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  1. I could never imagine myself asking this question. I have all my life been against gay marriage and against homosexuality. Now im in my second year of college, and i'm starting to be more aware of the people around me. . My friend, he is sikh too, might be gay. i dont know for sure, but im pretty sure he is. i dont want to ask, because quite frankly im afraid. i dont know what to do or how to view him anymore. he is still the same person, my friend and almost like a brother to me. i got curious i looked up a few articles on sikhi and homosexuality. i dont really know what to think, but i have an idea in my head now. sikhi tells us that everyone is equal, and we should treat everyone the same. so regardless if homosexuality is wrong or not, we should still treat them like we treat everyone else??? right? im sorry if my thoughts are a little confusing
  2. Please vote! It is for a good cause. By voting, your doing seva!!! Its for a good cause www.sikhcess.org
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  4. Sant Jarnail Singh has a cause and he had followers. But many people that weren't his followers used his name and his cause for their own gain. Thugs and looters and killers said they were down with Bindrawala's cause but they just wanted to cause ruckus. This is what escalated the problems for punjab. The government at the time was very wrong and overly aggressive. Both sides were wrong. Now both sides are down and gone. I think that you should read some non-biased history books. Like Khuswant Singhs or one written by a white guy.
  5. And do you know the conditions of the other indian states? Your only looking at a state level. Punjab is better off then a lot of other states in india. Our economy is among the best. Perhaps a few people responsible are still in charge, It is the punjabi peoples choice to elect whoever they want. But KPS Gill helped keep punjab from all out riots. Sure he was insane, but a lot of people wanted those thugs and terrorists out of punjab. He did it. Hes retired now anyway, but most of the punjab population supported him. The education problem needs to be addressed, but is that the national government's fault?????????????? Do you dispute the fact that Jarnail singh was responsible for killings? I am not trying to offend anyone, I'm simply saying that he did not follow the guidelines of our religion. Do you think Guru Nanak would approve of what he did? Or any guru approve of what he did? I know he was trying to help, and he did, but he crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed. The idea of Khalistan is that the National Government has it out for us. This is not the case. Punjab's problems lay in Punjab.
  6. I don't think you read all my posts. 1. I have mad respect for what Sant Jarnail Singh was trying to do. 2. I said that what the government did was a horrible travesty and they deserved to be punished 3. The old police men and government that was responsible is no longer in charge. 4. Sikhs are in the main positions in the Indian Government I am kind of sick of re posting everything I already said. ps. Sikhs have no current problems that the national government can help. The people that need to help us is our own corrupt leaders in punjab. Only they can help education and whatnot.
  7. I have. My brother's friend from High School got married a week ago and we went. Hes a south Indian christian. I felt so out of place. The girl that the guy was marrying use to go on missions to punjab. Some white precher was talking about his missions to punjab. The whole thing is like made to make non-christians feel weird as hell. And the 3 best men were punjabi sikhs. one sardar. So if you have a choice to go to one or not...don't
  8. My question is ( a rhetorical question) does this still happen? No, and it hasn't for years. The government has changed, police are new. Who do we fight? How do we get payback? The people responsible are no longer involved in India's politics. Punjab is controlled by Sikhs, the police, politicians. So we cant fight the local government. How about the national government? First of all, they had nothing to do with that stuff. Manmohn Singh is now the prime minister. The chief of the army is also a sikh. I realize we were treated like dogs. Sant Jarnail Singh helped settle the score, and it has been settled. Sikhs are india now.
  9. I don't know if it really was said, but I do know that Guru Nanak didn't mean to create a new religion, only to reform Islam and Hinduism. Maybe Guru Nanak only used those names as a referance to something else. Or maybe so it can appeal to Hindus...which most of our ancestors probably were...or muslim.
  10. maybe so, but the police, the politicians, the schools, they are all run by punjabi sikhs. I just don't think Khalistan would be any better. And I don't think that we are getting preciduces in the career field in punjab. Maybe outside, but that would happen with any minority. The prime minister is a sikh and the chief of the army and the chief of the economy planning commision are sikh. This is all at a national level. I think some of you may have been misled by others. I will base my arguements on now, because I live now. Some of you may be living in the past.
  11. First of all, your talking about holding a grudge. Which is also against our religion. Why force a conflict when its not needed? America whopped the Uk's <admin-profanity filter activated> 300+ years ago, should the UK still be <Edited>? What about the blacks in america? Anyone in the minority is going to be discriminated a little, but its not reason to start a new country. And I love the Sant Jarnail singh tried to help our people. *EDITED*. You might be alright living in the UK or wherever with a lot sikhs, but I am the only Sikh in my high school. I got into so many fights for people talking about turbans and what not, and I had no backup. I have even fought kids for calling hindus terrorists. Jarnail Singh was a hero, I agree, but he was also a *EDITED*. He tried to help us from things that he was doing to others. Open your mind up, *EDITED* Mod Note: Pre Warning Given. You cannot called Sant Bhinderanwale a terrorist. Read rule and guidelines before start posting.
  12. And when did this happen? A long time ago. I haven't heard of any discrimation towards sikhs in a long time. And i have read about Sant Jarnail Singh. Although had a good motive, *EDITED*. *EDITED* Punjab was made smaller by the Akali Dal a while back so sikhs could have power. Now we have power. I have been to india about 5 times in the past 7 years. Their is no racism, no bigotry, no prejudices compared to before. I agree that they use to <admin-profanity filter activated> with us hardcore, but they don't anymore. ps. Why all the hate? I consider all Sikhs my brothers from the start, and some of you comeback with insults. pss. I personally know the people that run the biggest gurudwara in chicago. Their is absolutely no talks of Khalistan whatsoever.
  13. 1. It would be no different then Punjab's state government. 2. Their is already a Sikh leader of India. 3. Our army would get raped by bigger armies. 4. Sikh Politics nowadays is all about corruption, Khalistan would be corrupted all the way to the prime minister level. THAT WOULD NOT BE GOOD 5. Sikh Politics has nothing to do with religion anymore, so its not like we're fighting for religious freedom. 6. No need I live in chicago and I thought all the Khalistani talks died down like 10 years back. And how some people are talking on this site, Im not so sure.
  14. First of all, I don't consider any hindu my brother. But i don't hate them. When I was young and immature, I use to make fun of them, but now I've moved on to disliking suleh.
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