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  1. as much as your comments do make sense humkire i have to disagree with your POV, for me this site is to be used for discussion,debates etc yes your correct that if you follow hukam thats all thats needed nice and simple but the answer to this would be theres a difference between following hukam because you have been told its the right thing and following hukam as second nature because you want to do paat/seva all the time! all humans are born with a thirst for knowledge if we were just to follow hukam in a generation or so kids in sikhi wouldnt ask questions, might blindly follow a path (wheth
  2. make a SGPC hip hop group that would go on a world tour joking, but i would: 1) set up national sikh centres in each country which are directly in control of sgpc who have democratic elections every 2 years and no person can run more than once every 3 years force there to be male/female equality 2) set up radio and tv stations in each country also highlighting problems covering key topics these should be funded by the 30% fee each gurdwara should give of the dasvand they recieve! ($$$) 3) set up free schools and help in giving loans and grants to pinds so they can develop there business an
  3. wow jasdeep have you even read the OP full comment its not his beard but his moustache thats annoying him i get that sometimes generally i just keep combing them to the side and eventually bit of fix they stay there, i get annoyed by the same thing as u any othr ideas out there?
  4. i disagree with what some people have said on here i dont believe it to be noble in the slightest what it might be is a bt of a hero comment because if you had actually thought about it you would know 1) its not possible, 2) it sounds like you can barely keep yourself together and 3) before this comment what have you done...blessed with money have you started a charity helped those homeless beggarss...blessed with friends have you got them to rally together to do something good for the world start a soup kitchen etc. its all very well coming on a forum and making a outrageous comment but its
  5. well said innergear! pointless really they are sprayin perfume to make guru ghar smell btter. if no alchohol can we eat bread in the langar hall (contains small amounts of alchohol)
  6. good luck singh i say go for it allow all these people telling you to wait or telling you your young! as long as its your own decision and you sound like you have thought about it so go do it but not in secret tell your parents straight up!
  7. kullykhalsa


    either way its pointless! no one know what the guru's look like but for some reason im guessing we all have pictures of them up in our houses again another pointless thing to do!
  8. brilliant post mate, again i agree its intention but over zealouness in these little matters shouldnt matter, we have much bigger problems not just within sikhi where this persons time could be used, this is just batty! whats the * mean on Sravan N30?
  9. that last post is going to get destroyed by WLS. Although i disagree with WLS comment and reasoning doing your own research is vital you shouldnt just take what people say at face value even if they present links to evidence. although the sikhs did kill a lot of people (with due cause) the prolonged attacks by others made this possible, without such aggravated attacks beforehand this wouldnt have happened!
  10. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/67783-divinity-of-our-gurus/
  11. Evil things love place with no sucham lol what a response! Do some paat don't worry about it these things have more hold over you if your scared of them.... Nirbhau....
  12. logically rationally what PAL 07 says is right, but this forum has proven time and again when it comes to individuals the conversation NEVER stays sensible i mean look at yesterday someone threatened N30singh who i believe is one of the most unbiased contributors to this forum, for saying he disagreed with their opinion on an individual
  13. this surely all stems from a lack of leadership something the sikh nation has struggled with for a long time even know if all the sikhs in punjab rebelled we would get khalistan but once again outfoxed by the govt who for the past 20 years have fed a steady stream of bs propoganda alongside pretty much destroying a once fertile and prosperous land/people. I can safely say sikh are easily the strongest/courageous people in india but intelligence is something we have lacked in abundance
  14. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/69437-i-dont-know-y-people-say-gurus-are-god/ link to the topic that was locked again i only ask what criteria is used because this thread didnt seem to be going off topic, and the replies were generally respectful as for some people bringing down others on this site i agree it happens, i agree we should all learn to co-exist what i generally do no like is people pushing their views on others e.g my way or the highway, sikhi is personal to each and every individual and should be respected as so!
  15. so black is considered a ignorant colour? really are colours that important? im wearing a black dastaar right now and im smiling...oxymoron?
  16. surely that means we should close the whole forum to grow as a community you have to accept differing standpoints and others opinions might come across as aimless debating but atleast it means we are followin what we believe in notjust following someones words but have actualy thought about the issue?
  17. Just wondering on which criteria admins are locking topics? seems that admin will say something on the topic and then lock even when discussions are ongoing. this site is a place for people to discuss different views and debate thats the only real way to learn
  18. Just playin devils advocate now surely you intepreting guru's words as contradictory means you are then further assuming or inferring your own opinion on the matter so your first line of gurpreet is wrong is just an assumption on your behalf rather than a logical rational choice why dont you believe that brahmgiani is in essence god, not actually god easily another assumption you could make for me a B - post
  19. nail on the head n30singh Dustofyourfeet - your analogy is correct but your logical process is wrong we are all the sea some like the guru's are cleaner water then the rest but akaal resides in all. you suggest that the water in the cup is the same as the ocean incorrect, no cup can contain the vastness/power of the ocean. guru cannot be akaal purakh as he/she is confined by limits of the body and mortal mind.
  20. theres already a topic about the divinity of the guru's in the intellectual thread please try and stay on topic
  21. wow well said again n30singh i reckon we should make you an spokesperson of some sort you always reply with humility and common sense something missing in most posts (inc mine) never ever is an issue like this black and white and i highly doubt either the 3ho jathebandi or gursant singh will come out of this clean! what i will always fail to see is why as a sikh you have to pick a side genuinely heard of a story of one amrtidhari asking another the first time they met which jathebandi they belonged to.......no AKJ no Taksal no 3H0 no Nihung straight sikh!
  22. ok if hens and roosters are kept seperate then the egg is not fertilised, to make it very simple if men and women are kept away women wont have babies! yes indeed you could be depriving the hen/rooster of meeting their one true love, but for me forcing a cow to stay away from its children not feed them etc is worse
  23. sun singhs response really ties this thread for me. You have people providing scientific description of how eggs ARE NOT in the slightest meat and how unfertizled eggs in this country which are free range really are no problem. then you have the response of sunsingh who insists questioning is wrong? that eggs are in development stage when clearly just a GSCE knowledge of biology would tell you that without a rooster that is incorrect!
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