ago, oh the one who slanders the guru, continue to wander lost. with each and every breath i speak now, that god makes me, that o sikhs of the guru, that its still not late, you are not dumb anymore. Ask yourself, sit down in a quiet room, close your eyes and concentrate, what are you? you are nothing my friend but your own thoughts, the reality is something else. how do we find it? we need to accept truth first. There are people that do not know, they are not aware, they need to find the truth and get what each and every human body deserves. jap man satnaam sada satnaam, satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaaam satnaam satnaaam forever dust of your feet
  11. Sorry but sach khand is not here. We cant go to it, unless god lets us in. so lets keep on praying it. satnaam sada satnaam
  12. actually gurbani only calls you brave, if you regularly try and battle with the panj chor. Gaining victory over someone else is not bravery. Humblness, compassion, becoming lowest of the low is the bravery in the dark age of kali yuga. So, oh my brave sikhs of the guru, lets make our religion purest love for god in all, let the truthful deeds be your pride, let makes a life of complete truthfulness our religious uniform, the lord himself comes to save his servants, who take time to listen to him. forever dust of your feet
  13. Ekonkaar satnaam satguru prasad, yes soul bride is who is accepted by paar brahm parmeshar ji. then his bath becomes washing herself in the naam amrit that you get from paar brahm within the body. It is not about going to worldly sarovaar or lake to bath. the sarovaars are inside you, everything is inside you. GOD's purest naam amrit washes away all the sins of such a soul. a normal bath in sarovaar will just clean up the body but the soul needs naam amrit from paar brahm parmeshar himself to clean up all the mental sicknessess forever the dust of your feet
  14. Sat Sri Akal, Gurbani says that there has to be atleast one God-Conscious being on earth, otherwise something bad would happen to earth. There is only one satguru and thats GOD himself, once a physical body realises him completely and merges into him then that body is called the satguru. it is still the light in the body that is the guru, body is not the guru, body is maya, behind physical is paar brahm parmeshar ji. so guru nanak to guru gobind was all one god - sat naam, body was not the guru, the supreme soul himself was in control. so this would apply to all the avtaars in the past, present and to come in the future. Its all God. satnaam sada satnaam forever the dust of your feet
  15. jap man satnaam sada satnaaam this sinner puts his head at your lotus feet, He who knows his own self, knows God. (Prophet Mohammed) Yes, this is the divine truth. Infact our true self is GOD himself and we have to realise him to find salvation. Mind is an illusion, EGO is an illusion, it doesn't exist anywhere but our own head, it is not the truth. Only the GOD is the truth, your soul is the truth. "The subject on which I meditate is truth. The practice to which I devote myself is the truth. The topic of my conversation is truth. My thoughts are always in truth. For lo! my self has become the truth (Lord Buddha)" ^^^ such are the qualities of a GOD-realised person, khalsa, god himself, countless names that people give but the reality is the same. whether you call him allah, waheguru or whatever, you have to see him in all. thats why guru nanak dev ji said, there is no muslim or hindu, at that time there wasn't no sikhism, otherwise guru would say the same to them as well. True meaning of sikh is what guru nanak dev ji tells us, not what the people in the world think. True sikh who surrenders to guru, practises guru teachings and llives a truthful life. He does not believe in empty religious rituals, body itself a maya, body doesnt go back with you, we have to fight our own mind and win over the world. thats what the guru says not me, i am just sharing what i have learnt from the guru. Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it. (Mother Teresa) ^^^ all these are dhan dhan, but only if we do this for the truth. otherweise we continue to run after maya and continue wandering. so may satguru ji bless us to be able to surrender to the guru and become a slave to the truth. and then your life should become truth itself and you should always live under the hukam of the truth. So gurbani tells us to die the death of EGO, only then the illusion should die and the reality takes over. So we have to learn to become lowest of the low, start seeing GOD in everyone and then serve God in all, if you get angry with someone, its automatically hurt the heart of the that god in that body. guru says conquer the mind, conquer the world, we are constantly blaming the word, but the guru tells them to look inside us, conquer our own mind, conquer the whole world. we cannot blame women for wearing clothes that trigger our lust, we have to become slave to the truth so the truth takes over and these thieves lose control. so even if you bring a naked pornstar in front of guru nanak, he wouldnt give a <banned word filter activated>, nothing will happen to him. hes sees beyond the mind, whhich most of the people in the world dont. thats why we suffer, we make our ownself suffer. If we accept the truth, let the truth burn the illusion, let the truth take over you, you shall not suffer again. You shall be blessed with ever-lasting peace and joy. Only god-realised person has such vision, thats why gurbani sings the praises of god-realised person in sukhmani. oh my mind, the filth is you, why do you put the blame on others? some of us get initation and replace our surname with khalsa, you know khalsa means pure, khalsa is guru gobind singh ji himself, so ask yourself, dont listen to me, how could such a person who hasn't defeated maya, who hasn't reached the truth who is beyond maya, can be called khalsa? so calling ourselves khalsa when we are a manmukh, is same thing as slandering the guru. Khalsa is the light of GOD, and we have to keep on praying to GOD for the truth, his naam, bandgi and seva. Khalsa is not a physical form, physical is maya, beyond physical is GOD. If we do not follow SGGS ji properly, then we are just ignoring him right. We've to earn what SGGS ji tells us to do and we have to constantly pray to GOD to bless us with his naam, bandgi and seva and that make us his slave. only he can do that, we just have to convince him to do it for us and we have to serve him. thats why we do bhagti in it, coz we are an illusion and illusion does not live forever. So we call out to the truth, and ask it to take over and save us. we practice the teachings of the guru and guru comes and saves us. if we do not follow SGGS, then even the guru wont come. the living guru is someone who has earned the truth, the living guru is someone who lives but for the truth, the living guru is totally selfless, he's earned SGGS ji and he is saved. forever follow the teachings of such a guru, and you shall be saved for sure. We all know, we have to get salvation before we die. if we just die like that, we have to be born again, so why listen to me, your parents or anyone else but the truth itself. forever dust of your feet
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