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  1. "God is compassionate, but has no pity." Im sorry but where is this from, please state when your are using opinion and fact to date i didnt know anyone had a definition of what god is or isnt?
  2. I think the point is that although the religous practices that some of these people (such as idol worship) partake in is silly and ridiculous most of these practices dont hurt us (discounting some islamic practices) Now guru said we are all one, that is guru jis very first message until we start treating everyone as part of one, united then we fail in understanding the rest of bani Now as long as people dont disrespect bani then they are free to follow whichever religion they choose but they should note all these religions are all part of the "one" and everything they pray to reaches wahegur
  3. Welcome to the Catwalk Singh, the fact is we stand out people wanna stare at us let em! i have no advice for you except just do it, and once you do it once make sure u carry on do not go back (admitting defeat) i rarely get questions i get the general "paki" shout from a window of a car but nothing too bad! Be Fearless be a Singh
  4. what is the b/s above another perfect example of "only five" typing before thinking! Sikhs are not slaves of their elders, yeah help your elders out because they have given you so much but live your life for you, only do it if you want to do it, sikhs are NEVER I REPEAT NEVER slaves 2Ask your 'surveyed' women whether they would live with the in-laws and make sure in-laws are completely taken care of. Food is made when and how many times they want everyday for the rest of their life, house is clean, kids are fed, clothed and sent to school." Think about what impression you are giving out, t
  5. ^^ seem to be controversial in every thread legal singh I suggest you say that to a singh from the midlands about the general assumption you have made about our brothers and fathers and community ( alot of this stuff is underground - a lot of the families dont acknowledge or ask for help), as for this particular case i think youll find the lesta singhs did a job well done and have been dogged by the police ever since! But please carry on with your rhethoric because we all know your probably an armchair general who has no real life experience!
  6. I hope you have never worn a t shirt that may potentially lead you to have bare arms, maybe bare neck maybe it doesnt fit properly and your backsides on show! Now i am no one to criticise Bhagat Jaswant singh but people you have maharaj in front of you stop relying on other people to tell you what maharaj is telling you himself!!! Look at the way some of our gurus dressed http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/63504-guru-gobind-singh-jis-attire/
  7. and so goes the circle of empathy ^^ if no one says anything because its always going to be someones family friend then it will always happen! glad to know that respect for the anand karaj goes as far as thinking about telling someone what they are doing is wrong!
  8. ^^bump sounds brilliant, hopefully someone has more info
  9. the depressing state of todays youth
  10. couple of the above points are false, one poster above suggest only sikhi will get you out of this dunia (strange that we had muslim/hindu saints contribute to bani but you feel that you can dismiss their religion) OP if you prefer to work on spirtuality than work on it, i myself am a sikh and if you read bani thats essentially what it says, your actions will be those of a sikh even if you dont think they are! Find whatever route works for your soul that makes sense to you never let another dictate the terms of your life!
  11. no you do not need a guide absolutely not, there are plenty of examples that show you do not need a guide...in fact looking for a guide just perputuates this sant baba/bibi brahmgiani economy in india a simple search would have bought up numerous topics around this issue
  12. ^^ from the south then i guess lol!
  13. agree with the above, the dream seems very insecure the peacock "aka god" chooses you from 3 friends hmmmm most of the time dreams are just your subconscious thoughts coming to the forefront
  14. lol its not incest unless they are closely related but find out your bf's pind and you should be able after asking your dad a few questions to know if you are a)from the same pind, b) from a nearby pind c)a totally distant pind Only option C helps as the rest will probably lead to a no from your parents on a side note its lovely to see young sikhs really in tune with their parents, 6 years of dating and now they start to think (p.s sometimes you can allow a girl to get away with this lack of thinking as her last name would change anyway, but what kinda bf do you have that didnt question it
  15. the fact is he also says some sensible things, such as "How do you know who is a mankukh or gurmukh, if you think amrita automatically makes someone something, you are sadly mistaken". I will never say to someone their opinion of sikhi is wrong i will give my opinion freely but i dont think its appropriate for people to be say this is the path and only i know of it! i took amrit at 10 and it was the best decision I ever made, however what i feel like is that amritdharis in particular are guilty of being to militant calling any view apart from their own manmukh! you may call me liberal but rea
  16. spot on neosingh (again) we wonder why people leave sikhi in droves and its because of posters such as above, so easy to sling about the manmukh titles like their going out of fashion! I can confidently say i am a manmukh i folllow my mind and desires(althought trying to control them i realise their hold on me is still very strong), but its good to know so many on here are gurmukh/brahmgianis! "We have a lot of people on this forum who talk big on sikhi, but do not want to commit, and take Amrit, when i was not amritdhari i never came on this site or any other similiar sites. I kept my mouth
  17. the fact is most amritdharis including myself break rehat every day, from not controlling our anger, to giving in to pride/ego/lust, to not doing our panj bania at the right time etc then you find the ones that do, and instead of making them more peaceful and happy following rehat seems to have turned them into militant,stone cold, robots what happens if your panj pyare have said something different to mine? whos god then should we believe? at the end of the day the only true guru is bani, everyones interpretation is different and unless you have read sanskrit bani in its original form and r
  18. p.s interesting stats below show that muslims are overrepresented in the prison system 4% of the population but 13.1% of the prison population (side note sikhs are also overrepresented - on a much smaller scale, Hindus are underrepresented) Christian 43,176 50.2% 61.3% Muslim 11,248 13.1% 4.0% Hindu 456 0.5% 1.5% Sikh 777 0.9% 0.7%
  19. what i think people find ridiculous is when the muslim community feel they have been slighted they will raise 1000s of people to walk on the house of parliament, or demonstrate peacefully in a town, you even find regular preachers in town and londons speakers corner however when there own community recognise a problem because the girls being raped are not "their" girls or muslim girls it is brushed under the carpet. im sorry but the absolute lack of empathy by pakistanis for people not off the same origin is ridiculous. They continue to use the civil liberties afforded to them by this countr
  20. @mal it really is an easy concept to understand, ive said its better to contribute to the economy then take out of it.do you disagree? Ive also said that using the "its against my religion to stack meat/alchohol" argument doesnt work when bankers are immorally/unethically (so against sikhi) earning their money (yet that is deemed as acceptable). again do you disagree? never did i say you cant ask a question, the crying was aimed at the posters above who have turned a simple question into their own meat/no meat agenda p.s your right im not a "mod" im impressed with your investigative skills
  21. lets not turn this into yet another can we cant we eat meat end of the day we live in a capitalist western democracy rather then be unemployed i suggest you contribute to the economy -then maybe you can outweigh the potential disadvantage of touching drink with using the payment to help charity), end of the day we dont tell bankers to stop banking on this forum even when there money is earnt unethically ehmi crying about nothing if you cant find another job its fine, try not to but its nothing to worry about!
  22. the fact your comparing the two shows the bubble of a world you live in anyone can post on these forums and if they require help then they should be given it, if you gave a heroin addict the advice go see a doctor thats brilliant but if someone else gave them the advice of seeking help through putting their all in gurbani or mabe a shabad that explained things better to them thats not bad advice this entire world can be explained by sikhi so why choose to not have bits and only have the bits you feel comfortable with!
  23. @luckysingh99 before stating that some issues are not gurmat to discuss maybe you should open up your mind, you are not a jathedar or such a gurmukh that you can make such sweeping statements Sikhi is a way of life and as such has an important part to play in everyones life and everyone should take instruction from Waheguru never be afraid to ask your guru a question! as for the sleeping around bit its all about whether you can accept it or not, if you cant than forget having a relationship, if you can you must make sure to start from a clean slate
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