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  1. rwgu sUhI CMq mhlw 5 Gru 3 raag soohee shha(n)th mehalaa 5 ghar 3 Raag Soohee, Chhant, Fifth Mehla, Third House: <> siqgur pRswid ] ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh || One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: qU Twkuro bYrwgro mY jyhI Gx cyrI rwm ] thoo t(h)aakuro bairaagaro mai jaehee ghan chaeree raam || O my Lord and Master, You are unattached; You have so many hand-maidens like me, Lord. qUM swgro rqnwgro hau swr n jwxw qyrI rwm ] thoo saagaro rathanaagaro ho saar n jaanaa thaeree raam || You are the ocean, the source of jewels; I do not know Your value, Lord. swr n jwxw qU vf dwxw kir imhrMmiq sWeI ] saar n jaanaa thoo vadd dhaanaa kar mihara(n)math saa(n)ee || I do not know Your value; You are the wisest of all; please show Mercy unto me, O Lord. ikrpw kIjY sw miq dIjY AwT phr quDu iDAweI ] kirapaa keejai saa math dheejai aat(h) pehar thudhh dhhiaaee || Show Your Mercy, and bless me with such understanding, that I may meditate on You, twenty-four hours a day. grbu n kIjY ryx hovIjY qw giq jIAry qyrI ] garab n keejai raen hoveejai thaa gath jeearae thaeree || O soul, don't be so arrogant - become the dust of all, and you shall be saved. sB aUpir nwnk kw Twkuru mY jyhI Gx cyrI rwm ]1] sabh oopar naanak kaa t(h)aakur mai jaehee ghan chaeree raam ||1|| Nanak's Lord is the Master of all; He has so many hand-maidens like me. ||1|| qum@ gauhr Aiq gihr gMBIrw qum ipr hm bhurIAw rwm ] thumh gouhar ath gehir ga(n)bheeraa thum pir ham bahureeaa raam || Your depth is profound and utterly unfathomable; You are my Husband Lord, and I am Your bride. qum vfy vfy vf aUcy hau ieqnIk lhurIAw rwm ] thum vaddae vaddae vadd oochae ho eithaneek lahureeaa raam || You are the greatest of the great, exalted and lofty on high; I am infinitesimally small. hau ikCu nwhI eyko qUhY Awpy Awip sujwnw ] ho kishh naahee eaeko thoohai aapae aap sujaanaa || I am nothing; You are the One and only. You Yourself are All-knowing. AMimRq idRsit inmK pRB jIvw srb rMg rs mwnw ] a(n)mrith dhrisatt nimakh prabh jeevaa sarab ra(n)g ras maanaa || With just a momentary Glance of Your Grace, God, I live; I enjoy all pleasures and delights. crxh srnI dwsh dwsI min maulY qnu hrIAw ] charaneh saranee dhaaseh dhaasee man moulai than hareeaa || I seek the Sanctuary of Your Feet; I am the slave of Your slaves. My mind has blossomed forth, and my body is rejuvenated. nwnk Twkuru srb smwxw Awpn Bwvn krIAw ]2] naanak t(h)aakur sarab samaanaa aapan bhaavan kareeaa ||2|| O Nanak, the Lord and Master is contained amongst all; He does just as He pleases. ||2|| quJu aUpir myrw hY mwxw qUhY myrw qwxw rwm ] thujh oopar maeraa hai maanaa thoohai maeraa thaanaa raam || I take pride in You; You are my only Strength, Lord. suriq miq cqurweI qyrI qU jwxwieih jwxw rwm ] surath math chathuraaee thaeree thoo jaanaaeihi jaanaa raam || You are my understanding, intellect and knowledge. I know only what You cause me to know, Lord. soeI jwxY soeI pCwxY jw kau ndir isrMdy ] soee jaanai soee pashhaanai jaa ko nadhar sira(n)dhae || He alone knows, and he alone understands, upon whom the Creator Lord bestows His Grace. mnmuiK BUlI bhuqI rwhI PwQI mwieAw PMdy ] manamukh bhoolee bahuthee raahee faathhee maaeiaa fa(n)dhae || The self-willed manmukh wanders along many paths, and is trapped in the net of Maya. Twkur BwxI sw guxvMqI iqn hI sB rMg mwxw ] t(h)aakur bhaanee saa gunava(n)thee thin hee sabh ra(n)g maanaa || She alone is virtuous, who is pleasing to her Lord and Master. She alone enjoys all the pleasures. nwnk kI Dr qUhY Twkur qU nwnk kw mwxw ]3] naanak kee dhhar thoohai t(h)aakur thoo naanak kaa maanaa ||3|| You, O Lord, are Nanak's only support. You are Nanak's only pride. ||3|| hau vwrI vM\w GolI vM\w qU prbqu myrw El@w rwm ] ho vaaree va(n)n(j)aa gholee va(n)n(j)aa thoo parabath maeraa oulhaa raam || I am a sacrifice, devoted and dedicated to You; You are my sheltering mountain, Lord. hau bil jweI lK lK lK brIAw ijin BRmu prdw Kol@w rwm ] ho bal jaaee lakh lakh lakh bareeaa jin bhram paradhaa kholhaa raam || I am a sacrifice, thousands, hundreds of thousands of times, to the Lord. He has torn away the veil of doubt; imty AMDwry qjy ibkwry Twkur isau mnu mwnw ] mittae a(n)dhhaarae thajae bikaarae t(h)aakur sio man maanaa || darkness has been eliminated, and I have renounced corruption and sin. My mind is reconciled with my Lord and Master. pRB jI BwxI BeI inkwxI sPl jnmu prvwnw ] prabh jee bhaanee bhee nikaanee safal janam paravaanaa || I have become pleasing to my Dear God, and I have become carefree. My life is fulfilled and approved. BeI AmolI Bwrw qolI mukiq jugiq dru Kol@w ] bhee amolee bhaaraa tholee mukath jugath dhar kholhaa || I have become invaluable, of tremendous weight and value. The Door, and the Path of liberation are open to me now. khu nwnk hau inrBau hoeI so pRBu myrw El@w ]4]1]4] kahu naanak ho nirabho hoee so prabh maeraa oulhaa ||4||1||4|| Says Nanak, I am fearless; God has become my Shelter and Shield. ||4||1||4||
  2. ok thanks for trying :-)
  3. Can anybody find me an audio for this shabad. Thanks Awsw mhlw 5 ] aasaa mehalaa 5 || Aasaa, Fifth Mehla: Awvhu mIq iekqR hoie rs ks siB BuMch ] aavahu meeth eikathr hoe ras kas sabh bhu(n)cheh || Come, O friends: let us meet together and enjoy all the tastes and flavors. AMimRq nwmu hir hir jph imil pwpw muMch ]1] a(n)mrith naam har har japeh mil paapaa mu(n)cheh ||1|| Let us join together and chant the Ambrosial Name of the Lord, Har, Har, and so wipe away our sins. ||1|| qqu vIcwrhu sMq jnhu qw qy ibGnu n lwgY ] thath veechaarahu sa(n)th janahu thaa thae bighan n laagai || Reflect upon the essence of reality, O Saintly beings, and no troubles shall afflict you. KIn Bey siB qskrw gurmuiK jnu jwgY ]1] rhwau ] kheen bheae sabh thasakaraa guramukh jan jaagai ||1|| rehaao || All of the thieves shall be destroyed, as the Gurmukhs remain wakeful. ||1||Pause|| buiD grIbI Krcu lYhu haumY ibKu jwrhu ] budhh gareebee kharach laihu houmai bikh jaarahu || Take wisdom and humility as your supplies, and burn away the poison of pride. swcw htu pUrw saudw vKru nwmu vwpwrhu ]2] saachaa hatt pooraa soudhaa vakhar naam vaapaarahu ||2|| True is that shop, and perfect the transaction; deal only in the merchandise of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||2|| jIau ipMfu Dnu AripAw syeI piqvMqy ] jeeo pi(n)dd dhhan arapiaa saeee pathiva(n)thae || They alone are accepted and approved, who dedicate their souls, bodies and wealth. AwpnVy pRB BwixAw inq kyl krMqy ]3] aapanarrae prabh bhaaniaa nith kael kara(n)thae ||3|| Those who are pleasing to their God, celebrate in happiness. ||3|| durmiq mdu jo pIvqy ibKlI piq kmlI ] dhuramath madh jo peevathae bikhalee path kamalee || Those fools, who drink in the wine of evil-mindedness, become the husbands of prostitutes. rwm rswieix jo rqy nwnk sc AmlI ]4]12]114] raam rasaaein jo rathae naanak sach amalee ||4||12||114|| But those who are imbued with the sublime essence of the Lord, O Nanak, are intoxicated with the Truth. ||4||12||114||
  4. http://www.personalitypage.com/INFJ.html ^^ that is sooooo me omg, this is so scarey - it is soo true
  5. Jung Test Results Introverted (I) 57.78% Extroverted (E) 42.22% Intuitive 55.26% Sensing (S) 44.74% Feeling (F) 56.76% Thinking (T) 43.24% Judging (J) 68.42% Perceiving (P) 31.58% Your type is: INFJ INFJ - "Author". Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.
  6. thanks, was just about to post the same thing. Kirtan is my music.
  7. mehtab singh, That is the best reply I have ever read. Hit the nail on the head!
  8. or you could try the most effective, quickest solution: take a break and do naam abhiyaas. It really puts your mind in peace.
  9. The Rehitnama Hazooree by Chaupa Singh says "Guru kaa Sikh...apaNy langar rasoee vich Sikh rakhey. Hukaie, Topeeaa, BhaadNee, chor, yaar, jooaybaaz, kurehiteeyaa na rakhai" meaining "A Guru ka Sikh...should keep only a Sikh in his langar and kitchen. Smokers, hat-wearers, shaven people, theieves, gamblers, kurehitees should not be kept" (Padam, 85).
  10. erm I dont think you know what bibek is then. Eating food prepared by amritdharis is basic which is what EVERYONE should do. No one should eat from restaurants fastfood. so ur saying that applies to guroo ka langar as well jee? guroo ka langar should be done by amritdharis.
  11. erm I dont think you know what bibek is then. Eating food prepared by amritdharis is basic which is what EVERYONE should do. No one should eat from restaurants fastfood.
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