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  1. [ I personallty do not care whether people agree with me or not but muslims are our enemies as well as the hindus! so if muslims attack us or what we believe in we have every right to stand up and put them right. I am aware there are a lot of good muslims and hindus out there Im not aiming thgis at them but those groups wjho think that they can go around and chat crap!
  2. Im Sikh obviously just came across it sorry if its already been discussed
  3. [Mod Edit: Link removed due to the fact you are just promoting the page by posting the link here. It only has 51 likes at the moment. However if everyone on here goes on the page and likes it to comment on it, they are just promoting the page more and giving it more publicity as it appears on there walls for everyone to see they have liked it, and then they will like it and so on... and then eventually some bechara will like it and actually get persuaded by the guy. However they won't get to that page if you don't all like it due to the lack of publicity. This guy is extremely clever, serious
  4. This is correct as this strengthen it symbolically, before distribution, kada prasad should be touched with the point of a kirpan which is a ceremonial sword or dagger worn by all baptised Sikhs. ps dont be disheartened by the very few rude people we are not all the same
  5. I think we should if we want the sikh religion to grow. We will be educating them not forcing them to convert as that is not true to the Sikh religion. There is no harm in giving options/educating non-sikhs. I myself am learning about Sikhism so I can teach my future children and put others right who may think they know more about my religion than what is true. We should be very proud of white sikhs I certinetly (cant spell!) am! whenever l see a white/black sikh I have a big smile on my face and think good on you! As a non practising sikh they empower me to learn about my own religion and do
  6. doing ardas does it work when god has written your life? I see my dad asking god for this and that and I think to myself are you wasting your time? as god will choose/has chosen what he will do for you and others. Ive asked for things in the past but it does not seem to happen mybe thats what lm getting at is there any point. I did read somewhere that you should do ardas as god is listening but really is there any point???
  7. Im from the west mids so what kind of work were you in? The midlands area have been struggling as a whole to be fair, as someone said earlier it could be racism you shold have fought your case their are many places out there who would defend you and you dont need to be registered to a union
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