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  1. never let an older person bully you or be disrespectful age is no indicator of intelligence or wisdom dont let an older person deal with them grow up and deal with them, respect is earnt not given out wily nilly. Even our own guru's ages have ranged wildly so we should use that as an example!
  2. consciousness your first post on here is probably the best explanation of that question ive heard!
  3. Makes me angry, which is why so many people are angry at india....they wont admit the gandhis involvement any apology is worthless until the reasoning behind it is admitted and they stop hiding behind militancy b/s reasoning on top of this the people involved in the mobs would have been aged around 20-25 which would make them about 45-50 now this makes them the most influential people in india at the minute! disgusting people hope this singh found that hindu boy!
  4. thought persepolis was a great film really eye opening. The raid is a great film too just start to finish action packed! Taken 2 = horrendous built on the original taken they changed maybe a couple of pages of dialogue not worth the admission price. Boy with the striped pyjamas decent film amazing book!
  5. I geniunely disagree with your comments Kaljugi although the pen is indeed mightier than the sword more important is the person holding it. How long have we had our own channels and asian radio shows and asian writers our own papers yet we seem to have probably gone backwards if anything we dont have any key politicians on our side striving to keep us happy....and certainly although a small % of the country we have a very good combined wealth and therefore power. Although i agree there is a better way to deal with stuff like this im struggling to come up with the answer...... Petitioned the
  6. Bit awkward I meant n30singhs post lol
  7. Haha fair play Poster asked a question which I thought was obvious but maybe I'm wrong For one I wouldn't start a relationship while withholding info like that, maybe it's ok for you and the wife u end up! But for me I wouldn't mind but I would like to know up front! Our guru says wen we are married we become one for me that means no holding secrets a lie by ommision is still a lie, that's my take on it anyway
  8. Disgusting that your even thinking of hiding this tell the truth everything that you do shapes who you have become maybe she will understand maybe she doesn't but u start on a lie everything built on that can shatter! If you really do treat women as u say u do they deserve to know the truth not a lie because you don't think it's appropriate would you be happy if your wife lied about something like that? Seriously some of the questions on here just need an ounce of common sense applied
  9. agree with the above everyone has there own views on sikhi you can hardly change them and this thread has kinda turned into a bashing thread! Original OP asked for balanced view but we have only got one side (although this is the side i agree with) without the other this is pointless
  10. thats probably my fault then reading the topics its hard not to take the comments as anti-jatt basically! my point being you are not a bad person or a bad amritdhari for marrying your daughter to a jatt neither is this applicable the other way around (marrying a non jatt) for me im proud to be a jatt not because i believe in a caste system but because my forefathers were farmers and there hard work helped me get here in the same way i would be proud to be a tharkan/chamar whatever etc.
  11. seriously you do know what this topic is called dont you? im assuming most posters have basic language skills. well if marrying your daughter to someone of a different caste is indicative of not believing in caste then surely you could say the same for my proposition? nothing should be spat on being born into a brahmin family a dalit family etc there is no difference, p.s you didnt hit a nerve just suprised you posted something so ridiculous, normally your posts are logical/rational
  12. WOW so jatts have something to prove to mehtab singh? Singh prove to me your all for equality by staying at home and looking after your kids(if/when/i your currently have them)....apparently until then your opinon doesnt really mean much? who knows if your name is realy mehtab singh lol
  13. wow this thread doesnt really make any sense, jatts have done nothing wrong neither have tharkans or chamars etc blaming a slice of one community generally is nearly always wrong Really why are you raising this topic yes some idiots make stupid songs about caste...but hears a novel idea dont listen. i dont go raving about bollywood which depicts sikhs as idiots instead i just dnt watch those kind of films Jatt is literally a job description with some other cultural references, its time to wake up smell the coffee and realise its not anyone elses problem just yours!
  14. ive noticed on quite a few threads that only five has a very uninspiring manner to quick to jump the gun and to reliant on someone to tell him something instead of using your own logic. I agree in part with luckysingh naam and your own personal connection to god to much on this forum people judge other people. Yes taking amrit is a step towards guru ji but it is not in my opinion the only step or even the first step at the end of the day the amritdhari's on this site including me have an reasonable expectation to inspire and help our brothers and sisters not batter them down for having views
  15. very good read some of the concepts are hard to get but i disagree with the following(although i agree with most of it :-)): "Only truth (sackhand) people saying that sachkand is some sort of place do not know the infinite potential of gurmat naam. For (God) sachkand (OBJECTIVE TRUTH) to be a place (which it is not) it must be acknowledged by an individual (I) e.g. I am seeing that floating gurdwara in sachkand." If your premise is correct he surely thats the same for god...as in a individual must say i am seeing god? The mind is only limited by ourselves, although i agree with your main pr
  16. excellent list above i would add one more - sangat isnt just your mates at the gurdwara make moneh etc feel including instead of sitting in the langar hall chatting with your amritdhari clique
  17. This is a joke thread, some of the insanse logic used here is laughable Yes one action does not define your life, there are loads of brlliant singhs/singhnia who have come into sikhi frm a bad place! Secondly your parents DO matter if you know that they have a caste problem why put your family through that....hint the answer is selfishness! Like they say probably your kids will do this to you why cant they marry a hindu/muslim etc Thirdly, yes i agree sexual attraction is needed for a relationship but you dont need to have sex as a lot of the time its just kaam! Sounds like a lot of the pos
  18. Regardless of what the circumstances are behind this attack i find it quite funny how alot of armchair generals say they wouldnt have made such a half hearted attempt...what a joke
  19. consciousness can you please identify your source for the article as it is a fantastic read
  20. blame it on the jatt "it wasnt me"
  21. Definetly dont stop asking questions but be prepared to field a few of your own. Its hardly 'racist' if you cant see even a hint of perhaps 'trolling' than your better than most of us. some of the funnier points you raise above 1) you have researched sikhism going as far as quoting stories about Guru Nanak Dev Ji but you are scared to read the SGGS because you might go to hell - not an logical response in the slightest 2) you are not accepted by the world because you are WHITE? 3) you cant leave america but your kids are on some sort of no fly list? Smells like trolling, i hppe if your
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