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  1. VJKKVJKF Das is letting go of a few pieces.. beautifully crafted massive antique kukri for sale. Horn craved handle with silver pins. These aren't metal as they aren't magnetic. Huge size heavy blade at 950grams but with very good balance. Last two images show a regular sized kukri for reference. note this listing is only for the large kukri not the pair. total length just under 20 inches £245 plus postage beautifully crafted 19th c wootz pesh kabz kard for sale. Natural cream handle material comes with leather scabbard. The blade has a wootz patt
  2. Fateh jio, The gatka these days wouldn't help anybody in real life unless they got lucky.. After viewing the thread and this my question is... If Niddar Singh has the real shaster vidiya... why do none of the nihang singhs in India have it? Many of them have asthaans, relics etc belonging to guru sahibaans e.g Baba Avtar Singh Bidhichandiye Sursinghwale have Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji's tegha and are Bidhi Chand's current blood lineage. Wouldn't these nihangs have the real vidiya and not someone born in the west? How could all the nihangs lose it expect him? Like someo
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh, hope everyone is well during this pandemic... Das is selling the following three shaster. A nybody interested, please dm me Quick draw fighting Puratan Sosun Pattah sword for sale. Extremely lightweight in fact one of the lightest shaster I’ve handled. The blade has deep fullers on each side, with a thick t spine and with almost a mirror polish with minor pitting and age-related marks. Tulwar handle has an ergonomic grip and retaining no movement between blade and hilt. Overall length 26.5 inches, just over two feet for
  4. There are a few gems but most are gupt personal experience akaal
  5. sure thing bro! Will share a image here once it is up! Follow the account on IG TreasuresOfNanak for all the coverage.
  6. Guru Nanak’s 550th year anniversary is being celebrated with an exclusive and free exhibition - Treasures of Nanak launching on Wednesday 6 November 2019 at 6pm at the Kala Sangam Arts Centre (Bradford) and on display till Thursday 23 January 2020.Everyone is invited to be a part of this amazing experience that features antique and contemporary work by 13 emerging artists, including 40 contemporary and antique paintings, installations, drawings, artefacts, manuscripts and Indian arms and armour. Treasures of Nanak will explore the key teachings or ‘treasures’ of one of the most travelled me
  7. VJKKVJKF Das has the following four Shaster for sale, prices are listed without postage. Close offers accepted. DM me or email me on singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk if interested. Islamic Military alam trident antique Spear from the 19th Qajar period. Engraved all over and it’s height is 20inches overall. £150 Indo persian Indian khanjar with rare brass Yali Makara beast south indian handle, comes with scabbard. Handle seems smaller than regular fit, maybe for a young adult or child? Approx 10inches in total length
  8. some have mastered puratan natural vedic medicinal techniques & yoga too ...
  9. This sword is Indian with a Afghan twist, most probably North/South India, late 18 -early 19 C. The massive blade is in a classical shape of a Khyber sword 24 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is finely fullered and with a pronounced T spine. The handle is a Khanda/Tulwar hybrid style half basket handle with a short pommel spike. Nice South Indian style piercings on the handle. Total length ** inches. Very good condition to age. No scabbard. Price £245 +Postage. email me on : singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk
  10. shes apni married to a muslim
  11. VJKKVJKF can sangat please keep posting current amrit sanchars with location on this tread. This would benifit alot of sangat who are finding it hard to find out this information Thank you! vjkkvjkf
  12. @TankaranSingh for the last time ... what you see is what is for sale my friend.
  13. @starstriker , its has a beval which is sharp but is not razor sharp. price is £500 which a steal if you know what gold puratan shaster go for these days. @hsingh from various sources. I can ship worldwide. Sorry don't know any
  14. @gianbansingh these are all sold. i have a gold mutha damascus tegha for sale.
  15. REDUCED PRICES : Small straight new 8inch choora/peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - £100 +PnP Small curved new 8inch peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - £100 Small curved new 10inch peshkabz dagger- comes complete with leather scabbard. - SOLD! Large antique Dark Iranian 12 inches Wootz kard/peshkabz dagger -comes complete with leather scabbard. - £170 Large antique Indian 12 inches Wootz kard/peshkabz dagger -comes complete with velvet scabbard. - £170 I also have a Gold glided pattern welded damascus Tegha for sale. The gold gliding
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