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  1. hey did u get my text with my new number??

  2. why is she on even though she flopped the bbc program on sikhs? we've already given her a chance.
  3. heres the link to the sangat tv worldwide trend: http://twitter.com/#!/search/%22Sangat%20TV%22 sikhs trending in the united kingdon here http://twitter.com/#!/search/Sikhs click 'top' for live tweets.
  4. check it out!! great work by sangat tv in their coverage!!
  5. sangat tv trending worldwide on twitter :O
  6. How about MyProtein - whey protein? Ive heard only good things about it.. Promax is very very pricey of it - due to branding etc - so i wouldn't reccommend it to whoever asked.
  7. Pretty much in the description.. will this event be happening this yr? Normally there are adverts up and a website sorted.. havent seen anything this yr.. Will be a real shame if theres no Parkash 2011.. personally the event I most look forward to each year.
  8. Gurfateh jee would anyone know where i can get a full version of this (or extended version? ) Thanks
  9. Gurfateh jee There is a facebook page with a video on it too: http://www.facebook....216777355005681 Copied from the facebook page ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ An Incident Today Drayton Manor Park saw children of the Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Gurmat Camp organised by Edward Street Youth Forum, be escorted out from the park in mass by security due to a small amount of a young Amritdhari Singh's kirpan showing, branding it as an offensive weapon. The same camp where children were taught how as Sikhs we should aim
  10. if anyones got time and wants to contribute to the debate, its here: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1578257&page=10 might be a good getting more sikhs on and refuting the argument of some mis-educated others. Also voting in the poll
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