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  1. the whole day i have been thinking of bhai sahib god bless this soldier
  2. wjkk wjkf i just wanted to know if there is any news on bhai jagtar singh jee hawara, its been a long time since i have heard anything of bhai sahib jee since they were given the death sentance. p.s what happened to this section i remember back in the day when it was filled of stories, debates etc ofcourse some of the got ugly but come on! cant even search for them and remince chal koi na. wjkk wjkf
  3. why is this being written on any other website why just here bande need to get a life
  4. i got a letter sent to my house yesterday by labour saying that gurcharan singh is a 'violent man' and also a khalistani well ' leader in sikh independence movement' and how he said its good that indira got shot........ Sharma must be thinking this is gonna get him votes but really he just lost one
  5. bruv its what u call a jhang read up on it, if ur from the uk pop down to swindon and ask directly u prob gonna get bande saying nex stuff and probably confuse u more best to go to the source. take it easy http://www.simran.info/pmkc/ http://www.pmkc.co.uk/ chek youtube page for other stuff http://www.youtube.com/user/prabhmilnekachao
  6. does any1 remember the statue made of sant bhindranwale posted a while back had pic of simaranjeet singh maan aswell just wanted to know if any1s got a soucre to that article or know any details of it cheers!
  7. boom video bro, feels good knowin we aint the only 1s hurtin about 84
  8. jus fot the cd the morning specialist n tru skool tune is wikid but im loving ik bhindranwale
  9. yeh thats the one bro, they talk about a sikh bus being burned aswell... trying to find that video had some really nice pics and also the speech is really nice
  10. hey sangat ji im looking for a speech by sant jarnail singh ji i remember it being on a few sikh website was uploaded a few years back, i vaguely remember the title being 'we are not terrorist' the actual video is a collections of pictures and the speech has a beat being played over it i think 'changes' by tupac. if anyone has a link plz share been tryna find it for ages.
  11. 'Guru's words not enough for you?' inijjer veer no! no! noo! arguments let everyone give their views tu chill hoja
  12. wheres the sant bhindranwale speeches! those speeches i feel made this tune gave it more energy. without it seems abit dull. but chal koi na its nice to see keshdhari singhs representing
  13. http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/Gurbani/Amr...an/tr_0832.html Waheguru i would like to see the gurbani text, what font must i download to view this?
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