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  1. a sikh banda should never lose confidence if you wanna trim because you sh1t yourself every time a girl talks to you i suggest you go the whole hog trimming is a cowards way out! if only the great shaheeds could see wht thy gave their lives for "mr curly hairs sap my confidence"
  2. i once broke my amrit skateboarding but i got up and fixed it! amrit is not something that can be broken willynilly
  3. off topic singh stick to the topic there is already a topic regarding the divinity of the guru's, this topic is regarding free will! Lucky do you the believe that it was waheguru's MASTERPLAN to have the holocaust? or the 1984 riots? im sure waheguru knew it would happen and i believe some stuff is pre-ordained but i do not believe that waheguru made these choices i believe he gives us the power to make choices and he knows every single outcome he knows what will happen if we go right or left or straight,backwards he knows every single outcome on every single path we could possible tread
  4. Firstly if you feel it is better to correct someone grammaticaly i would spell "armature" correctly. Maybe your grasp of the english language is fading Secondly please respond by using my username not some indian pindu desi version that is a base level of respect Thirdly an oxymoron is something like dark light, whatever Nidar Singh does in his time is his business i believe you can seperate martial knowledge from sikh knowledge. An example my boss at work is power hungry, bitchy, and pretty viscious but he is incredible at his job i pick and choose the information i want to learn/pick up!
  5. really hard concept to understand we have free will in abundance i can choose to not go to work i can choose to kill, help, slander my fellow brothers/sisters however the outcome of my decision even if i feel it is 50/5 right up to the moment i choose has already been seen by an all knowing all powerful being! Waheguru knows every choice you make before you make it, he knows every possible path and every possible outcome on that path!
  6. kullykhalsa


    sounds like depression penji please contact a professional to talk about how your feeling
  7. wow shaheed singh if this is the way you treat people im sure you sikhi ideology is a messed up as niddar! the singh above in my opinion posted a genuine opinion but you shot him down with little/no respect and really a rather shockingly unlogical approach now the one problem we really have as a panth is the fact we cannot disagree and be happy you are NOT someone we have to explain our personal sikhi to instead i would advise you to look after your own jeevan i understand you disagree with niddar but im suprised considering his classes are mostly aimed at older singh, if you really were as
  8. raas raas singh so good they named him twice rawalpindi express singh - means quick RahRah Singh
  9. incorrect a dastaar tied correctly shouldnt really be coming off your head easily patka i think is fine if your going gym or footy but otherwise should be a dastarr
  10. what a wasteman this Guest is firstly post using a username guru's didnt bring us up to be wimps/coward secondly post your information so that penji and her brother/brothers can show you what a real sikh is like after a few juthiya im pretty sure youll stop trolling forums trying to judge people
  11. bit over the top seems we have some over zealous people on this forum who just spring to attack, as you seem to want to be fundamental all the time guru ji told us to treat everyone as brothers/sisters with an open heart mind, not a closed mind spouting hatred, ok if you believe we shouldnt applaud but then we should inform!
  12. not really sure what the point of your post is if its to highlight the fact that some singhs choose kuriya without facial hair well thats already known, just as the fact the majority of sikh kuriya prefer clean shaven however your posts come across as personal rants
  14. How can you not believe in it then be curious about it control your mind your obv looking for answers but to the wrong questions will this info help you no so go find answers to questions that matter
  15. <banned word filter activated> response above to a genuine question struggling to support family this is your sister think before you type Please pm if you need someone to go over your accounts penji
  16. you would have to clarify what you mean by inform yourself? i have read both websites bth opposing views the numerous threads on this forum ive even met Niddar Singh (although not long enough to discuss viewpoints of sikhi). But i feel that still doesnt mean im "well informed" im just highlighting that it doesnt do anyone any good with a bashing thread? i dont think ive been negative to either side, in fact ive said before i agree with the majority of taran0 posts
  17. Yes i have to agree your consistency on this forum really shows everyone else up. As i have said numerous times i am not a pupil of SV/Nidar neither am i a Taksali/AKj or any other group that forms part of sikhi im just a standard sikh. Although i agree with most of Tarans points i am just trying to stress that rarely is anything ever as black/white as you are trying to make out, from what i know of the situation (very little) both sides have had theats levelled at them and this just seems to be a bashing thread wherby the accused hasnt been able to put his point across. if your going to waste
  18. agree with lucky really we should be stopping and buying them food if you dont trust them with the money! but for OPs question if we give money how do we know its not going on alcohol etc when we give to the gurdwara are u 100% sure your money is going on something useful maybe is just lining the committees pockets.....see its the INTENTION that counts
  19. Check out alan watts audio - if there was no money at the end of the day studying isnt for everyone, the wost thing we do as punjabis is compare our kids to each other and the one who became a doctor wins you should look at experiencing life and seeing what you do like doing, as alan watts says its absolutely stupid to carry on doing something you dont like to carry on living to carry on doing something you dont like!
  20. Thats correct i am not a fan of either side to be honest both sides come across petty and childish with neither side really willing to talk, from your obvious unbiased comments we can see you are clearly in the right, however im guessing there are 2 sides to every story. one side niddar it seems to me try and intimidate and threaten with their physical presence the oher side seem to want to prove some sort of intellectual superiority with neither having the courage to sit down and explain this is how we feel, what can we do about this.....rarely in this world is stuff as black and white as yo
  21. what a joke this thread has become if u feel strongly like shaheed singh khalsa have a word u bibi its not like the guys hiding hes advertises what gurdwara hes at u hero, no doubt youd <banned word filter activated> your pants before you get to the gurdwara
  22. im not a fan myself but whenever i see bandwagon like this forming based on hearsay im always wary. For all those singhs calling the guy a nang you should say it to his face (he very well maybe) but being an internet warrior never served any purpose! as for the description of the fight in the video its definetly blurry but i would call uptej singh the weaker of the 2 from what i know he has a very good reputation as someone whos very strong!
  23. realy confusing thread one minute OP asks for "gurbani standpoint" the next asks for "sangats views" although i appreciate its hard to know where your money goes does that stop you buying a tv where the commision goes to the salesman who might spend it on alchohol or to the shop owner who might spend it on cigarettes? all in all i you give with an open heart and you are happy then good really doesnt matter what others think!
  24. i like how the above poster is a guest and anonymous lol, at the end of the day keep reading and absolutely key is to find your own way never let anyone tell you this is right or this is wrong!
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