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  1. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh! sorry sangato slight mistake in the above post the chaupai sahib jaap is only for 6hours from 6am till 12pm ..can be increased on the day if theres good turnout..
  2. yh same..anyone got the details?
  3. We havent done anything youre right but as a sangat we were trying to a chaupai sahib jaap for 1984 yet mr bal finds this 'bamanvaad' and not part of akal thakt maryada..where does it say in akaal thakt maryada that gurdwareh can only do akhaand paats, sehaj paaths or sukhmani sahib paath but no other bani can be read?? when that question was put forwrd he replied oh chaupai sahib is read in the morning amrit vela..so just one is enough? reading more is bamanvaad? when asked why do u go to the 84 rally bal said to raise an international voice so we said yeah that raises an international voice
  4. dara sing veerji we all thought mr bal was a gursikh and would do alot for the panth when he first became a pardhaan but over the past two years he proved us wrong again and again! I know many people in Slough who were on his side at first but not any more. If you were at the gurdwara practically everyday in the past two years you would have realised how great mr bal and cheema aunty are. if they were so great im sure they would not have stopped all the parchaar that was happening @ gurughar and on top of that they would have got gursikh volunteers to run clasess and camps in the summer whic
  5. ahh at least i have one friend(!) lol, im a bit suspicious thou.....hmmmm

  6. thats not very nice now kular!

  7. hi

    whos this

    pls don't add me as your friend, i don;t no you



  8. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh Major beadbi happening at Singh Sabha Slough once again! The parbhandak committee has decided to put sofa-like benches which are higher than the keertani stage in the main darbar and only higher than Maharaj’s thabiya by a couple of inches. There were four placed on each side at the back. This took place on Sunday 5th April 2009 at 5.55pm while sangat were doing chaupai sahibs for the panth. A few members of the sangat got up to prevent this beadbi from occurring however the pardhan Joginder Bal and another member Avtar Cheema aggressively told
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