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  1. im starting to get a bit worried about singhshashtar.com ordered some shastar over a month ago, sent the money via Western Union and havent recieved anything yet. BhenJi wont answer the phone anymore either.
  2. Violence isnt always the answer, but with a visible Fauj - people would think twice. Im all for it.
  3. I personally doubted it was a 4 figure sum also, theres no need for that much money to be in a GuruGhar. Secondly theres no need to bring caste into this - a GuruGhar is for all not just for a group - regardless of names etc.
  4. Ive beginning to get sick and tired of hearing things like this. We have no one to blame but ourselves. I quote from a thread i posted in the other day (which happens to have died down) When will we learn? Ok a firearm was involved, but this is a GuruGhar! Place of sanctity... and Sangat sat back and let this happen? I know i will probably be attacked by members on this forum for saying what i just did. And YES i would have got up and fought, regardless of firearm. Guru Sahib gave us the gift of Sant AND Sipahi... it seems the Sipahi aspect has been diluted with time. I am shocked and up
  5. When all other means have failed... Whats it going to take for my brothers and sisters to realise that allowing such things to happen to us isnt going to make things better. Ive heard it all before, "Oh, theres no point fighting with these people"..."You cant quieten a dog by barking with it". This dogs arent barking anymore, they attacking. Ask yourself this, What would Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj do?. These people dont want to listen to our words, its time for action. I have no faith in the police, look at whats happened in the past - most recently, Singh in Huddersfield, attacked and k
  6. Thank you both so very much :D I remembered it was the Malaysian Jatha but couldnt find it anywhere! Thanks again, really appreciate it GurFateh Jio
  7. Fateh Jio I was wondering if you guys could help me out, ive lost the mp3 to the Simran in the following vid. Could someone hook me up please? Thanks in advance Fateh
  8. Ha, it is. Now that you say that it all makes sense. Ive been reading it as HFC :BL:
  9. If i remember correctly, I THINK that might be a codec. But dont take that for gospel, I really cant remember for sure. Once i remember ill definately repost. Fateh Ji Oh and also, you should consider updating AVG, there has been two major updates since 7.5 (8.0 and now 9.0) Sorry for being nosey
  10. Fateh Ji, This laptop should have a fairly standard DDR memory. Though im not sure of the specifics to the maximum the board can take. If you try www.crucial.com/uk and use their online scanner, it should tell you exactly all the information that is required. If your looking to upgrade RAM, CPU and HDD... it would be better for you if you purchased a new laptop altogether. Upgrading may be cheaper but in the long run, buying a newer laptop is more cost effective.
  11. Fateh Ji Register with your real address. The Provider should allow you to set THEIR details as the administrative contact and the Registration contact. Your address wont be known to anyone on any whoIS requests if you do that and stays between yourself and the provider. If you require further help in doing this let me know. Fateh
  12. GetDataBack NTFS Great program. Im an IT Engineer, and use this program all the time where ever possible.
  13. I can vouch for PJS veerji. The DTA plugin for Firefox is great for such things
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