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  1. Waheguru Ji, I have worked in a fertility clinic myself and I can say that from what I've seen first hand, I understand that it is the single most hardest thing a couple goes through. Not to mention the amount of money you have to give in order to have a child. I apologize ahead of time as I haven't read all the other posts so I'm sorry if this may be a repeat of what someone has already suggested. I would suggest a few things and please try to follow them as best you can: 1. Try changing both of your diets. Eat as vegan as you can. The reason I say this is because we re
  2. I've felt it for the longest time. Your in a good need of balance. Easier said than done. Balance you intellectual, emotional, and movement/body brain. So read gurbani and understand what is being said. Feel the love and power of your Guru. Practice sitting and doing simran. Make your daily life a conscious one by recognizing where you might be going wrong. I've brought only a little bit of information here from what was a 2 hour lecture that I listened to. If you would like to hear it then I will gladly send it to you =) We usually feel down when we are totally out of balance. How is your a
  3. What if your the ONLY Sikh in a small town. Your with a bunch of friends and the only place to hang out is the bar? Do you expect a Sikh to sit at home and do nothing? There are a lot of questions here but if a Sikh is strong and does not let the harms of negativity get in the way...is anything wrong with that? Bringing a bottle of water from your home. Laugh, have some fun. Isn't life about balancing life and Sikhi? If what I say is wrong, then what should a person do in such a situation?
  4. i think u sohuld get ur friend to do alot of simran, as simran helps in any sort of situatin. tell him/her to do ardaas for his/her dad and to help his/her family. sit down as a family and disscuss problems...if u dont they could get even more seriouse. i hope this helps, im sure the sangat has better ways to give u advice though
  5. the pictures from the december surrey smagaam are up!! December Surrey Smagaam
  6. and congrats on ur 500th post! :TH: i just started 100 yaay
  7. lol id probably be the WINDOWS woman lol
  8. when you read the really inspiring posts, there is not much you can post esp when you are just a learner. keep inspiring manmukhs like me :thumbs: i agree with both of u
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