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  1. He wrote Shaheed e Wafa - see attached and Ganj e Shaheedan Shaheedan-e-wafa.pdf Ganj-e-Shaheedan.pdf
  2. Malwai i wasnt trying to disprove your point that jatts are an enthicity rather i was pointing at majority if not all jatts that i have come across consider it a caste or something to prop up their egos with how they are better etc... with a total disregard for Sikhi's anti caste stance. The ethnicity arguement will be soon enough if not already be used by Jatts to side step the caste issue, which alot of Jatts have a hard time dealing with. If their caste aint the best their ethnicity certainly will be, now they can be superior without feeling they are going against the Gurus teaching. (the w
  3. This Jatt being an ethnicity is all fine and dandy but majority of jatts ive come across see it as a caste, oh and they also think jatts are better than everyone else. Maybe this is what jattism is all about JATT 4 LYF BRAPP BRAPPP
  4. lol pro aint out yet and it has been a disappointment over last 2 yrs, this is actually first time i've had fifa game since fifa 2001 lol
  5. Do any of you singhs have fifa 2011on PS3 ? up for a game? drop me a pm peace
  6. This mskcan your right... how pathetic it is i think im gonna join your site :L:
  7. well were killing all the rainforests trees and plants what else are they gonna be born as lol
  8. http://sikhscriptures2english.blogspot.com/ Heres a link to the blog by Kam veer who is translating sikh scriptures starting with Sri Nanak Parkash Granth. Sri Nanak Prakash is the section that deals with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It has been praised by all traditional schools of Sikhi, including all Taksals (Damdami, Bhindran, Amritsarr), Nirmala Samparadya, Udasi Sampradya, Nihang Sampardaya and Hazuri Sikhs. To this date it is the main source of history in regards to Guru Nanak Dev Ji . Mind you this was written in the early 1800s. The author, Kavi Santhok Singh Ji is from the Nirmala Samp
  9. Damn how long did it take to type that, almost every word starts with a capital letter lol :o im impressed
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/108_(number) maybe that link would be of some assistants
  11. Good question, usualy there is 108 beads on a mala to, not sure of the reason but i have heard the number 108 represents 108 different stages the soul goes through, or there is 108 forms of ignorances, also 108 types of meditation.
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